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Louise Hill[]

Riddles Answers
Worn clothes and rough hands bearing the burden of his work; pesky children mean he doesn't always get to reap what he sows; yet, he persists. A figure of solidarity, the land knows him well. Tenacity. Bearnard
As I was raised, I drank the tears of the sky and ate the luminous rays of the sun, and with time I give back to the people that raised me. Charm. Plant
A riddle for you!

My determination knows no bounds My resolve has been set I will continue unbound And chase my goals with no regrets What am I?

Tenacity. Tenacity
When the sun arrives, I try to join it in the sky. But when the cold comes, I freeze. Beware of falling into me, you may catch a cold. Comprehension. Rain
Sweet when underneath the ground, bitter up on top, when the music starts to pound, you can let me drop Honour. Beet
""If you love them, let them go,"" they say,

But to do so without letting their feelings convey Is sabotage that world-hoppers shouldn't downplay, Lest their future together is what you wish to betray.

Honour. Honour
Find me at the tip of a fiddlehead fern,

Or peep me at the end of a chameleon tail, I carve myself in countless turns, A mysterious pattern is my trail.

Charm. Spiral
I can disappear or appear where I please but a swirl of destruction is left behind me. Charm. Tornado
I bring relief from scorching heat,

or drive the cold deeper into your bones. I am gentle, like a caress, or violent, like beating fists. I spread life, but sometimes destruction. What am I?

Charm. Wind
A battle on the horizon, a soldier stands steadfast with her spear. You cannot kill the brave one, who fights like dawn is near. Which am I? Tenacity. Tenacity
Above heads of tranquil dreamers, invisible at dawn, Far-off, faint and feeble, from the sun, they stay withdrawn. As the blue, cloudless haze dons its silk black gown, Boundless cosmos shine their light down. What am I? Comprehension. Stars
What do an ox, a rat, and a human all have in common? Honour. Animals
Traveling, traveling, busy in the air, bustling, bustling, to the fields for which we care. Tending to the farm work, but no hoe or hose. Both feeding and feasting on the flora in rows. What am I? Tenacity. Bees
A little building full of lights, many sparks, what a fright!

Take your chance if you are near, but bring a turnip or don't come here!

Comprehension. Buli
A bond deep and strong, carried through the veins. It won't

be forgotten, though just a scar remains.

Honour. Honour
A budding rose and twisting leaves. Planted in patches in more rows than three. Charm. Plants
A bushel of me is a bushel to eat. Grind me up, and mix up fine. Let me rise, and bake me. What color am I unground? Tenacity.Wheat
A calm grassy hill, sun shines from above. They rest to their fill — before farming must be done! They get up from slumber, awake from their nap. Stretch real long and put on their cap. The work is hard, but they won't delay! What keeps them going and refrain from their play? Tenacity. Tenacity
A carpet rich beneath your feet, a meal for the herd to eat, and in me hide the clovers sweet. Beware the dew if you take a seat! Charm. Grass
Sick with envy or down with the flu, my cheeks turn what dreadful hue? Charm. Green
A cobblestone path, worn from years of use.

The first meeting, gruff, but a welcome sight to confused eyes. A traveler's knapsack, destination unknown.

Tenacity. Bearnard
A creature crows in the morning to wake you from rest. What is the color is his handsome crest? Honour. Red
Adventure-tales can be a relief to get through: what colour paints the surface beneath fluttering sails? Comprehension. Blue
Aeolin’s breeze blows dandelion seeds, all throughout the hills. Before they seed, when just a flower, what color is a dandelion? Tenacity. Yellow
A farmer's day starts before I'm even up

and doesn't end until I'm down once again

Tenacity. Sun
The fox cheers her on, eye filled with awe, applauding each hit with a delighted 'Aha!' She's daring! Bashful! Gracious! Her training is ever... Tenacity. Tenacious
In nature I'm a rare sight indeed, though one look up is all you need. Birds and bugs display me well, but I rarely grace a mammal's pelt. In irises of both kind I am seen, yet some eyes can't perceive my sheen. In your glass the water lacks a hue, but in vast amounts, I appear. I am... Comprehension. Blue
After a long summer, what do the crops anticipate more than anything? Comprehension. Rain
After you've planted a seed, watered it and gave it nutrients, what is the last thing you need to give it? Tenacity. Sun
A full moon's harvest, just when the weather turns cold

Leaves in warm shades, people in warm clothes, animals in warm coats The weather is turning, and the farmers are praised, for all the crops they've worked to raise So relax, kick back, and settle by the fire, basking in its warmth.

Honour. Autumn
A hard work turning loamy soil,

under endless beating sun, But with this virtue, bear this toil, Determination 'til it's done!

Tenacity. Tenacity
A golden sun drips into the deep blue sea, and that's all it take for you to meet me.

What am I?

Charm. Color green
A kiss to break the wicked spell, end the curse in the tales we tell. What is needed there, to make our heroes persevere? Honour. True love
A million tiny lights all glow and punctuate the night's endless dark. How lovely it is to know that, of millions, we can tell each one apart. Which am I? Comprehension. Star
Sacred am I, yet I'm even more rare.

Wars have been fought over me, But it only seems fair. The brave, the courageous, the hardworking know, once you attain me, it's something to behold.

Honour. Honour
An ear twitches as a ruddy coat bristles; The hunter makes their strike. What am I? Honour. Animal
A riddle! Down and down and down we go! Twisting, turning, to and fro! A view to the skew what you know and knew, dizzy yet? We're almost through! Where are we? Charm. Spiral
A riddle! Every rose is a sunset for the eye. I’m the color nature chose to not be shy! Honour. Red
A riddle for you: Dripping deep in the heart, it flows, trickles through the cracks, and glows. What is it? Honour. Lava
A riddle for you: I fall, touch the earth, and die - yet once again I rise. What am I? Comprehension. Rain
Here's a little ode to sing: The skies of blue above the fields of green, Roads of brown and aqua streams; Clouds of white and stars so clear, Hearts of warmth for loved ones so dear. Now, the color of home is... Honour. -
A riddle! What color sings out when springs out, out when birdsong rings out? Charm. Green
As a canary knows a coal mine, as a rooster knows the dawn. I hear the question and its answer. I am almost never wrong. Which am I? Comprehension. Comprehension
I live but a few hours

Yet guide you all your life So many times forgotten When in a different light

Comprehension. -
With each step that is taken, something new there is to learn. Those who venture to seek me, this is what they always yearn. Comprehension. Wisdom/Knowledge
As endless as the sea. As hopeful as the sky. I am every single sadness. I am there when you cry. Which am I? Comprehension. Knowledge
As winter ends and melts away, leaving the land a blank slate, it is nature's way of returning once more, in hopes of fulfilling its fate. The first signs of life rise from the unyielding ground, and one by one the flowers emerge, leaving the viewer spellbound. Charm. Spring
A thousand hours to build me up

A thousand soldiers to defend me I am the sweetest you may ever taste And time cannot destroy me What am I?

Tenacity. Honey
A whisper in the wind you barely hear. A night sky filled with questions. The flower blooms for a reason. Which am I? Comprehension. Thought
I tick and I tock, I thump and I mutter, and beautiful things may just set me aflutter! What am I? Honour. Heart
Hatched from a teapot, hear me purr, Admire my beautiful gradient fur. I love sunshine and a good pat. Tell me, what is the color of my hat? Comprehension. Blue (Apprentice Cat)
Some say he is what he says he is not;

Other that he has many an abstract a thought. Everyone knows him as just a strange man with a potato machine- But if they just look closer, they'll realize he has powers unseen.

Comprehension. Old Farmhand
Be it four legs, or one; twenty-five, or three. I skitter, hop, slink, and pop, as far as the eye can see! Nature is home, across it I roam: What am I? Honour. Animal
Books and scrolls all bound and creased, histories and recipes for finest feast, time growing me will best any beast. What am I? Comprehension. Knowledge
Breaking a sweat from dusk til dawn

to harvest produce on ones farm A bear's strength to reap reward what sort of diligence describes Bearnard?

Tenacity. Tenacity
Busy as a bee, stubborn as a mule, working day by day on what type of fuel? Tenacity. Honey
Can you solve this riddle? What grows, has skin, thrives in the light, but isn't a person? Charm. Plant
Cabbage and broccoli, lettuce and onion, plenty of colours under the sun. But a common vegetable colour is this one. Charm. Green
Change can hurt, but bear the storm. When the wind's done whipping up the sand, the weather will be gold and warm and you'll find a new path on which to stand. Which am I? Tenacity. Tenacity
Clever and cautious, curious to the core, Every time you see her, she always asks for more. Experiments and secrets hidden behind every locked door; What color are the painted walls where you can find her store? Comprehension. Blue
Close your eyes and imagine this! Grass to graze on, pastures and fields under bare, muddy feet: color me blind, but what hue should I use for where cloven animals bleat? Charm. Green
Countless and immeasurable

Endless like the sea Hailed upon in love and life Your fate's to do with me

Comprehension. Stars
Despite each harsh word, I hold grasshoppers I've caught so tender. Everyday I'm calling you absurd, each childlike moment showing I'm a pretender. I simply want a friend, so all I ask of you is an ear to lend. Tenacity. Calbet
Enjoy the sweet crunch of freshly picked apple

While bright leaves take on shades of red orange and purple Falling leaves, we'll rake them them into large piles, and when the day's gone, sip a warm drink with smile

Honour. Autumn
Energy ebbs and flows through all. Like heat in home, song in all. The universe roams come night or day. Stardust in your soul will always stay. Comprehension. Galactic
Fall is red and spring is vernal. Learn from the resting winter ground: though nature's beauty is eternal, no plant can bloom all year round. Not cactus, flower, herb or bean, nor human, animal or elf, is ever truly evergreen so be gentle to yourself! Which am I? Charm. Summer
Feathers, hides, skins, and furs. Mother Nature shares what's hers. But treat these gifts with respect. Balance is what herders protect. Honour. Animals
Feet on the earth, look to the air, you'll never see it on the ground. After rain it's often there. When you find it go five colors down. Comprehension. Blue
Fire burns in many hues, silver and sapphire, ruby and gold. The hottest blaze is winter's blue the reddest glow is the most cold. So why do we think of heat as red when blue's the hotter counterpart? Because its gentle fire that bakes our bread, And comforts our body, soul, and heart. Which am I? Honour. Warmth
Fluttering from one stem to another, a velvet lady drinking her morning tea. Honour. Ladybug
For my fortune, you must search amongst my verdant fellows. Though, I may be more common than legend claims me to be. What am I? Charm. Four-leaf clover
For winters and nights, soups and stews; to bring delight, and cure your blues. What am I? Honour. -
From soil, sunlight, and raindrops' flow

In due time you'll watch me grow. What am I?

Charm. Plant
From the depths we push our way up, reaching toward the heavens. We dance with the light and feed from rain. Who are we? Charm. Plants
Hello, a riddle for you. I'm something life can't live without, what am I? Comprehension. Water
Hello, a riddle for you. The sun keeps everything alive, but even the stars cannot live without me. What am I? Honour. Heat
Hello, a riddle here! Millions of realities make a trillion bits of dirt and gas meet in numbers that hurt your head as energy combines into massive balls of light and heat. What am I? Comprehension. Stars
Hello, here's a riddle. Who is your guide and bright-souled friend, still to be followed long after they're dead? Comprehension. Stars
Hello, I have a riddle here. Something impossible to reach, and yet all around you. What is it? Tenacity. Infinity
Hello, I have a riddle here. What is coveted by one animal, yet always protected by many? Tenacity. Honey
Here's a riddle for you! A glowing tail of light, moving at high speed thorugh the skies and only visible at night Comprehension. Shooting Star
Here's a riddle for you. A peddler sells you magic boots that make run farther than you ever could before, but you can't use them to escape. You ask what kind of magic the boots are enchanted with. What is his answer? Honour. Honour
Here's a riddle for you. A sunflower grows seeds, yummy golden treats! Who needs superpowers if one eats what one sows? A farmer is one lucky fellow: his favorite color? Tenacity. Yellow
Here's a riddle for you. Treasured, hoarded, measured, and awarded: what am I? Tenacity. Gold
Here's a riddle for you: What lies in wait for the mathematical mind, unbound from conventional knowledge, to find? Tenacity. Infinity
Here's a riddle: I have a beginning but no end, a size but no value, three eyes but no lashes. What am I? Tenacity. Infinity
Here's a riddle, I'll keep trying even after a hundred failures. What am I? Tenacity. Tenacious
Here's a riddle! I'm as magical as sorcery, as glamorous as grace; yet wielding me takes more than just a pretty face!

What am I?

Charm. Charm
Here's a riddle. In me, you'll always be without direction; I am remorseless, unceasing collection. What am I? Charm. Spiral
Here's a riddle: What loses ground, but keeps time? Tenacity. Hourglass
Honey takes determination from every single golden bee. They can't give up on its creation or cut corners with the quality. Which am I? Tenacity. Tenacity
Hop the fence and look around: leafy green vegetables abound! Wonder, is he a farmer, or a hoarder? Despite your order, Leave the field un-ransacked, but with this intact: Honour. Honour
Hot peppers, your eyes start to water, why? You think, did you bother to eat, these veggies are cursed, you think! What color is your face? Honour. Red
Autumn brings the cold, the turnips are poor. Winter has stalled time, there are no crops to grow. Spring rolls in, there is work to be done. I am a cycle, I am... Tenacity. Seasons
How about a riddle? Toss a stone into a pond, and watch the water; I'll respond. What am I? Charm. Ripples
How many bits are between one and two? Between two mirrors, how many reflections will you view? With riddles like these, counting takes a vacation. What's the answer, then? Add imagination! Tenacity. Infinity
I am a cloud on the ground

I follow crooks around

Honour. Honour
I am a house with four separate rooms. Sense of direction is lost within my walls, when you are going left you are actually going right. I am of great importance in my town, connecting everything. Everything depends on me, or risk falling apart. Honour. Heart
I am a traveler, journeying far, My home was the mountains where the bluebirds are. I run downhill, I gurgle and roar, My destination is the shoreline where the seagulls soar. Comprehension. Water
I am dangerous

I can singe your skin But every night You gather around me With your kin. Who am I?

Honour. Fire
I am not a person. I am not an animal. I am not an illness. Yet I'll bring ruin to early spring sprouts. Comprehension. Frost
I am tall, vibrant and so hard to ignore. When it comes to the sun, I am always looking for more. And when my time is over, I'll leave you with a snack that many adore! Tenacity. Sunflower
I am the bane of gardeners, and the friend of small children. I love puddles, but I hate the sea. I never go home, yet I'm always there. Who am I? Charm. Snail
I am the cow's favourite meal when pastures are covered in snow by the winter. I am the horse's favourite bed after a long day outside of trot and canter. But stay away if you have a fever or if you're looking for a needle. Tenacity. Hay
I am the language of the bards, thieves, tricksters, rogues and con men.

I can spin stories of silk, lies, flattery, falsehood and often, I am the one who will lead you astray if those who hold me use me cruelly.

Charm. Charm
I am trapped within an eternal cycle. From death to birth, from flesh to ash... I watch as the world around me grows older, as I grow younger. Only my life, and my life alone is everlasting. Honour. Phoenix?
I am what makes the turnips grow and the seasons change. Do not wait for me, for I am already there; you will not see me until you look back. Tenacity. Time
I always lurk within you. Indulge in me, and I consume you. Although I can be a volatile fuel, tempering me can make me a deadly tool. What am I? Honour. Passion or anger
I beat and breathe, I skip and break. I'm not a record, I'm not a drum. Which am I? Honour. Heart
Through the bitter seasons, stark and white

Through the cold howling winds and eerie moonlight Like a lighthouse in the storm, I'll keep you safe and warm

Honour. Fire
When night falls and all are asleep, what dots the skies and watches over Bearnard's farm? Comprehension. Stars
I can run and babble, but cannot stumble or quiet. What am I? Comprehension. River
I curtsy and bow, the wind blows through my dress, the leaves at my fingertips, finesse at it's best. Charm. Trees?
I dye the earth in my color, sprouting up to give birth to beautiful sights. I signal the new year, new beginnings, new life. Charm. Grass
I enter like a thief, at the window of your mind alighting. It's been long since I visited last; I never listen when you call. But still, I'm welcomed - I always bring something exciting, and you come happily into my thrall. Who am I? Comprehension. Inspiration
I have the most colorful house in this little town, All the other houses are just plain brown. My many experiments keep me engrossed, What is the one trait that I lack the most? Honour. Honour
If you die with this, you never truly end. The people paint and write your stories. Tales of swords and spears. And all your former glories. Which am I? Honour. Honour
I glide from the sky onto the ground.

All life on this planet can be traced and found Back to me What am I?

Tenacity. Sun/Sunlight?
I have a mysterious past

and come from a land without rain My friendship is strong and will last, I won't cause those I love any pain. Who am I?

Honour. Fantasia?
I have a riddle for you! A little home for a little mind, and only slime trails left behind. What am I? Charm. Snail Shell
I have a riddle for you. Seeking, finding, learning, minding, on a journey ever winding: who am I? Comprehension. Galactic
I hide in a snail, but not a slug. You may see me in a storm, but not a clear sky. You can even find me as you stir your morning coffee. What am I? Charm. Spiral
I hold the direction from which the sun rises

And in which it sets Yet neither way do I look What am I?

Comprehension. Horizon
I know you are coming but cannot hear you. I eat but do not swallow. You marvel at my majesty but cower at the hollow. Which am I? Comprehension. Night
I leave a trail wherever I go,

Whether walls or leaves or trees, And with me, always, my home.

Charm. Snail
I'm baking a blueberry pie! The ingredients I need are flour, sugar, eggs, and...? Comprehension. Blueberries
I'm kept inside a drawer, somewhere alongside the forks. Though far less-used, I'm what you choose whenever you need something uncorked. What am I? Charm. Corkscrew
I may seem mischievous Perhaps somewhat devious I have several experiments To some I’m an irritant But I’m just quicker! A sneaky turnip picker! Comprehension. Buli
In myths, they say the wisest are immortalized in the night sky so that they can guide beyond their years and educate after they die. Which am I? Comprehension. Constellations
Inside the soil- despite the toil-

a plump specimen grows. At least it will until it wakes- a fiend is ready, bound to take as soon as they do know. And back again the farmer tends to what is left to sow. Who is the thief?

Comprehension. Buli
In the darkness of the night, Hark! It's Bearnard's window lights! Though they glow gold, there's something more, inside his shack smoulders the core! Honour. Fire/Embers
In the face of adversity and outstanding odds, when all seems lost and for naught, stand strong young warrior and rally your strength, for only with me are such battles fought. Honour. Honour
In this season, crops have grown from tiny seeds that once were sown. Bearnard harvests all his crops to bring new goods into his shop. Honour. Autumn
I promise that I'm not what you think! There really is not a link between my robes and my wand- I task you to correspond I'm just a simple aide This is not a charade! Though perhaps in my past A few spells I may have cast... Comprehension. Old Farmhand
I repeat unerringly, changes coming sparingly; yet, do not despair in me, lest you lose your clarity. What am I? Tenacity. Time
It buds and it blooms, then tie a knot to keep it everlasting. What am I? Honour. Love
It is not that I seek only the answer, but instead aspire to understand the question too. Who am I? Comprehension. The Old Farmhand
It lights our spirits in times of trouble. Its sight stops crimes from creeping by as injustices mount without reason why. What salvages goodness from the rubble? Honour. Honour
It may be the mask that we wear on the surface, but it is also the hand that pulls at the strings, merrily guiding us all around as it pleases. Charm. -
It may seem like Buli is just causing trouble, for the poor old bear whose farmwork is now doubled; if you ask her why, she'll likely turn you away, but show some interest and she may have something to say. What does she talk to you about? Comprehension. Comprehension
I touch everything below me, the crops, which grow when I look upon them, the people, who bask in my glory, the sea and its surface creatures too. What am I? Tenacity. The Sun
Working the land til' your senses are keen, this is the colour your thumb will then seem. Charm. Green Thumb
I've got a riddle for you! An inexplicable sign from an unconventional mind: what am I? Charm. Spiral
I've got a riddle for you! If you nourish the earth, I will always return, what am I? Charm. Plants
I’ve taken over these rolling hills, wielding countless blades, without winning a single battle. What am I? Charm. Grass
You may know me as black.

You may know of my hosts, the fleas, the rats. I mean not be morbid, but I do mean you harm. It is simply in my nature to spread, to alarm

Charm. Germs/Plague
I vow to oppose all evils, but always give a second chance. What is the virtue of merciful heroes, like Lilia and her mighty lance? Honour. Honour
I would wear a nest of Jays in my hair then don a squrrel just for flare. What am I? Charm. Tree
Known to make a famous sauce and bright red in colour, I’m considered a fruit rather than a vegetable, though many are skeptical. What am I? Honour. Tomato
Let our glow guide you below to all directions you seek. Just remember where we shine: our positions change by the hour, day, and week! Comprehension. Stars
Life unravels as travels turn inward. The gravel of time is scattered windward. Your footsteps recurve, over and over again! If this is a cycle, how does it halt, and when? What are you in? Tenacity. Timeloop
Like sunshine sparkling on the sea pushing to the plants below. Humans don't stop when the path is steep because there's amazing things to help grow! Which am I? Tenacity. Tenacity
Louise Hill is plenty safe, no danger to bring you harm. Come here for a pleasant time, it's got a lot of...! Charm. Charm
Loyal to the very end, and loving from the day you met, always' have been man's best friend, as much partner as is pet. Which am I? Honour. Dog
Many parts I've dreaded. On me many have depended. Yet this isn't the life I intended. To me no helping hands were extended.

A new life, a new beginning, A simple life, one I face grinning. Labour of love, every day singing a song for which my heart was craving. Who am I?

Comprehension. Old Farmhand
Mindful of my wardrobe,

but adventuring I want to go. I stay here to protect, Those I've come to know. Who am I?

Honour. Lilia
My brain can sail through time and space. My blood can pump from toes to face. But flaws in plans fill me with sorrow. I regret the past, and fear tomorrow. What am I? Tenacity. Infinity
My rays coax flowers to bloom

Cause roosters to crow And chases away the gloom What am I?

Tenacity. The sun
Nestled between verdant hills, I wait for the drops of natures thrills, My depth dictates what I need, And as it falls I take with greed. What am I? Charm. Plants
What's that sound, profound in the morning?

What's with that cry, sky still dim and warming? What's that racket, blanket tucked and cozy? what's making that crow, though the sun's not rosy?

Honour. Rooster
Never forget your quaint, humble start. Without their help, you'd be a goner. You pledge to revisit, with all your heart- a promise you'll make sure to... Honour. Honour
No matter how the earth has turned the stars are the same when you look, just like the knowledge in a book, steadfast, waiting to be learned. Which am I? Comprehension. Facts
Nothing you do can quite make me see red, than helping my green nemesis instead. Who am I? Comprehension. The Old Farmhand
Not the mightiest of swords but I impale the sky, I was here long before there were eyes. Firm in my place like Excalibur in the stone.

My edges are sharp with many a clone. What am I?

Charm. Tree
Now that you're here, look to your right. Or left; choose one but don't delay. You mustn't stay here until night. Lest the fair folk come and spirit you away. Where are you? Honour. Crossroads
Of lustrous leaves and shining rays, I enrapture all those that capture my gaze. What am I? Tenacity. The Sun
One stays out and works all day, while the other rests and watches; still, they have something in common. What is it? Honour. Honour
On some nights, the sky over Louise Hill will open, rain nourishes Bearnard's crops, wind puts an end to Calbet's arrows, and in flashes, the black-grey is replaced with what? Tenacity. Lightning
Our songs fall silent on this frosted glen, echoes of another When. What can echoes teach us now? Look around, friend, and find out how. Charm. Elves
Our stories shine like gold. Our hopes stem from lives lived well. But without each other's ears to tell, what fun is growing old? What are we? Tenacity. Friends
Over and over, never-ending

If you squint it's still descending It whirls, directionless, the path unclear Everything's a blur, where is it here?

Charm. Spiral?
Paws and claws and teeth and tails, sniffs and kisses from a wet nose, fur and fluff and beaks and scales, and teeny tiny bean-like toes! Which am I? Honour. Animals
Riddle me this: I'm your best bet, your ally-maker, your charisma set, your confidence-faker: I'll lead you from harm. What am I? Charm. Charm
Riddles, riddles, riddles: At the bottom of worrying, truth; but without me, you'll find no proof as the mind fiddles and frets What am I? Comprehension. Knowledge
Riddle Time! Cause and effect; connect the dots right and left! Follow the branches as options cleft out of sight, only to pause, lose track, and re-link despite crossing back like Dawn chasing Night's theft. Charm. Spiral
Rolling hills and verdant greens,

The first villager that you've seen Is one very heart-warming bear, Who embodies this trait the best and cares.

Tenacity. Tenacity
Rooted deep underground, I grow and I anchor. When the cold comes round, I may wither. What am I? Charm. Plants
Rumpled or smooth, purple or green, I'm perfect raw, pickled or steamed, what am I? Charm. Lettuce
Running or still, sparkling or dull, thundering or as an ever-so-quiet whisper. What am I? Comprehension. Water
See if you can solve this riddle. All around me, only space, and stars make up my brilliant face. What am I? Comprehension. Galaxy
She has elegance and she has grace and she has more than a pretty face. Day after day, rain after shine, she perfects her technique and persists over time. Tenacity. Lilia
She stands out from the crowd,

Each experiment openly curious, And her crimes are downright proud, Though her true heart is spurious.

Comprehension. Buli
Some bathe in me; some worship me, and the roost's eponymous king extols me with his shrill voice. What am I? Tenacity. Sunlight
Some need sun and some need shade, to be flooded, or watered gently, strongest in the desert or in glade, different seeds succeed differently. Which am I? Charm. Plants
Some may say it's a funny thing, it's all about how the ways may swing. For you, better or worse, no matter how it twists and turns, it swings true to its words. Best for you to continue on your way, and you'll make it there someday. Tenacity. -
Sparks soar through the air

Barely missing golden hair Another theory tested with flair In a scientific secret lair

Comprehension. Buli
Stars dapple my surface, reflections of the heavens above me. Though night is beautiful, vast, and deep, I harbor that which it can never have. Silver slivers swim through my depths, and friendly symphonies sing at my banks. What am I? Comprehension. River
Stars intertwined, thoughts combined, many lose grasp of it. Comprehension. Comprehension
Stealing turnips like a thief in action, Am I a child or a demon? Scientific experiments I perform, House yellow and blue in a thunderstorm. Very understanding am I, but also very sly. Comprehension. Buli
Such as the rooster crows, such as the farmer sows. Each day we make our mark until the sky must grow dark. The rhythm of the beat is no easy feat unless this strength is what you meet. Tenacity. Tenacity
Swords and slings clamored, armor singing, heroes hammered! When fear of battle strikes the soul, what keeps one bound upon their role? Honour. Honour
Take a cloth of midnight blue, hold it taut before a light. Take a pencil, poke it through and in your hands you'll hold the night. The more you poke the pencil in you'll make the shapes sailors rely on. Two bears, a bull, a set of twins, two dogs, a crab, and a lion. Which am I? Comprehension. Constellations
Tears and scrapes derail our goals. With whips and scorns does bad luck crack! But as triumph and failure both unpack, how does a hero balance these roles? Tenacity. Tenacity
The two of us stand, in the background. Minding our business, fluffy and round. What are we? Honour. Chickens
The fair folk flocked through sacred meadow and dale. Though we are long-gone now you may still learn from our tale. What were we? Charm. Elves
The farmer works the days away, tending to the crop, but what is it he requires, in order to sell his harvest at the shop? Charm. Charm
The fireflies outside my window Sway and glow and flicker In death and life they bring to me My people running quicker They bow to me, queen or king, And spring into my hold Single, double, cause no trouble, Close your eyes, let stories unfold. Comprehension. -
The golden sand drips through the hourglass, with hope of joy and fear of sorrow. But either way the time will pass, one today is worth two tomorrows! Which am I? Tenacity. Time
The horizon calls, adventure awaits. Today's the day we find our fates! But adventurers are fools without following through. Nothing finishes without me: It's true! What am I? Tenacity. Tenacity
The miles and years cannot hold me. The reign of winter melts at my touch. The hope of another summer molds me. Much like lovers, fools, and such! What am I? Honour. Warmth
The more you poke the pencil in you'll make the shapes sailors rely on. Two bears, a bull, a set of twins, Two dogs, a crab, and a lion. Which am I? Comprehension. Stars
The Old Farmhand likes to say that I am the source of all things. What am I? Comprehension. Knowledge
There was an old fellow who worked on a farm

Has a beard, wore robes, and a very large hat But make no mistake, though a wand he has, Because a wizard, he is definitely not

Comprehension. Old Farmhand
The sky is just a void without me

You need me to see me I am here day and night If you lose me, you lose sight

Comprehension. Light?
The smell of apples, the burning beat of war drums: what color grapples with a passion that hums? Honour. Red
The stars do not ask how it is they came to be. The planets do not ponder their place in the sky. For knowledge, new and ancient, is within. We need only ask 'why?' Which am I? Comprehension. Comprehension
The sun bows its head as the lion lifts her gaze. All who see her give her praise. Which am I? Honour. Honour
The sun goes down; the town grows dark, Bearnard will frown at Buli's mark. Turnips taken with great pride, But in the sky I offer guide. What am I? Comprehension. The moon
The sun goes up

the plow goes down and soon the seeds sleep in the ground. The greens sprout up, but a thief creeps by! He wipes his brow, and heavily, sighs. But he won't give in - it wouldn't be right; There's turnips to be sown at sun's first light.

Tenacity. Bearnard
The sun rises up in Louise Hill

There's one villager with a task to fulfill Out comes the shovel, out comes the plough Out comes the broom, and now- Wait, where's his hat?!

Tenacity. Bearnard
The two of us, we peck and pluck the grass below for bugs and such all day we search among the earth. It isn't this for which we search: A different meaning of the color that stains our beaks and shines high up. Tenacity. Gold and the sun?
The way to the heart through words so sweet. Sugar in the soul, honey in the tea. For you, I would do anything. Which am I? Charm. Charm
They say the mountain can't be climbed. I say I only need a rope. They say to give up now. But I won't while I have hope! Which am I? Tenacity. Tenacity
They say the reason animals do not live as long as man is that they already understand from birth how to be kind to all. Which am I? Honour. Honour
A thatch of gold crowns yours truly, when seeking answers best go to... Comprehension. Buli
Though Bearnard may chase and scare away

For turnips, little Buli's thieving hands come day after day Of the symbols gleaming four Which represents one who chases ever more and more?

Tenacity. Tenacity
Though Bearnard tills his crops all day

his turnips up and walked away! we know, of course, to whom they go But why does Buli steal them so?

Comprehension. Magic
Though I seem simple at first inspect, upon badge, sleeve, flag, and shirt My bold lines do intersect To signify those who help the hurt. Honour. Healer
Time for a riddle! Underneath you'll find a treasure, though my depths are beyond measure. What am I? Comprehension. Ocean
Tiny points of heat and light. A glowing patchwork over the night. Can your wishes reach so far? If you believe, catch us in a jar! What are we? Comprehension. Stars
Too little of me and I can ruin a whole year's worth of work. Too much of me can do the same. Comprehension. Water
Try your hand at this riddle: Alone by mortal hands I fall, yet they be my disciples all. What am I? Honour. Honour
Try your hand at this riddle: Unclipped I fly, unbound I run, earth beneath my feet, and above me, the sun. Who am I? Honour. Bird
Two guards stand sentry in their post

But these two show more strengths than most. In ability yes, but too in their bonds, When they look at each other, loving and fond.

Honour. Fantasia & Lilia
Vast as the sea, strong as the tide. Its forces pull Creation along for the ride! A universe expanding as eons increase. Look to the sky! Wonders never cease. What is it? Comprehension. Universe
Want a riddle? I collect friends like Buli collects Bearnard's turnips. Who am I? Charm. Calbet
Want a riddle? What does Bearnard become when he finds his turnips have been stolen? Honour. Cross
We walk the cobblestones of Louise Hill, red and white specks in the green-filled scenery. Honour. Chickens
What color are the leaves of the beetroot plant? Honour. Red
When friends cross shores to get better. When months go by without a letter. When good times never restart. Hold on to memories with your... Honour. Heart
What follows your every step, and shrinks when the crickets come out? Comprehension. Shadow
When I see you don't be wary,

Even though I may be a little hairy, Protecting my turnips day and night, Cause the thought of them gone gives me a fright

Tenacity. Bearnard
When planting crops, what is needed most when the water is lacking, when the sun is not shining and the ground is rough? Tenacity. Tenacity
When you lie down, you see me

A sight just beyond the trees If you leave, the same I will be Even far across the sea What am I?

Comprehension. Sky
I am in objects and in life, in people and in books

I come from peace and from strife, and from the nobles to the crooks There's a bit of me in every truth you speak, and a bit of me in every story your ancestors tell And some people try not to let me leak, so they hide the cat in the bag with a spell What am I?

Comprehension. Lies
Why try once when I can try again?

I'll try under snow and I'll try under rain I'll try when happy and l'll try in pain I'll try again even if I ever need a cane! Why must I stop when I could be the one? Why should I stop when I'm having so much fun? I can try however many times til my goal is done And no one shall stop me not even the sun! What am I?

Tenacity. Tenacious
Within the pan it glitters and gleams, gathering enough can help you reach your dreams. But more often than not, the pan comes back bare, no wealth do the streams for you spare. What am I? Tenacity. Gold
With skin that shines as the starry sky and eyes as colorful and vibrant as the nebulae, who are we? Comprehension. Galactic
You can’t fix your hair with honeycomb, and corn cannot hear with its ear, but those who call the sky their home, these confusing names are crystal clear. Which am I? Comprehension. Galactic
You there, lass or fellow! What color is sand, amber, and brass? Tenacity. Yellow
Inside us, enclosed a complex branching river when injured, it flows Honour. Blood
I can break and I can shatter, I can be served on a silver platter, you may even wear me on your sleeve, but you wouldn't want me to ever leave, what am I? Honour. Heart
Not meant to stay I pass away.

The moment I go my beauty will show. Before I vanish I grant you a wish. Who am I?

Comprehension. Blue
Quietly and idly we sway and sway, and only in winter do we go away. Charm. Leaves
My skin is indigo, my flesh green. My pulp is purple, my name primary. What am I? Comprehension. Blueberry
Traveling across an ocean expanse, where one must navigate the endless seas, I may be but a speck, yet sailors rely on me. What am I? Comprehension. North Star
Though gold and coins will be earned and tossed, toward shops and items marked at a cost, what once gained cannot be lost? Comprehension. Knowledge
The abyss gazes into you, but I will allow you to gaze back without fear. Comprehension. Comprehension
I eat to live but a drink would kill me,

I leave destruction in my path. When people see me drawing near They attempt to give me a bath. What am I?

Honour. Fire
Staring up at the big blue sky

Watching as the clouds go by I dream of finding my role But love is really my true goal Who am I?

Honour. Fantasia
Night falls over the field and farm, hang over your door a good luck... Charm. Charm
Thump, thumb I beat

Bump, bump I go My rhythm makes your life force flow

Honour. Heart
The feeling of sadness,

As a wave of emotion hits, Just right above the indigo, Is where I choose to sit, What am I?

Comprehension. Blue
While most call me a vegetable, I am a fruit. Though I admit, I do taste good on your savory food. Honour. Tomato
Hard working and very caring

Sometimes duty can be overbearing I like to change up my design To help me relax and unwind Who am I?

Honour. Fantasia
You protect this rolling land with dagger and lance,

A knight in shining armor, a rogue given a chance. You care for each other, you know what to do, Sharing great virtue, bravery in plain view.

Honour. Honour
Where horses tread

and little sheep roam; They graze and sleep and call it their home

Charm. Pasture
Though I have no wealth, I leave silver in my wake.

If you carried my burden, your back may break. Though here and there I slowly roam, I am always within my home. Who am I?

Charm. Snail
Up and down, for miles around, this color can be seen. Both hilltops high and fields flat are painted a lively...? Charm. Green
From the darkened floor I unfurl to make for the light and in the silence bound make music only in name and heart. Make haste! For I last only long enough to run from supple tongue and then am too hard for teeth. Even so, I make the ground soft beneath your feet. What am I? Charm. Tree?
I peck as the sun goes down

I see the bear as they walk on by My body is white, who am I?

Honour. Chicken
Come now, dear child, I'm just a man.

Oh these? Just robes-see? Just a man! Magic, Dear me, no not at all! Just a normal old man with a hat quite tall. Who am I?

Comprehension. Old Farmhand
Honor and Strength

I'll give her my dagger If she takes my heart Who am I?

Honour. Fantasia
The east is where you'll find me, early in the day.

The west is where I end, and where my head will lay.

Tenacity. Sun
I drift without reason, no matter the season; my shape is transforming, in afternoon and morning. What am I? Comprehension. Shadow?
Your eyes see far out past the sky, One lovely midnight in late July, We saw them falling down, Bright as the city - they lit up our little country town

And, I wanna see them again with you- Don't wanna another twilight to turn to blue, If you're not here in Louise Hill with me, I will follow your light my one true dream.

Honour. Embers
I will always reach for the sky, but never touch it, I will always search for the sun, but never see it, what am I? Charm. Plants
I can beat without a drum and break without a sound. What am I? Honour. Heart
I am known to those who search, But unknown to those who hold no wonder, Find me and content you'll be, Or end your pursuit and miss out on me. Comprehension. Blue
Smoke bellows And sparks fly Dear fellows Don't let it die Honour. Fire
The grassy hills are each vibrant green - but which color can you find hiding in between? Comprehension. Blue
When you wander off the path I peek between your toes I stab you with a thousand blades but you only ever laugh at my savage attacks What am I? Charm. Plants
Furry, fuzzy, ferocious claws scratch I fight for family, friends, and those I hold dear The happiness of my kin outranks my own Who am I? Honour. Red
Fool steps into a hole, hidden on the hill. Didn't look where they went, and now are still. What do they gain so it doesn't happen again? Comprehension. Comprehension
Springing lively from your bag A kettle, turnip, jug We'll journey through alongside you And greet you with a hug Honour. Pets?
I march along, at steady pace When you have fun, I seem to race Beats of a song, I mark your place I rule the sun, and night's embrace Who am I? Tenacity.Time
I drink the golden light above, to stretch myself far down below, when I compact my gifts with love, you'll find and take what I have grown. What am I? Charm. Tunips?
Gem-eyed pot with secretive guise. A lonely thief that tells no lies. My path won't fall, but only rise. I'll help, even if I criticize. Comprehension. Buli
I'm always moving forward, no matter how much you wish I would stop or go back. Tenacity. Time
Though you may not see me, I'm always there, Not always visible, and away rather far, If you look up at night you may see me! What am I? Well, I'm a... Comprehension. Star
It's family that you can choose, they'll never leave you or run loose, nothing will ever bring you apart, as the thing that binds you is your- Honour. Heart
Some may think that I'm pretentious With hair so fine and looks conscientious Nay, I can't help my skill with people In my dashing home up, on this steep hill Who am I? Charm. Calbet
Long stretches of nothing but grass, the hills seem to go on... Tenacity. Forever
Wearied from your worldly travels, a town comes into view - rolling hills, friendly folk, and a sign in this bright hue. Tenacity. Yellow
When ancient, much loved blades, of long dead warriors are left in places old and musty, And water drips down through, onto them, watch out, they may get- Honour. Rusty
Always passing, everlasting, eternal, I stop for no one and I never stand still. What am I? Tenacity. Time
On a color palette spread, I am the opposite of red. Charm. Green
Who sings in the trees but does not speak? Honour. Birds
The rooster crows Its crest flared and high Each warm fireplace aglow All their chimneys reaching for the sky The sun sets into the ground Leaving only the flaming hue Honour. Red
Fields of bounty, green and rich

Storms of plenty, horizon's breech But beyond those clouds, well and true The sunfilled skies will be forever...

Comprehension. Blue
Upon the cobblestone I trot, I come upon my favorite spot, I curl up, snuggle in, and whinny when sweet dreams set in Honour. Horse
Draw your bow and aim your arrow, Set your sights upon the narrow. Let go of the bowstring, hope you don't miss- Success! You've hit the center of this. Charm. Bullseye
I ventured from far, from there to here,

I am busy tending to the fields, please do not interfere! Why are you looking at me like that, world-hopper, dear? I know of nothing, that much is clear!

Comprehension. Farmhand
I am the origin, of which life was born, the center of all that lives in my embrace. Warmth do I bring to all that I touch, from an unearthly cold and distant place. Tenacity. The Sun
With my friend, I live here Encouraging and kind. Together we have tea And train all the time She accepts me open-armed Despite my rougher past. I've had my share of adventures It's here with her I can relax Honour. Fantasia
Cabbage and broccoli, Lettuce and onion, Plenty of colors under the sun, But a common vegetable color is this one. Charm. Green
When the light is gone and you've lost your way, Whether the moon is full or obscured, If you're lost never fret, I am your guide past sunset. Comprehension. Stars
Whether I am forged through time or born through blood, No matter how far from me, you can count of finding love. What am I? Honour. Family?
You lean against a fence, / look up at the sky- something goes to waste / Get lost watching the clouds as they pass / the day grows darker as something continues- it doesn't wait / What slipped away? Tenacity. Time
Zap! Crack! Those sounds are hard to ignore. But are you brave enough to knock on *that* door? The house in blue, with a strange yellow roof/ she'll not be happy if you ask without proof. Comprehension. Buli
Frolicking, prancing, green as leaf

I came from a garden and occasionally bring you treats! Sometimes I'm angry, other times I'm glad Without you, world-hopper, I would have never left the land

Honour. -
Day after day, night after night, Buli strives for her experiments to come out just right. And whether or not things go just her way, she gains something special at the end of the day. What is it? Comprehension. Knowledge
It's no easy feat, coaxing me from the earth within. But care for me well and nature's bounty I give. Charm. Seeds/Plants
When my face is hidden by grey sorrow, I am unable to bring a warm morrow. I cannot gaze down upon the rolling hills and the day is filled with only chills. What am I? Tenacity. Sun
The moon calls my name

I gently wave to the shore Sailors ride me making fame Fishing to never be poor

Comprehension. Ocean
I enter your house when the lightning comes, along with the sound of roaring drums. I take no space but I fill your place, and fade away as time succumbs. Tenacity. Thunder
For bubbling brews hidden behind the wall,

A door cracked open may be your downfall. Contraptions and graphs, a countless collection; A scientist's thoughts, beyond your...

Comprehension. Comprehension
They say a mountain can't be climbed, I say I only need a rope. They say to give up now, but I won't while I have hope! Which am I? Tenacity. Tenacious
The king is old, the king is bright. Teaches plants to grow with all their might. But sometimes sorrow clouds his mirth, and weeps onto the thirsty earth. What is he? Tenacity. Sun
Stick with me and you will see, there's no contest, I agree. If you want a "cool hopper" degree, there's no better teacher, guaranteed. Who am I? Charm. Calbet
I am the thing that binds a king to their people. Without me, there is ruin. Honour. Honour
We're slow, very slow, everyone will say. Yet we're quick to appear come a rainy day. Charm. Snails
She lives beneath shadows' heavy hue

Beckoning you to rise again anew Every dawn brings yet again another day Who is the one that guides your way?

Tenacity. Sun
I begin from nothing and take years to build, but I can break in just a moment. What am I? Honour. Trust
During summer, he's like your feet.

On the hill, he's like your friend. Perhaps tenacious to a fault, To his farm, you help him tend.

Tenacity. Bearnard
A little ball that's green when peeled, purple when mashed. What color is it when it meets you? Comprehension. Blue (Blueberry)
We share dinners and training sessions, each other's sorrow and joy. The warmth we bring to Louise Hill is obvious to everyone - we are not coy. What do we really share beneath it all? Honour. Love
Inside I start this shape

Emboldened, I break through and begin to uncoil Growing straight towards my goals Of stealing looks and admiration

Charm. Plant
Into dirt falls the seed,

And let time tick away, Then in the ground and through the weeds Are turnips ripe to stay! What am I?

Charm. Growth?
You stand there, facing down the sharp point of Lilia's trusty lance. My meandering shape enchants you despite the danger. What am I? Charm. Spiral
The warmest one with the coldest complexion,

the fire's centre, its one objection. Some say it douses, others that it ignites, the all of them are in their rights.

Comprehension. Water?
I am the one thing Fantasia dislikes in Louise Hill.

I belong in the ground, not the sky! It's unnatural!

Comprehension. Water (Rain)
Shell of iron, rusted sheen,

physician's bane and worm's delight. What am I?

Honour. Blood
When the night falls and farmers head to their homes,

Chimney smoke and smells of dinner rise from the welcoming...

Honour. -
In this orchard, a range of vibrancy

Apples of every kind, as far as the eye can see From appetizingly warm red to a cooler green Yet, of all the colors present, one remains unseen A gentle, lonely thing, and I think you know who The color missing from this orchard, it's the color...

Comprehension. Blue
I live in the hills and in the trees,

Chirping and singing my beautiful melodies

Honour. Birds
Fantasia darts for cover, what unnatural thing comes falling from the sky? Comprehension. Rain
Stare deeply at me,

and you will find yourself falling asleep. Which am I?

Charm. Sheep?
Daggers bright and lances bold,

Leather warm and armor cold, Pointed ears and flowing hair, But what do these two warriors share?

Honour. Love
When contained, I am no threat.

But keep me small, lest I become a beast, and cannot be decreased.

Honour. Fire
I am green in my youth, but golden as my beard grows,

which will not be cut until the Reaper comes to harvest my kin in summer's last throes. Beaten and threshed, my husk floats away on the wind. What am I?

Tenacity. Wheat
Put the veggies in a sack, never leave behind a track. In a garden on the hill, you'll be caught if you stand too still! Comprehension. Buli
My mother was a cloud, my father was wind;

my sons are the rivers, my daughters are crops. The rainbow is my bed, and the earth; my resting place. Yet, I'm never truly gone. What am I?

Comprehension. Rain
From greenest of grass to a lovely feast

From feaster to supper for a hungry beast And yet even does the great beast fall And become part of the soil all From the soil the grass does spawn And so continues this gluttonous yarn

Tenacity. Time
Carrots are such curious little fellows,

with their color mixed from both red and...

Tenacity. Yellow
A head of green hair with no shoulders to sit on

Covered in leaves, but I'm not a tree There's many layers to me, but there's only one thing I can be What am I?

Charm. Cabbage
The echoes of lions thrum through our veins,

our valor far above worldly wounds and pain, glory eternal, let justice reign, one last stand, our hearts set aflame

Honour. Honour
From pots onto turnips, the drip quickens. I am a creator, not a destroyer. Comprehension. Buli
Made of something not quite there, swirling higher in the air.

Not a gas, but a light, to brighten up this darkened night. Scared they are, animals in the grove. But not the ones whom my existence they wove. What am I?

Tenacity. Fireflies or Lantern
Watcher over fields of sprouts

Turning over soil Making all the turnips grow Is in a day of toil

Tenacity. Bearnard
Climb the ladder up to me

Fox dearest come be Up here with me Don't you agree That you and me Are meant to be Climb the ladder up to me

Honour. Fantasia + Lilia
Cows and farmers, birds and trees,

They count their days by seven. The thing they need to live their lives Falls from the clouds in heaven.

Comprehension. Rain
Upwards everyday we reach,

Fingers stretching towards the sun, Carpet underneath your feet, We are the planet's largest lungs.

Charm. Trees
Heres a riddle for you,

Never resting, never still. Moving silently from land to hill. It does not walk, nor run. All is cool when it is done. What am I?

Tenacity. Time
I pass by too fast for those at the end of the line;

I pass by too slow for those at the start of the path; I cause wood to rot and houses to fall; I am measured, I am checked; What am I?

Tenacity. Time
Sneaking, sneaking, through the dusk,

Tiptoeing around piles of dirt, Furtive glances left and right, Turnips disappear with a sly smile. Who is the thief?

Comprehension. Buli
I'm a broom with a ribbon either red or green, combine five of me and what colour can be seen? Tenacity. Gold
Over the fields I hear the wolves howl

The winds do not yield as dogs are on the prowl Rake in hand, I give a loud shout Each word a demand but in creeps the doubt As paws make their way over my crop, I do not stray, I will not drop

Tenacity. Tenacity
Calbet likes to partake in archery

To practice his aim, he uses me! What am I?

Charm. Bullseye
As the stars rise, and the sun falls,

They emerge, and howl their calls. Lambs, rabbits and deer, beware! Listen from afar, do not stray near. What are they?

Honour. Wolves
Remains one colour all year around, unlike its cousins who bloom and fall with the changing seasons, all day and all night, it holds its ground and maintains its true hue which is... Charm. Green
A trail I leave,

My home I heave I may lack speed

Charm. Snail
As the river flows,

As the forest grows, As the day and night goes, I go on and on, never-ending, written in poetry and prose.

Tenacity. Time
I own a pet that reminds me of myself when I was young. Who am I? Comprehension. Old Farmhand?
I send you out to do new things, gain wisdom, learn, and grow your wings.

With beard magnificent and grand, who am I, then?

Comprehension. Old Farmhand
There is always time to change your ways

I was someone else, in my early days Do not regret the time you've spent But know that you can choose something different No matter when or where, or what age Its never to late to turn the page

Comprehension. Old Farmhand
I work tirelessly till the sun goes down,

But there's a turnip thief in this relentless town. Will I ever get a break? With all these turnips what will she even make?!

Tenacity. Bearnard
Summer, fall, winter, spring

I march on endlessly I've been called a river A measurement, Fast and slow Into eternity I flow What am I?

Tenacity. Time?
Day by day, the sun beats

yet you must keep going, through this sweltering heat Gardening pick prying seemingly forever at the earth, for a hearty supper of turnip stew over the hearth.

Tenacity. Tenacity (?)
A twitching nose,

A flash of tail, A flutter of wings, And even a snail... We're all around you if you're observant enough! Who are we?

Honour. Animals
I fall but I have no weight.

I give color but I have none. What am I?

Tenacity. Light
Grow and steal me, cook and eat me,

Turn me in for your desires - That is totally okay. But once you animate me - You need to go another way; Love and feed me, pat and please me, That is what it requires. What am I?

Charm. Turnip
Tending to the fields all day

But missing supper is a crime Have to keep these thieves at bay If only I had this to keep the time!

Tenacity. Wristwatch/Clock?
You sit and watch me sway. I breathe in your laughter and dance, each exhale clambering through the chimney tops, until it is time to sleep. What am I? Honour. Fire
She's an experiment connoisseur,

She waits to see what outcomes occur, She works every day, Never takes a break to go play, But, who will ask you to help her?

Charm. Calbet
Care to answer a riddle as old as time? Rims and rounds. Cut and in-between. I am time and Age. Growth within a wooden body. Charm. Tree rings
Slowly, steadily, moving forward

there is rarely time to spare. However I do enjoy the good things like eating leaves, and sweet fresh air.

Charm. Snail?
The Knight's way is the only way, a bloodline to be secured. As red as the blood flowing, a girl's heart beats fiercly to protect those who need protecting, and those who are protectors have...? Honour. Honour
To grow a turnip of perfection

don't fret in consternation take heed of information- you'll need my intervention!

Comprehension. Buli
Every morning without yield

The Farmer heads to her field She tends the crops and feeds the stock And works until she is fit to drop She heads home confident of a job well done And prepares herself for the morning yet to come The farmer has this incredible knack For a virtue so many lack

Tenacity. Tenacity
Though time has it's ceaseless toll,

his eyes burn as bright as his soul. What wonders have those blue orbs seen? Things of which we can only dream. But now at the setting of the sun, when all is finished and all is done, he rests among the rolling hills, where all is peaceful, calm, and still.

Comprehension. Old Farmhand
From my fury comes death and destruction, yet the blackness I leave behind can give chance to new life. What am I? Honour. Fire
My favorite spot? A grassy knoll overlooking the town. It's perfect for picnics!

Who am I?

Charm. Calbet
Turnips may walk and disappear, but a farmer who cares about his crops will never give up on planting them here. Tenacity. Bearnard
Some things will never come to an end. Sometimes we need to depend on a friend. These bonds are strong long after we're gone, what are they? Honour. Love
Turnips, rutabags, beets, potatoes, and carrots...

Root vegetables come in a rainbow of colors! But which color is missing?

Comprehension. Blue
Fit the veggies in the sack, never leave behind a track. In a garden on the hill, you'll be caught if you stand too still! Comprehension. Buli
Nectar of the Gods

Brought forth from nectar of the bugs

Many many workers

working night and day

the flowers would not bear the fruits of the labour

if not for their-

Tenacity. Tenacity
I work my fingers to the bone

till all my turnips are plump and grown At times, thieves throw my for a loop but nothing beats turnip soup!

Tenacity. Bearnard
Dig, dig, dig with your sharp claw paws. Wriggle your star shaped nose! Find those worms and gobble them up, thus the life of a mole. What color is this mole's nose? Honour. Red/pink
Swooshing tail and distant past,

a reputation that won't last, even the bravest make mistakes, chest out, breathe in, face your fate.

Honour. Fantasia
You wear me on your sleeve.

You weep when I am broken. I am the one thing you cannot deceive. Only true words have I spoken. What am I?

Honour. Heart
Giving us light, giving us hope

In dark times, helping us cope Although sometimes out of sight, After the storm, it's shining bright

Tenacity. Sun
Flowers and showers,

Seas of yellow bees, Fresh apple ciders, Goves of green trees. All of the world's wonders at their peak, What season do these evoke?

Charm. Spring
Very green and very clean, I live under a golden gleam. My lovely sheen is kept prestine by a dedicated one-man team. Charm. Bearnard's turnip?
Out all day in high sun,

There is no time to have fun In the fields there is work to be done The turnips rely on my care I'm just a solitary, lonely....

Tenacity. Bear
Prepared to fight with perfect stance,

The knight holds tigher her shining lance, Willpower at full capacity, She won't give in through sheer...

Tenacity. Tenacity
Setting aside my paper and ink

This time, there's nothing I need to add I think. Time to sign it off with a graceful finish I need to be careful to avoid another blemish. Another glance, another check, I hope she wont notice that stray speck. Here I go to send the letter on its way, I'm thrilled to see her reply some day.

Tenacity. Tenacity
Day after day, night after night,

Buli strives for her experiments to come out just right And whether or not things go just her way, She gains something special at the end of the day What is it?

Comprehension. Knowledge
Master of finances,

Wielder of Weaponry. Adores she who carries lances, A blush creeps when she smiles so pleasantly.

Honour. Fantasia
Thought I have no wealth, I leave silver in my wake.

On my back a mighty burden, but I have no spine to break. Though here and there I slowly Roam, I am always within my home. Who am I?

Charm. Snail
The road you see lies unknown ahead

You do not know to where you might be swept Nor in which direction you might be led And you will never know Unless you take the first step

Honour. Crossroads
My cradle's dirt

From which I came Though was alive New life I gained

Charm. Plant
Snickety snack,

Practice blades cross paths, Here at the training grounds, This trait will be cultivated when found.

Honour. Honour (?)
Plump or misshapen, I'm loved by bears, sprouts, and sprites. If i'm to be used for magic, I'm stolen away by whose hands? Comprehension. Buli
While my request may seem quite unruly,

I'll help out those who are here newly, And note down the results of these experiments duly, My name is...?

Charm. Buli
Sweat, Grit, and shimmering hair - every regime carried out with great care. Brawn and beauty upon whom friends can depend. Of course! It must be... Honour. Lilia
My stalks billow in the wind

To our farm, prosperity I bring Harvested by scythe then ground to dust What Colour am I?

Tenacity. Yellow
In a flash of magic,

When five become one, What hue tints Bearnard's fancy new duds?

Honour. Red
Some say I go too far

I say, no such thing The good outweighs the harm The good, the good, that knowledge brings The ends they do, justify the means What am I?

Comprehension. Buli
I am the sunset, And its sweet passion

I am a ripe apple, Coming to fruition I have the beauty of roses, And the warmth of fires I lie in the core of people, The pure ones and liars What am I?

Honour. Heart/beauty?
For hardworking farmers on hot, sunny days

My presence is seen as a blessing.

Charm. Breeze
Freedom is what I desire,

and maybe friends, to be admired, to be the strongest, coolest, best, just to be special, like the rest.

Charm. Calbet
Water and earth feed me, the sun transforms me. A vegetable is not I, though I may look like one in your eyes. What am I? Honour. Tomato
Growing, seeing, all would be impossible without my aid.

I cast shadows on the rolling hills, I greet the farmers every day. I Will still be there when the hills have all decayed, And I will watch the farmers' great-grandchildren play.

Tenacity. Sun
I start as a feisty spark

In the light or the dark Guided by a mere gust As growing, my comfort, trust Flourish, I begin to rise What am I?

Honour. -
The necks of the flowers, The hair of the trees, The fur of the meadows, The bodies of peas Charm. Green
Till the soil, Plant the seeds, Water and feed, Until the crops grow full. Harvest them, And begin anew Tenacity. Tenacity
Little missy on my hand, my veggie crops you do command;

with laquered shell and wings so sheer, all aphids know to run in fear.

Honour. Ladybug
A tasty little earthy treat, Treat me right, and I'll be sweet! Thumping to your heart's own beat, I ask you this: What veggie am I? Honour. Beetroot/Raddish
Buzzing bugs with a taste for blood

Are picky eaters, did you know? Their snack of choice is no bud nor spud. What they really prefer is... Oh!

Honour. Blood
To climb takes little will, and no fall's a hard spill,

The pathless walk can fulfill, it's fun to roll down a...

Charm. Hill
I am endless, deep and vast; and you only see me in the past. What am I? Comprehension. Space?
I see you from afar, persistent as you are.

Peristent as I am, you will not leave my sight - least my efforts follow your path. Who am I?

Tenacity. -
The hundreds of golden children neatly tucked around the walls of a tower;

wrapped in a green blanket to protect them from the cold

Tenacity. Corn
The night sky promised the sun, "We shall never meet again", so every morning and evening,

the colour of promises blooms on the horizon. What is it?

Honour. Red/sunrise
Who am I? Across the sea, through thick and thin, The past matters not, There's more to see, to re-begin, Right here on this plot. Comprehension. -
Under cloak of night with stars burning bright, a few turnips here for my delight. Whisked away into my lab, words quickly scribbled onto a pad. A quickened turnip provided to a stranger, shedding light on unknown dangers. Who am I? Comprehension. Buli
I will guide you and your men, from coast to coast, follow me and your destination will soon appear. Me and my many siblings wish you a safe return, Look up to see us shine. What are we? Comprehension. Stars
We grow in pods, but have never seen the seas,

we are plucked against all odds, what does your kind call us?

Charm. Peas
Born under the mantle of night, I am the gift of each new day; The sweet child of earth and mist, doomed to quickly fade away. To flowers I am a string of pearls, I hang like a diamond from each grass; The first rays of sunlight pierce me, I am as clear as purest glass. What am I? Comprehension. Dew
After the freezing winter, I approach, quietly.

Snow melting away, warmness filling the air. Flora and fauna can all sense my arrival, Signalling the beginning of another nature cycle. Growth, awakening, these are words that are used to describe me, I bring greenery that covers the land as far as the eyes can see!

Charm. Spring
A juicy fruit, sweet and tart, cut it in half to make a heart. Honour. Strawberry
Above heads of transquil dreamers, invisible at dawn,

Far-off, faint and feeble, from the sun, they stay withdrawn As the blue, cloudless haze dons its silk black down, Boundless cosmos shine their light down. What am I?

Comprehension. Stars
Like a field, like a home

Cultivation is required Love, tender care, Gentle hands, a gentle heart.

Honour. Love
As the day goes by, you always have an eye on a particular thing, Worrying if you're late - or if you're early, perhaps - What is it? Tenacity. Time
As harvest-time approaches, an autumnal color encroaches. When selling crops of this lucrative hue, you'll find that your pockets begin to fill with it too! Tenacity. Money
I do not shine nor do I sparkle,

yet I am a treasure sought by many. With a little love and a little sun, you can have me aplenty. Tell me, what am I?

Charm. Plant
I fuel the winds harsh glare and rain stars upon the sky. I have the harshest glance, freezing you within moments. Comprehension. -
In this season, farming slows

When field are topped by powdered snow. With no work to cause him stress, Bearnard takes his well-earned rest.

Comprehension. Winter
Will I live or die, will I sprout or linger? You can probably tell by the color of your finger! Charm. Plant
The largest window in town casts a lovely golden light on the paths. What shape is it? Honour. Cross
A humble farmer watches over his crops

One by one, they leave on legs of root If not then, a young girl comes with a sack And he'll never ever see them come back What does he feel?

Comprehension. Sad
O! My summer dream

My garden gleaming in the sun! All facing the same rising star Your loveliness, second to none The roses red may shine like rubies Hydrangeas blue as the summer showers But all would fade in your canary rays! O, My beautiful…

Tenacity. Summer days
I heard you like riddles?

Well, I'm found on a fiddle! Or if you don't like strings, I also grow in the spring.

What am I?

I don't know where my journey stops , Only where it begins

My cyclic fate's a figure eight, I symbolize no ends. What am I?

Tenacity. Infinity Symbol (?)
They say the apple never falls far from the tree, But that's the last thing my parent wants to see.

They hope you'll come along And blow until we're gone So I can take root where the wind carries me.

Charm. Seeds?
My past fraught with mysteries, I witnessed histories. But with garments of blue, I desire something new; Now I tend to crops in peace. Comprehension. Old Farmhand
The coolest in town- no, in all the land A rogue turned trusted and loyal friend The farmer always working hard

All three have this in common. They are?

Honour. Honour
What's this? A flower in my hand? Could it be for a Twinkle in your eyes and a smile on your lips? Charm. Charm
I am shallow as the stream, and run deep as the sea. From the first to last breath, most think me hard to obtain; but few find we are all one and the same. Like a vein of pure gold, had both by young and old, I am something everyone holds. Charm. Charm?
I ripple and sway in the wind like the surface of the sea I stretch endlessly across the hills as far as one can see

What am I?

Charm. Grass
I spend all my days guarding your vegetable bed - there's no brain in my head, so what is there instead? Tenacity. Straw
Neither shining star nor mottled fur

Nor sparkling gem do we wear

Nevertheless, we do our best

To support our friends and be fair

Tenacity. Human
I'm a cloud on the ground and I follow crooks around. Honour. (?)
Deep in the earth, or above the soil Grows something to chew Or something to boil

What am I?

Charm. Turnip
Within Fantasia and Lilia are seeds planted deep, fertilized by sun and rain. With care I bloom into a vibrant flower, radiating warmth into their hearts. Entangled by roots, their spirits become one part. What am I? Honour. Love/Honour (?)
I am hidden below the ground, and high up in the trees. I am sought after by the rabbit, and tended by the bees. I am healthy in the raw, and healthy under heat. I am foul to some, and to others, a treat. What am I? Charm. Vegetables
Some things stay, and some things go. Some things last, and some things don't. Will things change? I might know, as only I can tell. Tenacity. Time
The blush upon their cheeks as they watch her train, the smile they share as the sun sets , painting the skies. Honour. Fantasia
Born in the light Cut off by night My grin so bright Gives you a fright. Honour. -
From east to west I travel duly, but I never seem to backtrack truly. This one path I take each day, you cannot make me go the other way. Tenacity. Sun
Without me, crops will never grow, but watch for signs before I show. If caught in me you'll not be warm. Beware the coming of the... Comprehension. Storm
I am the smallest of lions, with a mane grown white and wild. But by summer's end, I am bare and bald. Tenacity. Dandelion
Through the most bitter season, stark and white Through cold howling winds and eerie moonlight Like a lighthouse in the storm, I'll keep you safe and warm Honour. Fire
I collect many needles, but I am no seamstress.

I'm friends with the snow, but I am no rabbit

I gather water from fog and drink it all up

Sometimes you see me off the path

All triangles and points

What am I?

Charm. Pinetree
I was here before the farmers, uprooted and displaced, and when I try to grow back, I'm seen as a nuisance and get plucked out of the earth all over again.

What am I?

Charm. Weeds
This is no magic here, no magic anywhere near here. No magic in my robes and no magic in my toes. Who am I? Comprehension. Old Farmhand
Stumbling with each step, feeling cold and weak. Forward you move to wherever is ahead. Rain pouring down on your face, you ignore your aching feet. Upon your arrival, you fall down, the clouds disappearing. With the last bit of your strength, you rest under a tree. The sunshine shines through the leaves. What made you persevere? Tenacity. Tenacity
If you ride with me at your back, you'll get to your destination swiftly. Ride against me, however - and you'll have quite a troublesome trip! What am I? Charm. Wind
A restful spot for a farmer's seat, a delicious snack for horses to eat. Tenacity. Hay
I have for you, a little task;

be honest, kind and all the rest,

just do your best and be your best.

What might it strengthen, you may ask?

Honour. Honour
I fill hearts with desire and greed, but I will provide you with all you need. A trade in the dark, and a shine that's bold, I line your pockets, I am your... Tenacity. Gold
The straw in the hat, the shifting of wheat over the hills below. The essence of the lazy summer, embodied in my glow. Tenacity. Yellow
Cat as black as coal, sleeping in the sun. Soft ears twitch at slightest sound, ready to awaken if mice are around. What color are the feet of its prey? Honour. Pink
This quaint little town, I call my home

Every day here I feed and roam.

Sometimes, I see a turnip get plucked.

But I'm afraid all I can do... is sit here and cluck.

What am I?

Honour. -
Here's a riddle for you,

Never resting, never still. Moving silently from land to hill. It does not walk, nor run. All is cool when it is done. What am I?

Tenacity. The Sun
I am a sage that never learns,

and a rose without thorns.

I am a spear that never slaughters,

and a bay with no water.

What am I?

Charm. Herbs
Found in pauper, merchant, king

of vital importance to all I bring

and when from rivers I do leave

I give all cause to grieve.

What am I?

Honour. Blood
Before worldhoppers, I was the only thing in this world that could hatch. What color is my heart? Tenacity. Eggyolk
Child of the earth, apple in the ground, I can be lumpy, waxy, purple, or round. Tenacity. Potato
Every single one of us is different

A new, unique arrangement

of the clouds above

what are we?

Comprehension. Snowflake
I bear no ring nor jewelry fair, naught but dew adorns my hair, and hard I seem here in my lair, except for one soft grumpy bear. Charm. -
I grace the top of well-baked treats,

and any place where things are sold. I am the hue of crowns and kings. What am I?

Tenacity. Gold
By any other name, I would smell just as fresh, yet my

thorns could still draw this color from your flesh.

Honour. Rose/Red
Though rogues and lancers may seem an unlikely pair, these

two noble warriors have something few share. What is it?

Honour. Honour
When I collide with the ocean, land is born. Honour. Lava
As falling rain muddies the fields,

the farmers relax to harvest come morrow, a distrustful eye stares at the sky. Who does it belong to?

Honour. Fantasia
I give life to this earth, and in the end will take it too, what am I? Tenacity. Tenacity
One, two, three, four,

Bearnard's closing up his store. Five, six, seven eight, Turn of the lights it's getting late! Nine, ten, eleven -- hey! Someone's sneaking 'round the fields again! Happened once, times a dozen -- Catch the theif, they've got a lecture comin'!

Comprehension. Buli
The sun dips below the horizon

Sky and fields awash in orange and crimson I tow my barrow away with the produce of today Seeking it's comfort afer a long hard day

Honour. Fire
The smell of golden flowers

and taste oh-so-sweet. A delicacy for bears, I'm a sweet little treat!

Tenacity. Honey
I touch the ground and fizzle away

Through the chilling winds I usually sway It's far too warm to hold my ornate form For among icy days is when I am born.

Comprehension. Snow
Nocked and ready

Tried and true

Hold it steady

And shoot through

Charm. Calbet
I sit and watch, and without a sound, convince the crows to leave.

I do not scare, as my name suggests, but find a common ground. Charisma and beauty are the real appeal; soft words and brighter smile, convince the crows to fly away, and peace will always be found.

Charm. Charm (Scarecrow)
I am the farmer's curse and the fool's garden.

I return as often as I am removed. What am I?

Charm. Weeds
It is no easy feat, coaxing me from the earth within. But care for me well and nature's bounty I give. Charm. Plants
Dinner time! The knight is setting the table, the fox is gathering food. They work together to make the meal, careful not to spoil their appetites. What is the color of their relationship? Honour. Teamwork?
A smile, careful flattery, stone hearts beware

Patience, maybe they'll be caught unawares

Charm. Charm
Wisdom and hard work,

They all play a part,

But you'll never get anywhere,

If you haven't got heart!

Honour. Heart
I have no voice with which to speak,

yet I can grant you all you seek,

be treasure, honor, love, or fame

my lure will catch them all the same.

What am I?

Charm. Charm
When you've got a pretense, who will you confuse?

When honest folk are dense, which words amuse?

When they're on the fence, how do you make them choose?

Charm. Charm
A kiss is my color

A blush is the same

A warm hug's another

What is my name?

Honour. Red
Days in the sun, sand and waves.

Bugs come back, but those are great.

With all this heat and time to play,

What I am?

Tenacity. Summer
Day and night, night and day, we just peck the earth away. Looking for some yummy bugs, what's the color of our combs? Honour. Red
Where the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, to the earliest hours to the latest of nights - he works and works until he feels satisfied.

What will the hardiest of turnip farmers be feeling no matter what?

Tenacity. Tenacity
Furrows carved into the earth

A kindly farmer sighs with mirth

Crops may wilt when days are dry

What helps the turnips stay alive?

Comprehension. Water
The color of the sky, up so high. Sometimes golden, or with a reddish hue, but you know me when I am... Comprehension. Blue
Bring me veggies, steal them if you must!

I care not for the trouble it causes

when it does come knocking, I trust

A few honeyed words, for my work does not allow for


Charm. Charm
I want to see them smile. I want to share every moment with them. I want to give them comfort and care. What is this that I am feeling? Honour. Love
Pumping through your veins

Working through great pains,

Without me, you won't survive

At which answer will you arrive?

Honour. Blood
Twisting down from the clouds, leaving destruction in its

wake, only to disappear as the sun breaks through.

Charm. Tornado
Under my reign, grass rustles, smoke curls; flowers bend

and sails unfurl. What am I?

Charm. Wind
I'm with you each day though I may not be near. If I weren't

there at all it would be quite clear. I help your beautiful

garden grow, I show up each day with my blinding glow.

Tenacity. Sun
Secret whispers amongst the glade, sneaky chitters which are made - when you pass through, you may find us following true, exploring your way and the dawn of a new day. What are we? Honour. -
Some see me as a pest, some see me as decoration, and some see me as food. I can be taller than you will ever be, but I will rarely look down upon you until my burden is too great. You see me most often during summer, what am I? Tenacity. Dandelions
When I am young I face the sun! I greet it with a smile each morning.

As I grow old, my nech stays stunned. But my seeds are worth the farming.

Tenacity. Sunflowers
He toils in his farm every day,

Happily farming away, But a sneak comes along, And stealing is wrong! He hopes he can catch her, he prays. Who is he chasing?

Comprehension. Buli
Some call me a mother,

others a supernatural force. My creations are all around, In sound, the town, they are abound.

Charm. ?
I can create a blindness with anger, passion with love, and a fear of heat when tasted or touched. What am I? Honour. ?

Three's Forest[]

Riddles Answers
A blinding light, a sliver of white, a shadow out of sight-- I take many forms, but my purpose remains the same. I swim in a black sea of tiny glittering lights, illuminating landscapes strewn with shadow, keeping watch over the creatures of the night. What am I? Comprehension. The Moon
A carpet of colour, bearing the fruits of labour. Between the living decay, the wild ones lay. What am i? Honour. Red
Across fields I dance and flow, rustling through tree leaves, to play by the grass below. Though they love my amity and song, my fury is too great a burden, to ever stay and belong. So I flee to a new place, playing along to the same old story, until enmity strikes during the finale, in all its glory. What am I? Charm. Wind
Across the seas and hidden away (Or at least that's what the stories say), to take up the hunt, your soul can't be weak, I am what the pirates seek. What am I? Tenacity. Gold
A dome of fantasies clouds the eye as I sleep beneath the sky. With epics of olden days I dream amidst my glade. Who am I? Tenacity. Barclay
A forest plagued by witches three, one will triumph and two will flee, but even after all my pain, three witches gone, I will remain. Charm. Plants
A hunter will carry me with them, as will their prey, and a warrior will brandish me alongside their sword, just as their enemy will use me against them, what am I? Tenacity. Tenacity
A kind of strength unseen by all. And yet without it kingdoms fall. What am I? Honour. Honour
A kiss to break the wicked spell, end the curse in the tales we tell. What is needed there, to make our heroes persevere? Honour. Love
All what-ifs and what can't be, I cast them out, I am free. Honour. Hope
Although you may swallow me, I can devour you too. What am I? Honour. Pride
A machine of life, just because it’s broken doesn’t mean you’ll die. Honour. Heart
A magical spell guides you on your path, but don’t ever look back. To make it past trips and traps, you must have this. What is it? Honour. Honour
A morel can be true or it can be false. A root can be a turnip or a hemlock. Whether you eat it or you don't, what do you need to make it home? Comprehension. Knowledge
A potion knocks you off your feet, then what do you see? Comprehension. Stars
A small riddle for you: Bright of hair and black of eye, I follow my lord, watch him race through the sky. What am I? Tenacity. Sunflower
A speck of heat in the cold darkness, burning hotter than mortals can comprehend in a void beyond measure. Comprehension. Stars
At night they come without being fetched. By day they are lost without being stolen. What are they? Comprehension. Stars
A traveler starts a journey. For the first week he goes east. The second he goes in all directions. The third he flies up into the sky. In the fourth he comes back down. Who is the traveler? Comprehension. Water
A trinket that casts a boon. From warlocks and witches it will make you immune. Having one is most opportune. What is it? Charm. A Charm
Borrowed and beloved, tried and true- a colour for tradition and something new. Comprehension. Blue
By the time you see me, I may have disappeared. What am I? Comprehension. Stars
Can you feel the weight of sorrow? Can you carry it true and tall? Can you dance on the eve of tomorrow? I can rise after every fall. Tenacity. Tenacity
Cape in tow, ready to go. Keeping all the monsters at bay. Who am I? Tenacity. Barclay
Clinking at a bag's corner, or hanging off a string. Meant for good luck, or simply for good looks. What am I? Charm. A Charm
Deep in the forest, in the depths of the night, the sun may have set, but there's no need for fright. With kindling and heat, you can make your own light. Honour. Fire
Don't get distracted by the flowers off the path, don't get distracted by the berries in the bush, and don't get distracted by the sun in the glade, lest you get lost and walk in this sort of path. Charm. Spiral
Do you know what grinds towers to stone, kills brave men and leaves their bones? It gnaws at steel until it's rusty and makes the rooms of houses musty. You cannot see it but its always there and nothing will it ever hope to spare. Tenacity. Time
Dripping down from the liquid of life, shimmering, splendid, as sharp as a knife. As if it were sprinkled with magic dust, it hangs as a spear that will never rust. Comprehension. Icicle
Enter the grove of secrets, to a hidden land, filled with wondrous treasures, awaiting your hand, and not for long you'll see, you'll lose yourself between the trees, falling deeper into the darkness, where you can never leave. Where are you? Charm. Fairyland
Even fearless leaders, at my feet may fall; I have no body, yet conquer all. What am I? Honour. Love
Every day from East to West, when I'm out of sight, it's time to rest. What am I? Tenacity. Sun
For the sprites in the forest who long to be free, to view the world beyond the trees, to learn about all there is to be seen, they seek out the lanterns and Magdalene. Comprehension. Curiosity
Hate is the shadow cast behind my light, my dark mirror, that which I strive against with all my might. What am I? Honour. Love
Healing heart of headstrong ways, Heeds to healthy heroes Honour. Honour
Here is a riddle for you: Tight-lipped I bellow and wingless I flutter, toothless I tear at, and mouthless I mutter. What am I? Charm. Wind
Here's a tricky one: If you have me you shouldn't be shy, you deserve the appreciation. A smile that shimmers just like gold, will have their admiration. It will delight the hearts of those around, that's my evaluation. You'll be the sun, you'll be a star, you're a fantastical sensation. Charm. Charm
Hidden in the darkly lit depths, foraging for food. Only if I am tenderly approached, will I come to you. What am I? Honour. Animal
I am a colour vast and endless, seen above, one is real. Seen below, the other just a reflection. The line where we meet is an illusion. Comprehension. Blue
I am alive, yet I do not breathe. I grow and flourish, yet I am still. I live for an eternity, yet I change very slowly. What am I?

Charm. Tree

I am always in front of you but never behind you. What am I? Tenacity. Future
I am an anchor in the storm and a light in the dark. Stronger than steel and heavier than stone, as long as you hold onto me you will never be alone. What am I? Honour. Hope
I am before, I am here, I am ahead- forevermore, but more forever. I pass you by, but never walk the same path twice. Who am I? Charm. Spiral

I am betrothed a thousand-fold, but only when I'm cleaved in twain. What am I?

Charm. Tree
I am born white, I grow up green, and I raise sweet children with hearts as hard as stone. What am I? Charm. Peach tree
I am cherished in the bioluminescence of the forest, the less of me you have, the more of me that you think you have, while in truth you do not have that much of me at best. Though perhaps you can pass the witch's test, but only if you have enough of me. What am I? Comprehension. Comprehension
I am deep and enchanting, bright and expanding-- all around you, but you cannot touch me. What am I? Comprehension. Comprehension
I am destruction, but also life. I breathe air and consume plants. Control me and find happiness. Lose me and find grief. Honour. Fire
I am known to be flattering yet tame, an attribute gained from love or fame. Though as a potion it can be quite unique, so long as your victim doesn't fall too deep. Saying it's not dangerous may be a lie, now think very closely, what am I? Charm. Charm
I am life's fuel, but if I flow freely death comes near. What am I? Honour. Blood
I am not alive, but I can grow. I have no lungs, but I need air to survive. What am I? Honour. Fire
I am prized by many, but owned by few, if my word is my blade then I'll die on it too. Honour. Honour
I am the key to every lock, Turned not by hand, but with a thought. What am I? Comprehension. Knowledge

I am the molten hearth, felt still from far away not trickery, not magic, can lead you astray as you hold tight to your heart while you roam trust it, and it will always lead you home.

Honour. Intuition?
I am the solution to the world. The end and beginning. I am what we all need and should be. What am I? Comprehension. Knowledge
I am why the seed becomes the tree, why the bird becomes the flock, why the pebble becomes the ripple. What am I? Charm. Growth
I can be chopped but I'm not a carrot. I have rings but I'm not an onion. I can be climbed but I'm not a mountain. I'm made of wood but I'm not a table. What am I? Charm. Tree
I can be heavy, I can be light. It all depends on how I feel. What am I? Honour. Heart
I can combine many things to create even greater products, but my creations are never more than the sum of their parts. Honour. Plus Symbol
I dance in the mire, a friendly lantern fire, then you approach me and sink. What am I? Comprehension. Will-o'-the-wWisp
If something is to be ever known, it is that I cannot be written in stone, upending and changing with the greatest of ease, twisting and turning like the branches of trees. What am I? Tenacity. Future
I give plants their vibrancy, animals their breath and your eyes something to behold, what am I? Charm. Life
I have a riddle for you. When the sun goes down and the stars shine bright, and the trees are silent, and the night sky is clear, The creatures are whispering. What questions are they singing? Comprehension. Riddles
I have wings and I have a tail, across the sky is where I sail. Yet I have no eyes, ears or mouth, and I bob randomly from north to south. What am I? Honour. Kite
I help you see beyond appearance, connect the dots, and offer coherence. What am I? Comprehension. Comprehension
I hold the strength of the ages, I am fragile as fresh spun glass. Towering and vast or lighter than a feather; I yield to time with only the barest grace, I live for mere moments as if it were a race. Charm. Grass
I live in the woodlands, crowded with trees, among all the wildflowers and all the bees. You could find me right underneath a log, but I'm not a beetle, nor am I a frog. Charm. Grass
I lull the trees to sleep, I keep the waters still, I cover the ground in crystal, 'til warm light weakens my will. Comprehension. Ice
I march onward with a steady beat, stopping for no one. I am valuable, however be careful, else I slip through your fingers. What am I? Tenacity. Time
I’m common around your neck, in your ears, or around your hand! But hearts made of me are very rare, what am I? Tenacity. Gold
I'm the burning log with its lick of heat, and a mushroom too poisonous to eat. What am I? Honour. Red
I'm there when the leaves rustle and when the branches sway. I'll play my tricks and kick up sticks, but I'm never here to stay stay. I'll lend the forest breath and voice, then I'll be on my way. What am I? Charm. Wind
I murmur and I rush, and sometimes create quite the blush. But it would be dreadful if I were to be hushed. What am I? Honour. Heart
I'm what you get from a kept promise, easily maintained if you are honest, like when for good you speak your spell, what could I be, pray tell? Honour. Honour
I point without fingers, I strike without arms and I run without feet. What am I? Tenacity. Clock
I represent the flowers that grow above warring weeds. I sail across the stormy seas. I work to give life to those who aren't free. I give to those who sow what I seed. What am I? Tenacity.Tenacity
I see the things no one else can see, hear the things inaudible, know the things once unperceived, but which is the sign of one like me? Comprehension. Comprehension
I send bats to rest, Whilst the horizon opens its eyes, I unfurl the leaves, Coax birds into the sky. What am I? Tenacity. Sun
I sing only when the sun has died, never alone but never with another. What am I? Charm. Frog
I sprout and flourish in the shadows. I fear the light, yet I dispel the darkness with a light of my own. What am I? Comprehension. Glowshroom
I would wear a nest of Jays in my hair then don a squirrel just for flair. What am I? Charm. Tree
I yearn, I long, for another that beats as I. Match my rhythm, the beating will quicken, steadily rising in a crescendo of emotions. What makes this sound? Honour. Heart
Larkspur and butterfly pea flower tea! Oh! What joy until you realize…there’s a reason you shouldn’t drink it. Tell me, why? Comprehension. Knowledge of poisons
Light off the water in a busy stream, a manifesting enchantment's gleam. What am I? Comprehension. Sparkling
Lounging in the garden, plucking the daisies clean. When the petals fall, the last colour to be seen. Charm. Green
Marigold and daffodil, black-eyed susan and heliantus, we brighten the moodiest days. Tenacity. Yellow Flowers
Most of the time, I can be seen. Through the darkness, I shine and gleam. Of the water, I am the queen. The tides will move as I foresee. Comprehension. Moon
My ceaseless marching goes ever forward, and yet I can fly and also drag on. It's all a matter of perspective. What am I? Tenacity. Time
My home is the sky. I’m found under the wings of a butterfly, but I cannot be seen by the naked eye. What am I? Charm. Wind
My rhythm is a constant companion, before the start to the very end. Honour. Heart
My trunk has no lock, no latch, and holds no belongings. What am I? Charm. Tree
Nature breathes it through and through. Animals have it too, as does a big smile or two. Charm. Charm
No shoulders to sit on, my head does no thinking. A heart at my core, but it does no beating. What am i? Charm. Lettuce
Offering refuge for flora and fauna, I radiate a peaceful aura. From my breadth and to the skies, stretch tall woody beasts and butterflies. What am I? Charm. Tree
Often I slip you, though slick I am not. You may win battles with me, though your wars are unfought. What am I? Comprehension. Wit
Oh, to and fro! The places I go, with my buddy of mine! Who am I? Tenacity. Human
Old and wise I am, many tales I have to tell. Yet you will never know my tales until the day I fall. Charm. Tree
People fear me, yet I am not a person. People wish they could use me, yet I am not a pen. People think I'm not real, yet the world is made of me. What am I? Comprehension. Magic
Power can change even the purest of souls. Where does that seed of corruption grow? Honour. Heart
Pretty and tall, yellow and fun, dancing around looking for the sun. Tenacity. Sunflower
Put me between two stones and I'll bring them together, take away half of me and I'll take away both of them. What am I? Honour. Plus Symbol
Rare is the flower that grows on it's own! Sun, wind, and water, yes - but what helps petals unfurl when they're not alone? Charm. Wind
Rivers of life and rivers of death, one last colour amid a man's last breath. Honour. Red
Shimmering, glimmering glow. Along the path, we choose to grow. Gaze upon us and wonder, how we shine so bright for one another. What are we? Comprehension. Glowshrooms
Short and stout. Working day in day out, hoping for a turnabout. Tenacity. Trout
Shrouded in secrecy and sequestered by silence, a light in the depths calls - offering guidance. Comprehension. Knowledge
Slowly creeping closer, no escape, leaving change in my wake. What am I? Comprehension. Water
Some would say I'm bright and cheery, I show up on a floral deary. I could be the first or last of 3. Oh, whatever could I be? Tenacity. Barclay
Something so simple that even a child can understand it, but just a little twist changes it to something beyond the comprehension of mortal minds. Tenacity. Zero/Infinity Symbol
Sometimes I'm full, though I never overflow. What am I? Comprehension. Moon
Sunlight filtered through the leaves, dapples on the forest floor, gilding Trout the farmer's fields- His hard work shines forevermore! Tenacity. Tenacity
Sunlight paints us gold, with flecks of silver, our auras dancing and twirling with the leaves. Forever will we sway in the blanket of dawn, where, oh where will we be? Tenacity. Barclay's meadow
Swiftly I run, I'm hard to catch - I'll slip right through your fingers! Comprehension. Water
The beginning's end, and the end's beginning, as the serpent swallows its tail. The eternal march, of onwards time; and endless loop without fail. Tenacity. Eternity
The brambles are thick, do not trip as you travel. Your master, she waits. Charm. Glume
The favorite of Barclay, he tends to teach me each day. He is the kindest fellow, I love him, for I am--? Tenacity. Yellow Flowers
The flame forges my figure, the sword scars my skin, the bludgeon breaks my bones, yet no medicine can mend my wounds. What am I? Honour. Shield
The more I eat, the hungrier I get. What am I? Honour. Fire
The more I eat, the more I grow. The more I drink, the smaller I shrink. Honour. Fire
The more you take away, the more I become. What am I? Honour. Fire?
The seed to root, the leaves to fall, who told them to? No one at all. Charm. Cycle of Life/Nature
The throne of kings grown fat with greed, a beauty that brings out the darkness beneath, come from dirt but held up the sky, what am I? Tenacity. Gold
The tough brown bark on the tough brown trunk of a tough brown tree with its many leaves, the only colour, in this tough brown tree is the charming shade of its flat, free leaves. What am I? Charm. Green
The witch stirs his cauldron, a ritual divine, a potion of madness, with ingredients combined, the world will go quiet, and frozen in time, I sip the elixir, our paths now entwined. Tenacity. Barclay
They say this magic is impossible! A myth! Once, a winged witch knew better. She'd fire arrows laced with love. Straight through this part to passion fetter! Honour. Heart
Though they love my amity and song, my fury is too great a burden, to ever stay and belong. So I flee to a new place, playing along to the same old story, until enmity strikes during the finale, in all its glory. What am I? Charm. Wind?
Through knowledge we gain, through life we learn, through realities we play, each second cannot return. Seek the truth, and shut out the lie, for most things you can't trust, that leads you astray like I. What am I? Honour. Red Herring
Unlike my brother, I have many friends. You cannot touch me, only look - but even when I am not found, I am still there. What am I? Comprehension. Moon
Want a riddle? I am the deepest of deep, highest of heights, the hottest of hot, and the coldest of cold. What color am I? Comprehension. Blue
We are neither here nor there, but all around you; among the grass, among the trees, glowing brightly; we are fluttering. What are we? Tenacity. Fireflies
We are shy- the more people gather, the less we are seen. What are we? Comprehension. Stars
We laugh and cry, we live and die. Through memories spent, and time that's past, we will always cherish the bonds that last. Which am I? Tenacity. Friendship
We light the path, guide the lost. Seeking the truth, no matter the cost. To find what was once erased. Our touch will reveal with dream’s embrace. Comprehension. Glowshrooms
Well dressed in my cap and veil, I am the throne for those who claim both land and lake. What am I? Comprehension. Mushroom
What allows a growing plant, a beast who hungers, and a sentient individual tired of where they are, to be considered as similar? Tenacity. Tenacity
What always runs but never walks, has a bed but never sleeps, has a mouth but never eats? Comprehension. River
What can you catch but not throw? Comprehension. A Cold
What comes to shine bright in the gloom, only to grow dull in bright light? Comprehension. Stars
What has many ears but cannot hear? Tenacity. Corn
What holds water yet is full of holes? Tenacity. Sponge
What is shared between a budding fern and a raging storm? Charm. Spiral
What wind turns these leaves a soft white, waters glassy, and lulls creatures asleep? Comprehension. North Wind
When a dark cloud takes your mind, wrapping like vines creating a bind, deep within us we seek, a strength that may never grow weak, even when life seems hopeless, a trait which will forever be with us. Tenacity. Tenacity
Whenever your mind gets lost and you don’t know what to do, I am still here to tell you to pull through. What am I? Honour. Heart
When the tree crowns cover the starry night, when it's too dark to to see the moss on the trunks, even when the thick clouds hide the sun- I will help you find your way. Comprehension. Comprehension
When your sleep is void of dreams, when you bask in the warmth of a gleaming sun, what becomes lost? Tenacity. Time
While flowers and grasses flourish in sun, and out in the fields, children have fun, neither of these places is where you'll find me, but instead growing under the shade of a tree. What am I? Comprehension. Mushrooms
Who's forest is this? It's lived in by three. If you mirrored the signpost then you would spot me. Tenacity. 8 (mirrored 3)
Who is the one who seeks tomorrows no matter the sorrows? Tenacity. Tenacity
Will-o'-the-wisp, dancing in the darkness, leading those astray that seek the light, blinding them from the truth. By the time they see, it is already too late, their bones belong to the mire. Ignis Fatuus, what am I? Comprehension. Will-o'-the-wisp
Wind carves me from stone, water carries me to bed. What am I? Tenacity. Sand
Within the forest, there is a source of light that glows without end, calming and bright. But regardless of this innovation, for the guardian, it causes nothing but frustration. To them, it looks like more of a cage. And that alone destroys their ideal ways. The very thought of it filled them with horror. You could say that it hurt their... Honour. Honour
Without me, crops will never grow

But watch for signs before I show If caught in me you'll not be warm Beware the coming of the...

Comprehension. Storm
You cannot hold it and it has no shape. You come into this world without it, yet you gain it the second you grasp the idea of it. Comprehension. Knowledge
You cannot touch me, but you can feel me. I move quickly, but I have no feet. What am I? Charm. Wind
You'll need a lot to understand, the magic spell, the master plan. If confusion's tangling, blooming, I'll keep your head from spinning. Comprehension. Comprehension

Silvie's Mine[]

Riddles Answers
A city unfazed by night, a practice untouched by the light. However, the luster burns hot. This decision may be your final - your last shot. Honour. Crosshair
A companion in uncertainty and friend in darkest night, I'm small enough to hold in hand yet strong enough to bite. What am I? Honour. Bat
A dwarf without sense of adventure shouldn't be out in the mines. Not unless he can whistle a cheerful tune. Charm.Music
A friend you always keep nearby, I'll sing to you a lullaby; Of Zephyr, freedom, open sky - Wait! A strange thing is nigh. Silence... Something's gone awry. Who am I? Tenacity. Canary
A glittering grave, and lifeblood cured. What am I? Tenacity. Amber?
A golem draws strength from the place they were born. I am what awaits them, should they venture too far. Comprehension. Death
A heart hardened like steel, a cold heart indeed. Their stony face, seemingly emotionless soul. How can they still be swayed by a mere smile? Charm. Charm
Alchemists dreamed of me for centuries. What am I? Tenacity. Immortality
Although I embarked on my journey as a humble drizzle, one would be sorely mistaken to describe me as little. My tide has penetrated the earth; to immense caverns, I've given birth. As I surge downwards and through sediment, great stones part to make way for my movement. What am I? Comprehension. Storm
Although I tweet-tweet-tweet a song so sweet, it's my silence that will save you. What am I? Tenacity. Canary
Among rocks and stones I can be found, but to dust I can grind them down. Without me this town would surely run aground. What am I? Comprehension. Diamond
A most tenacious carver am I, years pass as I cut through limestone. Drip by drip until I create stalactites and stalagmites fully grown. What am I? Comprehension. Water
A mountain is not a being, yet it has a core. Living or not, a pulse beneath the stone. Honour. Lava
And down we go, deeper and deeper. The chances of our return ever steeper, for the mine is ever winding... Charm. Spiral
A riddle! As you crumble, as you fall. Answer me and hear my call. Your knees may bend, but your bones won't break. Though your body shudders, you will not shake. I know it may be dark and hopeless, uninspired. But hold onto me, and you'll never tire. What am I? Tenacity. Tenacity
A riddle for you. A figure lacking emotion, and heavy as iron. Steely body and clicking joints. Its mind as sharp as a blade expertly forged. But no soul to speak of. Automaton creation, with strength and quick smarts. What does it lack? Honour. Heart
A riddle for you: as damp and as dark as a cave may go, I illuminate so that you may know; your path lit up with my glow. What am I? Tenacity. Lamp
A riddle for you! Digging deep and digging far. Looking for two precious ores. One is silver flecked and shiny. One is heavy, smooth and tiny. In appearance, similar. Yet one is gold or not at all. With me you'll know which is which! Make your choice, make the right pick! Which am I? Comprehension. Knowledge
A riddle for you! I am the most important thing for a miner. I am the future roads, the past crystals, I am the reason everything can happen. What am I? Comprehension.Comprehension
A riddle for you! I was made by man's hand, only to replace them. What am I? Tenacity. Machine
A riddle for you. Leaves, water, blood and gold, they all have one thing in common. What is it? Honour. Veins
A riddle for you! Many paths and discoveries to be made, many choices to make along the way. Fellow traveler, how many choices are present for you in an adventure? Tenacity. Infinite
A riddle for you, my dear. Quiet, thoughtful, breathing slow; I open when there is a glow, and curl myself back in again when harmed, or night creeps in. Charm. Snail
A riddle! With time, with patience, I rise from the earth. Climbing up whatever lies in my path for a taste of light. Embracing stones, metal, and what have you. I sprout in cracks, a hint of life. What am I? Charm. Plants
As it runs on and on, the click and clatter of the wheels turn. I march on, and stop for no one. Industry may rise and fall, but I remain constant. Tenacity. Time
A snippet of the cosmos above, concentrated here, from the ceiling hangs my glowing tears. What am I? Comprehension. Glow Worms?
A stalagtite hangs down from a ceiling, whilst a stalagmite raises up from the floor. One day they shall meet in the middle and form a pillar on this cavern floor. What travels from one to the other, making a quiet rhythmic sound? Comprehension. Water
As the sound of weapons being forged rang, The young world hopper was shirking once again. He really shouldn't be, as paying the debt was necessary, But the young man would much rather write in his diary. He ignored his companion, who was telling him otherwise, Because in his mind, this could create any type of compromise. Charm. Pascal
A thousand tiny golden gems, sewn into the cloth and hem; the perfect cloak to wear in the dark, alight with many blazing sparks. What am I? Comprehension. Stars
A whisper trails through the rocks, it's filled with unforgettable tales. They eat and burn you up inside. As time embraces your thoughts, the tales lose their hunger and the burning turns to hope. Like a breath of fresh air the trait gives you a new way to understand these tales. What is this trait? Comprehension. Comprehension
Born in fire, death in ash, I'll always return in fire after life's crash Honour. Phoenix
Born under a Cardinal sun, fixed above cumulus cloud, mutable strait where waters run, constellations the sky shrouds. What does it all mean? Comprehension. Stars
Brilliant as newly grown leaves, reflecting light with a strong viridescent glare, what gemstone am I? Charm. Emerald
Bronze cogs endlessly clinking and turning, the tick-tock of the clock relentlessly churning. Tenacity. Time
Caged within glass and iron; the light from my heart, guides you through the darkest cavern. What am I? Honour. Flame (within a lantern)
Clink, clink, clink! The sound of my pickaxe goes! Smash, smash, smash! Away the glimmering ore will go! You need not intellect to collect what I provide. Accept me into your life, and add some confidence into your stride! Tenacity. Tenacity
Cogs and gears turn this force into reality, a network of ticking beneath our very feet! Can you hear that? Can you feel that? What could it be? Tenacity. Clock
Crunch, munch-- sometimes sour, sometimes sweet. Into a pie, a strudel, a tart, or a treat... what am I? Honour. Fruit
Crystalline, beautiful, temptation. An expensive antique lamp passed down to you, fossilized memories of your past. Though enthralling, these all have one common trait. What is it? Charm.Charm
Dark as the sea, the light shines darkly in it's depths, what gemstone am I? Comprehension. Sapphire
Deep beneath the mountain's base, the mine can be a magical place. Crystals glow, and golems grow, and learn with a smile upon their face. Comprehension. Comprehension
Deep beneath the surface I ebb and flow. It is with my help that Sylvie's crystals grow. Comprehension. Magic
Deeper and deeper I dig, with my hand of steel, I create a hole so big, beneath my strength the land crumbles and shake, as what's left behind is destruction at my wake. What shape do I leave? Charm. Crater
Deep inside a bellow sounds, where thread is your only savior. Where are you? Charm. A Labyrinth
Deep inside the earth where the caverns twist and turn. No gentle sun to guide your steps, no steady lantern's burn. Close your eyes and listen for the song I'll sing for you. And back outside I'll lead you, this I tell you true. What am I? Charm. Wind
Deep in the caverns and deep underground, a creature therein makes not a single sound. Honour. -
Deep under the earth, I swim through the cracks. Far beneath the dirt, the stone and the clay. I am the sap of the soil, brewed, melted, stone. I am what flows through the rocks, deep and beyond. Glowing and heated like the sun's fiery surface. Like cinders in the ground, liquidity near to the core. Honour. Lava
Digging deeper, delving farther, I am the gleam you seek in the darkness, the flakes of sun in your river, the richest reward of earth. Tenacity. Gold
Eager spelunkers delve deep down twisting mazes, seeking out answers instead of fame or high praises. They hunt for secret places in the name of their pleasure, their exploration of the unknown touted as its own sacred treasure. Comprehension. Comprehension
Endless into black. Far enough, and I'll turn thin. What am I? Comprehension. Air
Energy can be won from a dark stone. What needs to keep going for there to be more? Honour. Heat/Fire
Enough to let you soar among the clouds, enough to twist your stomach into a hundred tight knots. Great sorrows, great joys. What am I? Honour. Emotion
Entering a shop, an item catches your eye, it doesn't take more than one look for you to let out a sigh. With a price that steep, there's no way you could buy, unless you have a lot of...? Charm. Charm
Even in a cave that has no light, and you find yourself in a fright, listen close and listen true, I may be able to guide you through. Charm. Wind
Ferocious, raging, and ever churning within- but at my core lies a spot of safety herein. Charm. Storm
Find me moving in place. Or winding about in a blinding rage. Or almost out. People take me down below when they can't see where they need to go. What am I? Honour. Fire
Flames flicker in lanterns bright, warmth keeping hearts alight. The deepest dark is no match for when the brave miner's waxed wicks catch! Honour. Fire
Flight without feather, sight with sound, all topsy turvy, even in sleep. Who am I? Honour. Bat
Floral jewelry hangs from pointed ears, delicate filigree much heavier than it appears. Pretty baubles carved from precious stones and metals, we love our gems to be arranged in lovely leaves and petals. Who are we? Charm. Elves
Fluttering around on busy wings to please a queen and the life she brings. What am I? Tenacity. Bee
Four ways to go, over mountains or through snow. I'll always see you through to tomorrow. What am I? Comprehension. -
Gallant flowing green behind masks unseen. Jeweled gowns gleam under gently moonbeams. What am I? Charm. Charm
Glare in the lair, clay in the day, glistening tirelessly deeper beneath the bay. What am I? Tenacity. Gold
Gliding, riding, hiding, sliding, laughter echoes through every hall. Even if someone should stumble between us there will be no wall. Charm. Wind
Golden tasty treasure that is hid, with no doors, windows or lids, what am I? Tenacity. Honey
Gold hides within me, the lost know my worth. You cross me, and to your lips I am brought. Relief I can grant you, but most likely not. For untamed and wild, I leapt unclean from the earth. Comprehension. River
Handing a lantern to you. Opening your hands to receive and turn on. Nevermind the dark anymore. Onyx turned golden with a gleam of hope. Unfolding before your eyes a secret. Read the first letter of each sentence. Honour. Honour
Hark! Who goes there? For I am a knight, a distinguished one! In fact, I am the leggiest bun! My cotton-fur is but a ruse, for my sword is sharp like a thorned rose! Who am I? Honour. Nigel
Have you heard this many times? This rock glitters quite a lot. But if you had me, despite the rhymes, you would know what it is not. Comprehension.Comprehension
Hee hee! You can find me all over the ground, but here in Sylvie's Mine I'm quite the uncommon sight. Do you know who I am? Charm. Grass
He held the lantern, the cave filling with light. He flicked his long ears, muttering that everything was gonna be alright. Regardless of the fear, he knew that there would be fawners. The thought of being praised so highly followed him with his... Honour. Honour
Hello there fellow. I am looking for a special crystal called Citrine. Can you help me find out which colour it is? Tenacity. Yellow
Here's a riddle! I'm as magical as sorcery, as glamorous as grace; yet wielding me takes more than a pretty face! What am I? Charm. -
Here's a riddle for you: I grow richer when my hoard of treasures grows smaller. What am I? Charm. Hole?
Here's a riddle for you: I'm cold to the touch, yet relied on for warmth. What am I? Honour. Matches/gas?
Here's a riddle for you: My crops don't grow from water or seed, yet the results of my harvests are welcome indeed. What am I? Tenacity.Gold
Here's a riddle: When beckoned by the call of adventure. You run into deep caverns. The booming roar of a stony beast unlike any other, shakes the rocky ground. Though it sparks paralyzing fear into you, a statue you've become. Come and heed the destiny you choose for yourself. Take no steps backward, have me and look the stone beast in its eyes. What am I? Honour. Honour
Hey adventurer, your fire's is getting low! Oh, but don't worry. These caves have a home-grown light of their own! Do you know what you're looking for? Comprehension. Bioluminescent Worms
Hidden in a box with no lid, hinges or locks. If given the chance I could grow to join the flocks. But for now I swim in a sea of white. What color am I? Tenacity. Yellow yolk
Hmm, would you like to answer a riddle for me? A vault for all of your deepest feelings locked in an ivory cage. What am I? Honour. Heart
Ho there traveler! Care to hear my riddle? There once was a miner who worked to the bone, They mined through the day till they went home, Until one night an odd stone caught their sight, A curious green rock where spots laid a plenty, Reminding them of scratches made by many, Their blood and worth left a mark upon the earth, For all the work that they have done, Created a stone the earth had spun. What am I? Honour. Ruby
Hoist your pick, and off you go far from wind, from rain from snow. In caves you toil away, digging stone to make your way. A bit of luck and you just might catch a glint of me in your lantern light. My luster is coveted by old and young, and my value is universally sung. Tenacity. Gold
I am a framed window of clarity, a frail artwork of glass. I am the opposite of a rarity, as many who need me you will pass. What am I? Tenacity. Hope?
I am as numerous as the stars and countless as the grains of sand. What am I? Tenacity. Time
I am a symbol of birth, a gem of worth, and exhibit asterism, what am I? Comprehension. Sapphire
I am a wave in an ocean of air. I follow behind you and stretch in front of you, to then reach you again and again. Charm. Wind
I am deep and enchanting, bright and expanding-- all around you, but you cannot touch me. What am I? Comprehension. Cosmos/Universe
I am named after your grandmother and am tart to eat. What am I? Charm. Granny Smith/green apple
I am not silver and I am not gold, but down in the deep I still glow. What am I? Honour. Lava
I am not visible while deep down in the mines, however I am impossible to miss above the barren ground. What am I? Comprehension. Sky
I am old as the sky and moon. I live in forests and fairy tales, many people have hunted and captured me but I'm still in their hearts, who am I? Charm. Elves
I am the explorer's trusty companion, flaring to life with only a spark. I illuminate hidden treasures, I light the path and swallow the dark. What am i? Honour. Lantern
I am the life that stirs within smoky glass. I am your guide in the cavern, the safe way to pass. Honour. Fire
I am the offspring of the inventive, created to serve as your guide. Dark, winding caverns keep you attentive, so best explore with me at your side. What am I? Tenacity. Lantern
I am two measures of quarter-notes, a third of the hours of the day, or half of two spiders' legs. Tenacity. 8
I am unrivaled in speed, always there to reach you first, what color could I be? Honour. Red
I am your stars that shine within the blackest night, blue hues of beaded jewelry may fall and give you a fright. Comprehension. Glowworms
I beat hard in the chest of the base beast, emotions yearning to be unleashed! What am I? Honour. Heart
I can be of every color, yet I am not a rainbow. I shine in the dark yet I am not a light. I am clear yet I am not the air. What am I? Comprehension. Crystals
I can be of heart, fin, and flower alike but I've made a fool of many. What am I? Tenacity. Gold
I can bring good, I can bring evil. If you aren't wary, I'll bring upheaval. What am I? Tenacity. Gold?
I cling to the walls of caves, but only where there's light. I cannot live in the absence of sunlight. Some may use me as a guide when I am living on a tree. But here, in the cave I am a bit of an oddity. What am I? Charm. Moss
I fight for you, I fight for them, I watch over the rocks and dusty winds. I bounce away, I hop back in, to save the day for a happy end. Who am I? Honour. Nigel
If someone is sweet but their manners are tough, then one would describe me as in the rough. Comprehension. Diamond
If you ever get lost while on an adventure, there's no need to fuss, no one's more help than us! Be it under night sky or on a sunny day, we can help you find your way, though in this place we dare not venture. Who are we? Comprehension. Stars
I give life to what's around you, the mountains that surround you. I crave the air, but my colour dulls upon its touch. What am I? Honour. Lava
I grow up with many ears, but never hear, no matter how well I am brought up. Tenacity. Corn
I have a million blades, yet none of them are sharp. What am I? Charm. Grass
I have a riddle for you! Deep in the caves darkness awaits to blind your path and lead you astray, but not to fret as I am here to light your path and to erase your fears. What am I? Tenacity. Tenacity
I have a riddle! Rarely of me will you see in Silvie's mine. Rocks and stone, jewels and lamps, but none of me. What am I? Charm. Nature
I have head and tail, but neither legs or arms. Few living beings can withstand my charms. Tenacity. Coin
I'm a beauty hidden in the rough! My sparkle sets me apart through and I'm tougher than nails. I guess you could say I have a multi-faceted personality! What am I? Comprehension. Diamond
I make steam power possible; just add water. What am I? Honour. Fire/Heat
I make you feel gleeful yet I make you feeble. What am I? Honour. Heart
I'm a little furry one, sleeping in the caves! My wings are quite thin and my ears are quite big- all the better to locate you with! What am I? Honour. Bat
I'm as reliable as Nigel when it comes to my friends. What am I? Honour. Honour
I may seem plain, but look within - an unseen universe gleams. Am I red, gold, blue, oh my! A capsule of questions, who am I? Comprehension. Geode
I met a golem with the most striking features; they had eyes of sapphire, a heart of gold, hands of moss and the lips of a... Honour. Ruby
I'm neither man nor monster. I'm polished like the stone I lie under, and I greet every traveller in the bellows. I cannot leave, though I stare with wonder at their inventions roaring like thunder. What's my colour? Tenacity. Gold
In a cave, in the dark, I'm lost, I need help, but where to start? I have a sense of demise, but a feeling inside tells me to keep going and stay alive. What is it? Tenacity. Tenacity
In a cave with gems so bright I can thrive without the light. What am I? Charm. -
In carving stone and creating pillars, I am an architect at heart, and though my artwork grows ever slowly, it is solid where I am not. What am I? Comprehension. Water
In caverns, things are strange and earth's in my stead, 'Cause when you look up, it's rocks above your head! And if you plan to stay long, you might miss me and sigh, so before you enter -- Please! -- say goodbye! What am I? Comprehension. Sky
I need air so I can thrive, yet I am not alive. I bring warmth and light, but don't let me grow too bright! What am I? Honour. Fire
In iron confined and crystal sheet, dancing and cracking inside of the keep, brilliant enough to warm you skin-deep. What am I? Honour. Fire
Inside of the haunting, eerie, darkness, shines the crystals further down your path. As the faint uncertainty lingers after each step, continuing delving deeper into the unknown, does a spark of conviction spark inside you. What is it that brings you to move forward? Comprehension. Curiosity
In the caves, torches tend to run low. When this happens, what are you out of? Tenacity. Light
In the crust of the earth lies immeasurable worth, sought out by all as they answer my call. But what am I more, than a small vein of ore? Tenacity. Gold
In the depths of the mine, shimmering hope lies buried deep. To reach your goals, you must have a strong heart and a stronger will- but what is it that will get you there? Tenacity. Tenacity
In the depths of the mines, I am a rare sight. I am not well suited to stone, I must say. And I don't fare well beyond reach of light. So I will remain above ground for today. Charm. Plants
In the gloom where above light cease, here I seek, how you bloom in the deep. As the twinkling hue shines in the black night, you sparkle as a star in the mine. Comprehension. Bioluminescence
Into the mines, deep down you go. Far underground, I cannot follow. Tenacity. Sun
In water and caves you find me. In deserts and jungles you search for me. What am I? Comprehension. Diamond?
In writing and drawing I am your friend, in the atmosphere I will bring ruins, yet deep underground I am valued and desired, what am I? Comprehension. Carbon
I rumble and roar, I move and shake. But I am not an animal awake. Though depending on what I do, I can can be powered by animals too. What am I? Tenacity. Earthquake
I served many purposes in many forms. I've fed the wildlife, housed all sorts of creatures, and powered homes. What am I? Charm. Tree
I soar through mountains, I twist through the air. I whistle in your ear and flow in your hair. I rustle the treetops, I carry the birds. What am I that cannot be seen, but can be heard? Charm. Wind
I step in once the lake is no more. What am I? Charm. Grass
I stoke the flames of the furnace and stir the air in the mountains- you won't feel me down in the mine though, what am I? Charm. Wind
I take, I carry, and then I rebuild. What am I? Comprehension. Water
I take, I give, yet I possess not a thing. Tenacity. Time
It behooves him to defeat his enemies while keeping himself unscathed. He found his own natural remedies to turn the clock and be saved. Which is he? Tenacity. -
I trap time in a sweet capsule and my sticky hold can form a very strong mold. What am I? Tenacity. Amber
I've created industry with the rush of steam and scorch of coals! New gears start turning and pistons pump! I've brought change and growth at a breakneck pace - what am I? Comprehension. Knowledge
I wave to you all, but no one greets me back. What am I? Comprehension. Ocean
I whirr and I roll, and I wave and I stroll. I am small but beware: there's much more to my stare. I am machine and soul bound to one vessel whole. Who am I? Tenacity. Cairn
I work, work, work as the time files by. I work, work, work till my arms are tired. I work, work, work till I look up at the sky. What is in the sky once the work day is over? Comprehension. Stars
Laughter is diamonds and song bequeaths opal. A whisper spills pearls, when I'm not feeling vocal. Whenever I speak, gems flow from my lips, be it shouting or crying or quick, witty quips. Charm. Charm
Like an ore, a bright gem, a sparkling geode. Locked inside its careful hardened shell. I am as such, a lost hidden treasure. Inside you, to love and to help care for. Waiting to be awoken, with your truest passion. Honour. Heart
Like a sentinel in the mines down below, when I stop singing, it is time to go. Tenacity. Canary
Like the ice and like the snow, I shine when touched by light's flow, though unlike ice and unlike snow, I'm crystal clear and live below. Comprehension. Diamond
Liquid love greases the cogs of the automaton: a hand-made friend you can depend upon. A heart made of pumps beats in his chest, but it's the warm glow in its eyes to which life attests. Honour. Heart
Many accept the square fool that cannot grow in my branching pattern, nor be spent as I can. Tenacity. Gold/Coins
Many winding turns await, a test of luck, a test of fate. Secrets abound for those who are smart, but be careful to ensure you dont lose- Honour. Heart
My destiny is to work with my family, no matter how small the job. Take one of us away, and our operation shall fail to see the light of day. What am I? Tenacity. Cogs
My ears are my eyes and my arms are my flight. What am I? Honour. Bats
My hands are always moving. They follow the path of the sun. People look to me for direction. I always point to the right one. What am I? Comprehension. Compass
My purity feeds the immobile. No living creature has ever felt my touch. I reflect all that lies in their souls. Comprehension. Stars?
Necessary in hopeless times, lost at the sight of crimes, and brought back with the sound of chimes. What am I? Tenacity. Tenacity
Needling quartz, and balms of crystal. Steeling parts, and psalms of pistols. I persevere, a part of shadow instills. What am I? Tenacity. Tenacity
Nigel claims that he feels no fear, none from his toes to the tips of his ears. Honour. Honour
Oh brave adventurer, a riddle for you. Dark and deep, narrow or steep, through tunnels you creep, be them dangerous or meek, what is it you seek? Tenacity. Treasure
Oh hey! Visindy told me to say hi, of course I couldn't deny them - how could I? They've got so much... Charm. Charm
On a mountaintop, a bluebird sings a soft tune. On a mountaintop, a goat dances to the beat. On a mountaintop, a worm wiggles underneath.On a mountaintop, a human climbs with... Tenacity. Tenacity
Out of the ground I sprout, long spires and sharp points. What am I? Comprehension. Crystals
Over the mountains I appear. With me your direction is clear. What am I? Comprehension. Stars
Pascal and Thomas are living proof that opposites can bring out the best in each other. When you can help each other grow, this will surely flourish... Honour. Friendship
People adore us, gems adorn us. What are we? Charm. Elves
Pit so deep and black as coal. With flecks of tiny spots of light. It holds the key, the answer told. Mirror reflecting dark midnight. Not made of glass, but made of... Comprehension. Starlight
Precious, the mark of spring birth amongst flowers. Brilliance lies in balanced hues, embedded in transparency. Charm. -
Residing in the rocky caves, surrounded by the dark; if ever I tried to leave in day, my terror would be stark. Honour. Bat
Rich as silk and smooth like marble, the ripples of space and time call out to me. What am I? Comprehension. -
Rocks and mysteries beckon you below, through treacherous slopes and dangerous ropes. What will you need to bring along the way? Tenacity. Tenacity
Rolling and turning, round and round, I'm spinning like a top! Whirling and twisting and twirling I go, Who knows where I stop? Charm. Spiral
Round and round, like a cog I sparkle and shine without fog. Bringing sweet joy to littles faces, making laughter in all the right places. Charm. -
Round and round my hands go, what will I tell you? Tenacity. Time
Round and round we go, through the tunnel that seems to have no end, though it rises and falls through the hills of the chasms. Right turn or left, we never find the entrance, and the exit eludes us. Which path is it? Charm. Spiral
Rubies are red, and sapphires are blue, white diamonds can come in a rainbow of hues. But which color does the fourth friend ring true? Charm. Green
Sand, sand, sand! I'm plentiful just like sand! But try to keep me with you by standing still, I'll steadily slip away. What am I? Tenacity. Time
Scattered across this mine are fragments of my existence, though the hue is dark and blue, I am pure and true. What am I? Comprehension. Sapphire
Sensed through actions, sensed through words. I can be poured out, and I can be kept in. Yet none can have me, unless they have it themselves. Honour. Emotion
Shaped by time, then careful hands, we're formed to adorn. We swirl, enchant, and shine, each of us different by design. What are we? Charm. Jewels/Jewelry
Silvie's Mine's loyal defender, he won't ever surrender. Just give him a call, he's ready to brawl. He is Nigel, decked in armour, and his best trait is his.... Honour. Honour
Some people will tell you they don't need anything but the warmth of the mountain. But I will always prefer the peak's chilling breeze. Do you know what I mean? Comprehension. Snow
Some say I'm born at first sight, but sometimes I'm not easy to handle, it requires hard work and mutual cooperation for me to grow, who am I? Honour. Love
Some say I'm empty, some say I'm full of wonders, but only the bravest ones dare to explore me, who am I? Comprehension. The Ocean
Strike it hard, strike it fast. Iron or steel, it's never the last. Strike now, the time is right. While it's hot, almost ready for the fight. Honour. Hot
Sturdy, strong and bold with only a hint of gold. Chip away at my stone and you'll find geode bone. I am forged of brazen flame etched with my family name. Who am I? Tenacity. Visindy?
Surrounded by stalactites, no way to get out. Can you use me for protection? Surely, without doubt. Tenacity. -
The Armadillo sat, deep in thought, their situation very worrying and fraught, because regardless of their ability to listen, the lecturing words of their professor did not improve their... Comprehension. Comprehension
The clinking and hammering of an iron pickaxe. The shifting of gears and the flutter of bats. I glitter, I glow, a treasure drawing everyone near. But I am no emerald, not crystal or clear. Whether endeavor of greed or generosity, people of all sorts will come digging for me. Tenacity. Gold
The crystal found and set aside, the carving waiting out time's tide. I'm in the making hands that hide, and the searching eyes that spied. Tenacity. -
The crystals were as precious as a treasure. To me, at least, just looking at their glow filled me with pleasure. I hold them near and dear to me, to prevent them from harm. What can I say? They're full of... Charm. Charm
The eyes curious of what is and what could be has a glimmer even miners rarely see. Comprehension. Curiosity
The gears turn endlessly, with no signs of stopping. Their harmony was more than enthralling. Their glinting exterior brimming like the sun. Their collective efforts were worth more than just one's. They go and go, and for that I am gracious. Their constant spinning is rather... Tenacity. Tenacious
The higher I climb, the hotter I engage, I can not escape my crystal cage. What am I? Comprehension. Thermometer
The melodic clinking of our pickaxes forms song! As miner, we have become more than friends. Sing on brothers, and give this ruby all we've got! What has caused this raucous uproar? Honour. Ruby?
The moon shines silver and the night shades obsidian, water makes sapphire and I strike a steep vermillion. What am I? Honour. Blood
The most talented lapidaries know to hold me close while they polish and polish something grandiose. The wisest of them will know that coveted shine takes time, it can take hours and hours to buff that gem to its prime. What am I? Tenacity. Tenacity
There once was a miner who worked to the bone, they mined through the day til they went home, until one night an odd stone caught their sight. A curious green rock where spots laid aplenty, reminding them of scratches made by many, their blood and worth left a mark upon the earth, for all the work that they have done, created a stone the earth had spun. Honour. Bloodstone
There’s a nook beneath the cave, where none come by hence forgotten over time, paving the way to a cavern in the depths below, as sunbeams pierce its shade, shimmering upon pools of devoured stone while many wonders await beneath, a dive away from being uncovered. Such a lovely place to relax and play, maybe you'll share this place one day? What am I? Comprehension. Cenote
The tunnels are a labyrinth, navigating them without a guide leaves you feeling... Charm. Confused
The turning of gears, the linking of chains, I'm victory's spark flowing through puzzled veins. Comprehension. Comprehension
They exist only for a moment, like sand through one's fingers -- but are never forgotten; in our minds do they linger. Tenacity. Memories
They pointed out the little details of the mountain, their tone suggesting an outstanding level of perception. The stones seemed to welcome them, silent and calm, their amber glow, as virtues go, giving off an aura of... Charm. Visindy's Charm
Though glimmering and bright, I am much too hot for mining. No matter how much you try, you cannot break me! I am almost always within your sight, but never close enough to grasp. What am I? Tenacity. Sun
Though I am highly sought after, my relative will make you a fool. I am worn by the ages and brandish many sparkling jewels. Tenacity. Gold
Though you may be in need of light, beneath the earth I am out of sight. What am I? Tenacity. Sun
Though without body, shape, or mind. I have power unlike any other. If those who covet it, wait. I am the one watching over water, wind and earth. I help to change the world. Bidding the wind and water to carve deep caverns and vast canyons. Anything is possible with me, just not instantly. Before you know it, I will pass you by. What am I? Tenacity. Time
Through effort, I prosper. Without me, nothing will change. I am necessary, yet sometimes a curse- what am I? Comprehension. Knowledge
Through the chaos, there will be those who try and take advantage. Our home has felt such pain before. But just as our stone holds fast, so must you. I know you can. Tenacity. Tenacity
To compare eyes to gemstones, a light must come from within. Entrancing us, pulling us in. Charm. Charm
Today turns to tomorrow, and yesterday lets us go. I march on ever forward, unyielding in my flow. What am I? Tenacity. Time
To fortune tellers I forecast the future; to geologists I describe the past. What am I? Comprehension. Crystal
Treasured I am, said to be the sight of felines, of glass-like clusters, but harder than glass. What am I? Tenacity. Tiger's Eye
Turn me once, and I shall spill. Turn me again and I will refill. What am I? Tenacity. Hourglass
Turn off the lights, and I shall be seen, but when there is daylight, one shines with the brightest gleam. Comprehension. Stars
Turn the gears to grasp my path. Running slow will take me back. Find myself in Louise Hill? Don’t get stuck in Bearnard's shack. Assimilate thoughts of mine. Dare I not get lost in time. What am I planning to find? Comprehension. Buli/Knowledge?
Underneath the right light I may shine like a crystal, but like any I am able to become fractured with enough force. What am I? Comprehension. Diamond
Unmoving and unfeeling, reliving but concealing. My edges are sharp like any remark. Lonely, adrift, not that I'll admit. Who am I? Comprehension. Crystal/Stars
Walking down the darkest of caves, searching for the gold that will light up your days. Making sure no one else can see, that shining glint among the debris. Picking up a jewel so fine, that surely it should all be mine. But is it the right thing to do, or should it be shared, should I be true? Honour. Honour
We want to quickly dig spacious tunnels so we can't use shovels. Looks like we have to bring out the drills. Charm. Spiral/Drill
What brought me to these caverns bright was how you twinkle in the night, your allure and your glamour cannot be matched in any manner. Charm. Charm
What gets carved, when two miners cross paths? Honour. Crossroads
What illuminates the darkest caves, hardships untold braves, and great adventure always craves? Tenacity. Treasure
What is bound like a treasure chest at the bottom of a mysterious cave, and can guide a traveler through the dark by bearing the four cardinal directions? Comprehension. Compass
What shines not so bright, but at night seems just about right? Comprehension. Stars
What takes thousands of years, yet is gone within minutes? Tenacity. Sand
What you gather in the mine, goes to me to be refined. I forge and temper all your ore, deep within my very core. What am I? Honour. Forge
When I fall with glowing scar, wish on me with all your heart. Comprehension. Stars
When you come upon me, you may be faced with a difficult decision. What am I? Honour. Crossroads
When you look up at the stalactites, the crystals above twinkle like cosmic lights. What are they like? Comprehension. Stars
When you slow down, I speed up, and when you speed up, I slow down. What am I? Tenacity. Time?
While not nature, I am natural, the enemy of your tools robust. I am perhaps the most worthless of crystal, so protect what you love against my dust. What am I? Honour. Rust
Winding down and down through the deep mines, around each corner and tunnel, on the walls, ceiling and ground. Watch out! Tenacity. Stalactites/Stalagmites
Windows glow with gentle warmth from within, Silvie's Mine quieting as supper time begins. Those fine folk take great pride in their honest labours, but when evening comes they settle in to take meals with friends and neighbors. Honour. Hearth
Within a rock I reside, crack me open to see what's inside. Though my name sounds like a fruit, do not take a bite, lest you dare lose a tooth, and faint from fright. What am I? Tenacity. Citrine
Within the luminous balls, I signify the coldest of them all. Honour. Red Giant Sun
Within the mountain is a heart once cold. What do you need to find the secrets down below? Comprehension. Comprehension
With little feet I walk, but with a loud voice I talk. Hidden in plain sight, I grow quiet at night, what am I? Tenacity. A Cicada
With me you'll climb the highest height. Or slumber sweetly through the nights. I am a buffer from life's cold: A smiling face, a hand to hold. Honour. Warmth
Would you like to answer my riddle? An endless well, filled constantly, which you may stare into when you wish to quench your thirst. Comprehension. Crystal Ball
You can write them in a poem, mine them a gem, or show them a dance, but if you want to offer them a kiss, you'll need me to have any chance. Charm. Charm
You may hear my whispering in the dark, I cannot be seen but occasionally felt. Charm. Wind
You may think these towering crags are relics from ages past, but nothing withstands my long barrage--even these mountain peaks won't last. What am I? Tenacity. Time
You promised to help, you've given your word, go through with your promise or lose me entirely. What am I? Honour. Honour
Your feet may grow weary. Your heart may grow bored. What path goes on forever? What song is too long for the bard? Tenacity. Tenacity
Your heart, I can tell. Like the fires of a forge, bright it burns. Never once will you felled Nothing in the world is that strong, and never will you turn. Tenacity. Tenacity
You seem so close yet, I can't reach for you. You are ever changing, yet I know you will always be watching over me. Comprehension. Moon
You won't find much sympathy here, but I am still a mother to all. My children are ever-growing, and sowing the seeds of the future. What am I? Charm. Tree

Aviar Cove[]

Riddles Answers
A vessel shaped by my ancestors, but I decided to be the transgressor. A light in the dark. More than a candle, less than a star. Through a new angle I saw my potential in a new invention. Who am I? Charm. Lief
A bad omen I supposedly am, I've come to knock at your window to hoarsely whisper "Nevermore." Who am I? Honour. Raven
If you look closely, you may start to see familiar figures in

our shapes, but make note of our colour, because otherwise

we may unexpectedly rain on your parade. What are we?

Comprehension. Clouds
A bright and gorgeous town, the hill-land's tall crown, gracefully opens her arm, letting us bask in her... Charm. Charm
A burning light destined for a dramatic death; to destroy everything I’ve brought to life after billions of years. What am I? Tenacity. Sun
A duty, a chore, dusty and aged? Or the shelter of habit, familiar and save? Protected and maintained. Raise your own or keep what's old long before you've grown. But don't forget, even the unfamiliar, treat with respect. Honour. Honour
A familiar feeling in my heart, of push and pull, giving it a start.

I look to the sea, its counterpart. Itching for adventure, something new; for where the waves are deepest blue. Beached, I stare at the ships like me, stuck ashore. I itch for my future, for something more. Who am I?

Honour. Johannes
A gentle breeze and a rhythmic roar, what more could you ask for? Comprehension. Ocean
A gentle kiss of two beings high, a day as dark as the night sky. What am I? Comprehension. Eclipse
A heavy weight, but to hold it makes the difference between a hero and a villain. Honour. Honour
A loop can't be measured, neither its depth nor height. What is it? Tenacity. Infinity
A meal on the grass is an artful affair, with blankets and baskets on which food is shared. Honour. Picnic
A quiet, lonely soul skirts the edges of dancing couples. Eyes lock; across the room, I draw them over without a word, without lifting a hand to beckon. Charm. Charm
A riddle for you.

I dance and twinkle in the skies

to put on a show for your eyes.

As daybreak comes I shall go,

to return as others begin to doze.

What am I?

Comprehension. Stars
A riddle for you! My echo transcends time and space as you hold a souvenir to your face. Placing it on your ear, you hear my call. What am I? Comprehension. Ocean
A riddle for you. My resolve is harder than rock, forever I'll be by your side. Unquestionable loyalty, you are the best part of me. In every person I'm the pearl that's inside. What am I? Honour. Oyster
A riddle for you.

When birds elegant wings are in need of a rest

Glide down to my height and sit in their nests.

I stand by the cliffs and hold them just so.

Prevent them from crumbling as I still grow.

What am I?

Charm. Trees
A riddle. You aim me up towards the sky as you can now see the delights that lie, twinkling up in the pitch-black sky. What am I? Tenacity. Telescope
A spark, a flash, an error, some smoke, but another step closer, no time to mope! What am I? Tenacity. Tenacity
A spirit messenger crossing the different worlds. Bringer of life and messenger of death. Being it wise, fearless or afraid. It lives in freedom, till it's caged. Honour. Bird
A sudden streak across the sky like a flying fish! Leaving with a swift goodbye only for a wish. What am I? Comprehension. Shooting Star
A twinkling light in a sky or a tree possesses power to drive me. Never defeat, never afraid, their sparkle drives me to be brave. Tenacity. Tenacity
After sunfall we rise, us flickering lights, dancing under quiet skies. Tenacity. Fireflies
Ahoy, land lubber! Even you should know the answer to this one: what's made of cheese and churns the seas? Comprehension.Moon
All our lives we give our light shining oh so very bright. And at the end of our reign, catch us if you can! For if you do, we grant a wish, and thus ends our flight in utter bliss. What are we? Comprehension. Stars
Although invisible,

I appear,

Reflected on a pale face,

What am I?

Tenacity. Sun
As I sailed on a stormy day I saw a light across the bay-A single bright white sweeping ray warning my ship: away away! I dread to think, oh who's to say what would have come of me that day, had I not seen over the spray the shining light that showed the way. What was this light that saved the day? Tenacity. Lighthouse
As hard as coral, as strong as steel. Will never bending. Kept to ones morals. Staying true to what is real. What's the answer? Honour. Honour
As part of me leaves for the skies

I watched as I said my goodbyes,

For one day I know,

It will allow people to sow.

Comprehension. Water
As the moon settled into the night, the lightbulbs glowed with all their might. They made the town blaze with life, the previously absent light now rife. Because of that, the streets were far from spacious, filled to the brim with the determined and... Tenacity. Tenacious
As the sun and moon whirl and spin across the sky, an endless dance way up high; we leap and fall and prance in our eternal throes, crowned in white we are caught up in their shadows. What are we? Comprehension. Stars
As the sun rises you will find me on every leaf. What am I? Comprehension. Dew
At dusk, I promise calm waters, but at dawn, I warn of a coming storm. What am I? Honour. Red Sky
At the end of the line, bait without a catch. With changed in tide, the sea and the sky. Until my silver hook, finds its sole place. Sat by the ocean, I will still wait. Tenacity. Tenacity
At this quaint seaside town, where stargazing could do no harm, the toughest critics come to say that 'This place holds some...' Charm. Charm
Back and forth. To and fro. When I'll stop nobody knows. Hungrily, I lap at your toes. The moon above makes me go. Back and forth. To and fro. Who am I? Comprehension. Tide
Beating of wing, the ravens flight. In corvids catch the gleam of moonlight. When fleeting swoop upon its prey and it scurries then far away with praise in tales they say how it held it tight and that is why the speeding mouse did not die! While the Raven shrills their beak with its cry... What am I, what am I, what am I? Tenacity. Tenacity
Because I don't move, you may think I am attainable, but the more you run to me, the further I run too. What am I? Comprehension. Horizon
Between North and South and East and West, the stories in the stars and all the rest. No more walking in circles over yonder, but around the world you may wander! Charm.
Birds would like to eat me, but hear my trick. Encased in my home, someone else they might pick. What am I? Charm. Snail
Blackest skies and bluest waves. A small boat tossed every which way. Upon the horizon there is but one hope. What lies in the sky to guide our sailors home? Comprehension. Stars
Bobbing with the ocean waves, drifting to and fro

Lighting up the deep blue sea with our shining glow

Swim up close, but not so hasty or you'll get a sting

But seeing us from the Cove will give your step a spring

What are we?

Honour. Jellyfish
Bold fashion's not easy when the wind is so breezy. With money to spare, I'm happy to share, for truth lasts forever, unlike crinoline and feathers. Comprehension. Celestine
Bright eyes look to the dark skies – solving mysteries wrapped in undiscovery. What does this scholar need to see these? Comprehension. Comprehension
Bright flickers in the sky, shadows whirling far up high. Soft and fragile they dance between sky and earth, fierce and strong they explore beyond the vault of their birth. Sweet music lifted in a call to arms, small and large they all have their charms. Raucous cackle calling lost ones home, with wind and sky they are free to roam. What are they? Honour. Birds
Bulbs of light aren't the only ones who radiate the night, you'll see much more when you bring up your sight. On the ground the glass may glow bright, but nothing can replace the star path which birds alight. Comprehension. Stars
Building blocks of constellations, burning masses of conflagration. Scholars searching endlessly, adjusting dials experimentally. To the rest of the world, ever so blind, what do astronomers seek to find? Comprehension. Comprehension
By generations passed and by generations lost, one should strive gain and to preserve me at all cost. Comprehension. Knowledge
Carefully woven and built with a plan, two architects in the bush is worth one in the hand. What am I? Charm. A Bird Nest
Cerys, Freya, and Fenmore - these three friends share what trait? Honour. -
Child of day, don’t be afraid to embark,

For the path that guides you belongs to the dark.

Caress the skies and be amazed,

The fears you have must one day be faced.

Comprehension. Stars
Come, wayward wanderer, are you lost?

Through the swamp you’ve safely crossed,

the way is dark and you're alone

and eerie winds around you moan…

I can lead you through the night,

as surely as you see my light!

Look to the sky - What am I?

Comprehension. Star / Constellation
Dancers leap through the night sky, braiding turquoise tulle through stars in their grand ballet. From the wintry meadow below they hear a cry. Tell me, what does it say? Comprehension. -
Dancing with fire, glittering with the stars, flashing within the storm, spun back by the cosmic mirror. What am I? Tenacity. Light
Day after day the merchants barter, the fishermen look for a boat to charter, the craftsmen and apprentices toiling away, all hoping to earn more by the end of the day. What are they working for? Tenacity. Currency
Dear child, look up and follow me. I have been here since the very beginning, and I will guide through your darkest hours when you can see me. I appear distant and untouchable, but I place hope in not you, but the many who lost their path. Comprehension. North star
Deep down I go, meeting the sky at my other end. I am free, for you can not hold me. What am I? Comprehension. Shooting Star
Despite my size, I'm all but hidden from your eyes. Your light outshines mine, although that's quite fine; For when true darkness is unfurled, I dazzle your whole world. What am I? Comprehension. Stars
Distinctive calls ring through ocean spray, gulls cries echoing through the bay. Warm waters make the perfect place to rest weary wing, elder birds coaching tired offspring. Honour. Home/Nest? Warmth?
"Do not disturb that tree up yonder",

an elderly woman screeches,

"For you shall not receive a pardon

from what rests in its reaches!"

What's in the tree?

Tenacity. Nest/Eggs?
Each and every night, stars come out to shine brilliant and bright. Left and right, stars stretch out as for as the eye can see, it always seems as if they could go on for... Tenacity. Eternity
Ephemeral or Eternity. Quite the mystery. Are we just remnants from far long ago. Or are some still alive, having been first light in a lonely abyss still unknown, yet we span across a vast expanse. Our echos cannot reach you. Comprehension. Stars
Evening arrives and a glimmer alights, fireflies taking flight. Stars above and stars below, they begin their sweetly glowing show. A shifting constellation of love and fire, they signal in search of husband or wife! Honour. Love
Ever hungry, ever growing. I stop for nothing, not even light. I am created by the death of an enormous star yet can never die, and I sit at the center of every galaxy. What am I? Comprehension. Black hole
Every day I sing, without ever spreading my wings. Though I don't always leave my home, I know exactly when my time will come, who am I? Tenacity. Clock
Feathers moving side to side, colorful shades of blue and red combine to create a rhythmical, entrancing dance! Head bobbing, tail feather wagging, this.. this could only be the dance of…! Charm. Charm
Feel the rhythm deep inside, a force that pounds, keeps you alive. I may not bend but I could break, and even then you'll stay awake. Honour. Heart
Flew too high, fell down low. Get up again and touch the heavens. What am I? Tenacity. Tenacity
Flowing like undersea fire, on this the false mermaid's feast. What is it? Charm. Seaweed?
Fly as high as you want, but you'll never reach me. There are millions and billions and trillions of me, and yet there's not a single one you can touch. Comprehension. Stars
Flying through the clouds, this beats faster than my wings. Honour. Heart
Follow me! On strings from home to home, I lead you where you need to go. Tenacity. Lightbulbs
Follow your feet and see where they lead; go and explore the cliffs, sky or sea! Wherever you go, no matter how far, this little compass shows right where you are. When you grow tired, weary down to the bone, this little compass leads your feet straight back to home. Comprehension. -
For me brave men have traveled far. While swords and shields clash; For me young souls will beg on streets. Outstretched hands stained in ash. Tenacity. Gold
Forging steel, feasts of meat, I'm harnessed for a deadly heat. Honour. Fire
Free to roam,

Though bound to the earth,

We soar above all,

But soon we will disperse.

What are we?

Comprehension. Clouds
From the distance that cold night it seemed to glow like a familiar star. What did I see? Honour. Venus
From the forests, to the mountains, to the nearby sea, what colors the ground beneath your ever weary feet? Charm. Green
Frozen in midair, the bird glides. Is it magic? Has it befriended the wind? Charm. - Spirals
Gathered by the hands of nature, spun on the warp of water and the weft of wind; the garden up high when sown with seeds of power, when darkness fills the sky beware the coming shower. What are we? Comprehension. Clouds
Gilded wings caress the above,

breeze whistles through green leaves,

blue shorelines crackle below,

but something thrums within me.

What color is it?

Honour. Red
Given, taken, lost, mistaken. I run, then I crawl; I am known to most, but unkind to all. I am wasted often, but never stilled. I am impossible to miss, and all must pass me. what am I? Tenacity. Time
Here's a riddle for you. I can keep you warm in winter without making soot and cinder. I can reach the tallest spire, just as long as you have wire. I can make light in the dark. Just don't touch me or I'll spark! Tenacity. Lightbulb
Here's a riddle! Diving deep as the bubbles rise, Swimming swift as seagulls fly. To the bottom, the deepest blue Finding treasure, the treasure is you! Charm. -
Here's a riddle! Golden arches shimmer in the suns rays. The leaves on trees dance in autumn. The sand on beaches, a spark on blaze. What do they all have in common? Tenacity. Yellow
Honey coloured like the soft glow that spills from windows high, I wait and watch as each new generation passes by. What am I? Tenacity. -
I am the farmer's curse and the fool's garden. I return as often as I am removed. What am I? Charm. Weed
I am a home quite unlike any. Feathered friends and insects, plenty, they all love me for what I do. And I'll also take care of you. What am I? Charm. Nature
I am a many splendored thing, I raise you up, and give you wings. Without me you may fall, but keep me with you and you will soar above it all. What am I? Honour. Love
I am a sphere with bumps and cracks, but despite that I remain intact. Charm. Earth
I am a steady rhythm, I pierce the sky with light, I reveal what is hidden below the thick veil of the night. What am I? Honour. Aurora?
I am always the last thing to die, what am I? Tenacity. Light
I am at the tips of your fingers and the start of every blush. What am I? Honour. Blood
I am constantly moving, although people have described me as calm. I am restful yet pulled and pushed constantly. I am what describes the world. Comprehension. Sea
I am easily stolen and broken, yet a smile and a laugh can mend me. What am I? Honour. Heart
I am ever present

Even when the blanket of inky night shrouds the sky

And seemingly sways the world to rest

Everything still basks

in a false silver reflection of my presence

Tenacity. Sun
I am light without smoke, and my currents have never known the pull of the moon. What am I? Tenacity. Electricity
I am often one man's tool and sometime another man's frustration, what am I? Charm. Charm
I am passion incarnate. I am neither flesh nor matter, but I will consume all before me. I can bring both rebirth and death. All I touch is rarely left unchanged. What am I? Honour. Fire
I am so far up in the trees, but can fall over with a breeze! I am not sturdy, like wood or clay; but that does not matter, because they do not stay! What am I? Tenacity. Eggs
I am so far, yet feel so close. I leave, but often return. I am the sky's constant companion. Tenacity. Sun
I am something you need, yet most ignore me. I have many rings but no fingers and if you give me time I only grow stronger. Charm. Tree
I am often worn on one's sleeve and can be the most fragile or warm thing on one's person. What am I? Honour. Heart
I am the smell of deep waters, the taste of emotion and the form of crystal. What am I? Comprehension. Salt
I am the tiny gems upon a cloth of pure black satin. Red and blue, orange and yellow and a bright and sparkling white. I am the greatest ally to the roving cutter's captain. I'll take his hand and lead him through the dark and dreary night. Comprehension. Stars
I am what you see when there's nothing else to see. I fade in and out, and sometimes I fly and you wonder where I've gone. What am I? Tenacity. Time
I am your most loyal guide, the last to light your way as you dive deep. Comprehension. Polaris?
I awake while you sleep, a never ending watch to keep. Twinkling far out of reach, the nights pitch black I breach. What am I? Comprehension. Stars
I burn but I'm not fire. I shine but not at night. I disappear but never truly go away. What am I? Tenacity. Sun
I can be half full. I can be half empty. But no matter how much, I'll never spill. Comprehension. Moon
I can eat, I can breathe, but if I drink, I am no more. What am I? Honour. Fire
I cannot move by myself, but it does not stop me - I may dance in waves and even tickle your legs sometimes.

What am I?

Charm. Seaweed
I cannot read the messages I carry, nor relay them with my speech, but through an instinct to find their home their recipients I will reach. Honour. Bird
I carry the scent of the sea or whatever I pick up along my way. I push the rain in torrents or gentle splashes. I lift the gliding birds to new heights. What am I? Charm. Wind
I come in all shapes and sizes! I can be a simple home or maybe just a nifty trinket. I rest on a bed of hard grains but I'm just as special as the gem you can find in me. What am I? Charm. Mollusk shell
I dance and sway in darkness

Where people hardly see

Growing towards a sky

That’s not suitable for me

I come in many forms

In rivers, lakes, and seas;

Dried, you’ll see me wrapping

Rice, fish, and veggies!

What am I?

Charm. Seaweed
I deliver, upon wings of white, the children you so sought. Though I may be mottled grey, white, and brown, I bear the color of fresh blood. What do I represent? Tenacity. Beginnings?
I dive, I fly, but although I try

I’ll never reach the sky,

for the birds seek me,

and without the sea I cease to be.

What am I?

Comprehension. Flying fish
I diverge and split, grasping from black clouds, hold your breath, count, listen for my sound. Tenacity. Lightning
I do not speak, do not move. Yet I am alive, eating, drinking, growing every day. What am I? Charm. Plants
I do not suffer apprehension, I am beyond mortal comprehension. I am the single warrior on the field, I am the maiden at her child's heels. I see to nations that make their final stand, I watch the birth of leaders taking their command. What am I? Tenacity. Time
I fall every time we meet. I won't get up. Not once, not ever. But once again we meet, I fall. What am I? Comprehension. Night
I fall out of my post, yet the children's eyes alight with hope. What am I? Comprehension. Shooting star
I fear not the fire, even as I burn up bright; mourn not these warm ashes, for I shall soon be reborn. What am I? Honour. Phoenix
I glimmer just like the stars, yet I'm stuck down here on earth. I could be in the ground, or forgotten under the sea. What am I? Tenacity. Gold
I have soothed many a child's restless sleep. I can take many forms yet am always the same, I can pierce through the night or be soft and small. What am I? Tenacity. Light
I let you rest your weary head As you lay upon your bed. For another, to flit between trees Or even cross the greatest seas. What might I be? Honour. -
I live beneath the ground, yet I am no rock. I soar the highest skies, yet I am no bird. And I am so vast, I can hug the entire world. Comprehension. Space
I look small for my size, I wink with no eyes, and I always look best under clear night skies. Comprehension. Stars
I look to the past, but the future comes steadfast. Though my future is mine, tradition and desire align. And I follow a path laid before my time. Who am I? Tenacity. Carneau
I look to the sea, its counterpart. Itching for adventure, something new; for where the waves are deepest blue. Beached, I stare at the ships like me, stuck ashore. I itch for for my future, for something more. Who am I? Honour. Johaness
I make music but I'm not an instrument, I sing but I'm not a person. What am I? Honour. Bird
I move fast and leave a trail, You can't see clearly, But I'll remove the veil. What am I? Comprehension. Shooting star
I'm a bulb but don't plant me, my habitat is night. If you can't find me, tie a key to a kite. Tenacity. Electricity
I'm a particle so dainty and small. A single grain. Link in the chain. Behold, I'm one of the many who line the bottom of the sea. What am I? Tenacity. Sand
I'm easily forgotten by day, resting as you go away. Come dusk, night, and awful fright, here with me, you'll be alright. I'm dimmer than the sun, but can be pretty fun. I'm fewer than the stars, but closer than they are. Who am I? Comprehension. Moon
I'm fast in water, slow on land, but I leave my children in the sand. What am I? Charm. Turtle
I'm home to creatures that never stop, yet to many, I'm a world unfit. Comprehension. Sea
I'm in the sky. I'm in the sea. I can be found deeper than the fish and higher than the tree. What am I? Comprehension. Blue
I'm old stories burning high above, stars outlining tales known and loved. What am I? Comprehension. Constellation
I'm raised high, beyond the sky. If I try to get closer I'll extinguish. Will you make a wish? Comprehension. Meteor
I'm surrounded by water but dry as a bone. I'm often a desert but the ocean is my home. What am I? Charm. Island?
I'm the product of years and years of the ocean's turmoil- stone in the trillions, tinier than a speck. Tenacity. Sand
I'm way up high but covered with down. What am I? Honour. Goose
I'm wet algae on sharp rocks, a creeping fungus in your socks. I thrive in dark sea caves and drift behind big boat waves. What am I? Charm. Plants
I need to eat to live and thrive, but give me water and I may die; please let me keep you company, at night when you are cold and lonely. What am I? Honour. Fire
I paint the area around you, up high as far as the eye can see, to the depths below, where creatures roam free. I take on shades with relative ease, a painting of life that ever changes, beauty which comes and goes as they please. What am I? Comprehension. Blue, Sky, Water
I push and I pull, but don't call me mean - it's just part of my nature, and I'll wave in-between. What am I? Comprehension. Moon
I rest my head in the kingdom of my neighbor, It is where I find my food. Though my realm is always near, theirs is where I build my home. What is my kingdom? Comprehension. The ocean?
I rise and fall, yet I never stumble. I roar, I sigh, Yet I never grumble. I advance and retreat, Yet I fight no battles. I sway and swirl, Yet I dance to no song. Who am I? Comprehension. Waves
I roar when I'm challenged but I have no mouth. I wave when I'm humored, but I have no hands. What am I? Comprehension. Ocean
I soar and fall and flutter, and yet I'm not a bird. What am I? Honour. Heart
I soar through the mountains, I twist through the air. I whistle in your ear and flow in your hair. I rustle the treetops, I carry the birds. What am I that cannot be seen, but can be heard? Charm. Wind
I soar up high, my path is set. Drop into the sea, but never get wet. Tenacity. Sun
I start life in the ground and once fully grown I am torn from the dirt but I am quite unhurt. What am I? Charm. Plants
I take off from a tree, on the wind I rise

Looking down at everyone with a bird's eye

I spin higher and free till I realize

What shape did I make against the bright blue sky?

Charm. Spiral
I walk on sea and on the land. I clap aloud yet have no hand. I have an eye that doesn't gaze. I cry and cry for days and days. I am the shout, the roar, the shriek. So watch yourself, don't risk a peek. Charm. Hurricane
I want to see them smile. I want to share every moment with them. I want to give them comfort and care. what is this that I'm feeling? Honour. Love
I've got multiple arms that all jiggle and swing, but if you dare touch me I'll give you a sting! What am I? Honour. Sea anemone
If winds and blue waves push you away. Fill you with doubt, lead you astray. Hold onto virtue, and hold onto it longer. The mightiest gust could not break your... Honour. Honour
If you look closely, you may start to see familiar figures in our shapes, but make note of our colour, because otherwise we may unexpectedly rain on your parade. What are we? Comprehension. Clouds
In nature I am found as the blink of an eye preceded by the wailing of the sky. Yet I have found that near the ground a crackle or buzz would be my sound. What am I? Tenacity. Lightning
In the night I shine a light,

A soft glow I provide in sight,

I flutter with friends beside me,

As we gleefully dance a merry jig,

Above the fields for all to see.

What are we?

Tenacity. Fireflies
Introduce yourself, prove you'll do no harm, and you'll win folks over with your... Charm. Charm
It can be felt but never touched. It can be heard but never clutched. It can not be seen neither night nor day. But when its around, you begin to sway. Charm. Wind
It's the kiss from the sun. It's the heat of the sand. It's the warmth in your heart. It's hand in hand. Honour. Love/Passion
It's the wind blowing free. It's the end of the walk. It's the toes in the sand, it's the birds' talk. The crab by the foot. The match for the wood. It's the glimmering lights. The enthralling bright. Charm. Charm
I will push and pull from all four directions, roaming freely from section to section. What am I? Charm. Wind
Lamps that erase the dark of night, twinkle and shine everlastingly bright. Though with the darkness gone, the skies lights no longer shone, leaving the sky cold and alone. What is it the night has lost? Comprehension. Stars
Larger than expected, yet colder than most. My warmth is low, though my light shines bright. What am I? Honour. Red giant (star)
Like a wildfire, I burn with untamed intensity, and the greatest loves of yours is what nourishes me the most. What am I? Honour. Passion
Look to the sky. What do you see?

Past, present and future,

All laid before me.

In darkness I thrive

The stars are my guide.

I am morose, but there’s more

If only you’ll step through my door.

Who am I?

Comprehension. Astra
Look up and you might see me prancing through the night sky! I was born from sea foam but now I run through fields and soar through air. I guess you could call me a legend or fable in that way! Who am I? Honour. Aphrodite
Love for me can make you blind, what am I? Tenacity. Money
My beauty started with a speck of dirt, To my host ever useless, to you of much worth. What am I? Comprehension. Pearl
My house is a tiny spire, my home on the ocean shore. I hide from those that find me, but, for a song, I'll open the door. Charm. Sea snail
Night falls along the coast, a lone ship sailing in the distance. Its silhouette stands out like a ghost, a lantern's bloom the only proof of existence. Stars glitter in waves of dancing twilight, the lamp only one among many drops of light. Comprehension. -
No matter how long he sits at his desk, with only a lantern beside him to guide his pen, he always conducts his work with a heart of... Honour. Honour (Pellier)
No matter the challenges this little town and its residents face, you can always guarantee that a positive outcome will occur, with the help of their everlasting... Honour. Heart
Not a microscope nor a telescope could ever find my end, I'm an infinite line with a couple of bends. What am I? Tenacity. Figure Eight
Nothing escapes, far away or near and dear, it's all absorbed in a painting. What am I? Tenacity. Time
O! My summer dream! My garden gleaming in the sun! All facing the same rising star. Your loveliness, second to none. The rose’s red may shine like rubies. Hydrangea’s blue as summer showers. But all would fade in your canary rays! O! My beautiful…. Tenacity. Sun
Old values stick true to cause, proud tradition holding ground with fiercely clinging claws. Innovation questions outdated laws, new changes willfully taking wing. Aviar Cove strains over what these changes will bring, but we know time and friendship will solve almost anything! Tenacity. Tenacity
On my boat in the dark and lonely sea, a thought keeps me afloat. Not even the lighthouse and stars can guide me, as I sail home, what do I see? Tenacity. Hope
On wings of blue I hide you all, but as the moon rises I must fall. Tenacity. Sun
One bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. However, I'm more dangerous than any sparrow or Pine Thrush. From the smallest bird to the biggest bear, my fangs can strike from anywhere. What am I? Charm. Snake
One of my hands is large, the other small. I will scoot away if you frighten me.

What am I?

Honour. Crab
Only storms will let you see my tallest peaks and deepest valleys, but on a clear and calmer day, come float on driftwood here to play. What am I? Comprehension. Ocean
Over my head, a symbol of revelation - first dark, then what? Tenacity. Light
Overcomes all, I always enthrall. Gentle as a dove, I am pure... Honour. Love
Painting pictures seen through the mind's eye, light glimmering across the great glass eye. Figures shifting and moving as time marches on, only tales carrying the memory of shapes that have since gone. What are we? Comprehension. Constellations
Paler hues turn to deep blues, fathomless and distant. In the furthest reaches lights shine as proof of life's existence. We yearn to explore both above and below; there's still so much to see and know! Comprehension. Sky, ocean, curiosity
Peacefully they stand side by side. The beasts, the heros and others alike. You might know a story, a tale but on a starry night come without fright. Rest by the hillside and watch them stride, line by line. Comprehension. Constellations
Peer at me, watch me spin.

I'm so distant from mortal view

Any yet you can see me from within,

How strange a telescope is to look through.

Charm. Kaleidoscope
Peering through the eye to the sky you see my cratered visage on display. What I feel inside I can't deny. The light shining through me does betray. My connection to the sun I can't defy. What keeps me coming back, always nearby? Honour. Gravity
Plush wings whip past your flushed face- what is the color that dusts your cheeks? Honour. Red
Pulling and pushing. The sea at his command. Pulling and pushing. Sometimes full and sometimes half. Comprehension. Moon
Quietly we cross the sea, until we reach the shore. Then we speak not with a whisper, but instead the sweetest roar. What are we? Comprehension. Waves
Beyond the surface, far from sight

lies my purpose, my future bright.

Quill to paper, Thoughts in ink.

I am the shaper

of my own dream.

Like the sea, aged and wise

There's more to me

than meets the eye

Who am I?

Charm. Lief
Round and round and round I go

Down into the briny deep

Have a care as you pass me by

Or your treasure I will keep

Charm. Whirlpool
Run as far as you can see, you'll never get there faster than me. Tenacity. Light
Sacred light you'll never hold, I can make you almost touch- see its shine, hue and grace, seek its sense through my lens. What am I? Tenacity. Telescope
Sails moving in the wind, the sun rising and falling, and the tides of the sea all abide by me. What am I? Tenacity. Time
Salt in the air and lost in the dark? Worry not! For I will guide your way back. What am I? Tenacity. Lighthouse
Scuttling back and forth sideways across sands of gold and through oceans of blue, I wander, gazing to lands just beyond my reach. What am I? Honour. Crab
Seafoam spills along a golden shore, here one moment then gone once more. Ephemeral and fleeting; the sign of a cycle completing. What am I? Tenacity. Tides?
Sharper than any blade, if you wield this with precision, even the weakest can save the day. Charm. Charm
She waves her welcome high, a greeting to all travellers passing by, the hospitality of the townsfolk who can fly. Honour. -
Shine of mine, I carry not - but for those who can I'm a mantle. Who am I? Comprehension. Moon?
Shining light that is not my own. I appear in the sky, never alone. I usually come out at night bringing stars with me to sight. Comprehension. Moon
Should you hear our peoples song from far across the ocean, find me at the other side and show me your devotion. Honour. Heart
Sleek lines etched by time into the body of a stretching beast. It feasts on light and air. It sleeps for centuries. It dies by fire or steel. Charm. Trees
Small and hollow I may be, but listen close to hear the sea. Charm. Seashell
Small or tall, wide or narrow, we are uncountable and ever moving. We exist where there is wind and water, yet if one goes missing we disappear. Some people play in us, others travel upon us. What are we? Comprehension. Waves
Soft wings flutter behind silk and lace, a lady holding court with gentility and grace. She holds a high regard for those with this skill; an open mind and good manners are an important thing to instill! Charm. Charm (Celestine)
Solitude and solemnity are vital to my duty. Darkness and clear skies giving way to bright beauty. From the stars I might divine what soon may come to pass, telescope and journals arranged upon the dewy grass. I look for wisdom in these distant configurations, all while fending off youthful vexations. Comprehension. Astra
Some birds are the symbols of wisdom. Do you know when they fly? Comprehension. Night (owl)
Some call it magic to read the stars, and some call it untrue. But here in the cove, with minds like ours, how do we read the tiny lights littered in an expanse of blue? Comprehension. Comprehension
Something to ponder, let yourself wander by the cliffs over yonder. Though flight is for the condor, your mind soars as you wonder... Comprehension. -
Sometimes I whisper, sometimes I shout, sometimes I'm silent but sometimes I'm loud. I can play with your hair or uproot a bush, but you can neither see me nor make me shush. Charm. Wind
Sometimes, when Father laughs and Mother cries, their Daughter likes to descend upon the world. She always wear the same clothes, never forgetting a single garment. So tell me... what is the color of her hat?

Honour. Red (top of rainbow)

Spread your wings, child of earth and worry not, for the sea will be your cradle if you should fall. Tenacity. Sun/Icarus
Start to finish, I never end, going around and around, without faltering or mend. Tenacity. Time
Down, down, down I go. Strong and swift, steep and low. Fast, fast, fast I flow, sapphire blue, indigo. East to West, North to South. I'll carry you far and tear you apart. Comprehension. Ocean Currents
Swaying in the wind, crickets chirp and birds peck and dive. Worms wiggle in and out. What am I? Charm. Grass
The answer you're looking for lies in the sun. As the heat soaks through your core, filling you up with a colorful warmth and wraps you in the comfort. Honour. Warmth
The color of the sky, up so high. Sometimes golden, or with a reddish hue, but you know me best when i am... Comprehension. Blue
The eye of gold rim that sees all afar, seeks only to know where and whom we are. Comprehension. Stars
The glow, the light, the illuminated sky. What is that draw? That luminescent call? It comes to the world every night. Don't be disarmed, its only the stars. But it has the beauty of it has me... Charm. Charmed
The hundreds of golden children neatly tucked around the walls of a tower;

wrapped in a green blanket to protect them from the cold

Tenacity. Corn
The logical minds and passionate hearts, construction and creation are all forms of art. Tenacity. Hard work/Tenacity
The magic happens inside the egg. Do you know what the birdling needs to come out of it? Honour. Warmth
The salt in the air, the shine on pink hair. The sun's riding high in the endless blue sky. Put a boat in the sea or fly on a breeze, whatever you want! Just go where you please. By the end of the day, come back to the bay; you'll surely sleep tight with a bulb shining bright. Tenacity. Aviar Cove
The sea is a fortress

The lighthouse, a guard

To help the soldiers

Sail unharmed

Honour. -
The sea pushes and pulls me, winding and swirling until I'm suddenly beneath your feet. What am I? Tenacity. Sand
The silent giants who toil all night, fades from sight at first light. Comprehension. Stars
The solitary seer shifts behind his telescope,

Silence valued second only to the sounds sought.

The still of the sky is only a show, after all,

And if he is seen as suitable, it will speak back to him.

Comprehension. Astra
The sun doth rise into the sky, as I begin to call and fly. What am I? Honour. Rooster
The tides rise to meet me, I light your path at night, I am full, never empty – Sometimes just out of sight. What am I? Comprehension. Moon
The trees of the cove bear fruit of light, ethereal fireflies that will always lead the way. What does it take to put them up? Honour. -
The waves whispered a distant song, and among them was a boy, who really shouldn't be there for long. For his shop needed tending, or at least a watchful gaze, but the little crafter is distracted, his interest in the store abrased. He picked up the shells, his mind lost in thought, their pale blues really told a lot. For these stories from battered waves had reached him, his expression pensive, and he had to sit in silence while the stories increased his ... Comprehension. Comprehension
The welcoming flag of the cove is split in two. What is the first half? Tenacity. Yellow (Aviar)
There is no beginning or end to me. I only keep marching. I don't wait, I don't stall, I don't go backwards. What am I? Tenacity. Time
There is no magic in my design, and on my own I cannot fly. But in great numbers I'll help you reach the distant trees, the wind, the sky. What am I? Comprehension. Stars?
They say we're nothing special, that we're common and plain, but through teamwork and determination we'll always win the day! Tenacity. Humans
Though my skill and confidence are very admired, the same cannot be said of my voice, such a Caw-Caw-phony! Honour. Crow
Though the sun rises and sets, I never stop spinning. What am I? Charm. Planet
Throughout the day and night I burn. What am I? Tenacity. Sun
Through this many consider it to be a form of immortality, a prestigious badge that lives on in one's heart for eternity. What is it? Honour. Honour
To burn in brilliance after falling so low, striving despite the weakness you tow. Tenacity. Tenacity
To have one count the grains I consist of would be the greatest punishment. What am I? Tenacity. Sand
To walk through the waves,

And dive into the sea,

You'll find many creatures,

Lots of new friends to meet!

Charm. -
Too much of me might blind you, but without me, you would be just as blind. What am I? Tenacity. Sunlight
Turning and turning, I'll drag you into the depths. Charm. Whirlpool
Unrelenting and never still, I wear at the rocky shores until, they crumble down to sand loam, and create the beaches we call home. Comprehension. Tides
Up in the clouds, the boundless sky. Glowing and free, few know why. You're kept aloft by soft wings. Your feathers nearly brushing me while soaring high above the deepest sea. Yet you could never reach my light as I am so far away. Comprehension. Stars
Upon the sea you may find bands of theives dressed to the nines. How is it that they look so smart? They steal from ships when the sky goes dark. Yet with all of the wondrous things they own, what is one thing that they have none? Honour. Honour
Using me, we could create the most beautiful castle or the most fragile glass. What am I? Tenacity. Sand
Villains have this as cold as ice. What am I? Honour. Heart
Warm summer nights,

Chatting away with flickering light,

You are no mite, You certainly take flight

What may you be?

Tenacity. A Firefly
Watching the seagulls fly and the falcons soar, you are already looking at me. What am I? Comprehension. Sky
Waves crash against rock; a harsh command, uttered again, till there is nothing left but sand. Tenacity. Tenacity
We are the visitors on sailing ships,

Companions of gentle waves, Thieves of leftover picnics, Who are we?

Honour. Seagulls
We cross our wires and our fingers, testing products and traditions. Our elders' distrust towards newness lingers, scolding over luminous emissions. Still, onwards we toil! Innovation sparks along our coils! Tenacity. Lightbulbs
We light your cities on the shore, but we obscure the giants that twinkle forevermore. What are we? Tenacity. Lightbulbs
We're called gangs, unkindness, pandemonium or murder, but don't let these rude names fool you. What are we really? Honour. Crows
We run to you, yet tumble away, just out of reach of your body, before trying once more. What are we? Comprehension. Waves
We shine brighter than the sun, yet you can only see us in the dark, what are we? Comprehension. Stars
What am I? It's hard to be precise- but if I had to describe myself I'd say! Think of air, think of water ripples, think of slow piano and the drizzle of rain in the background. I'm clarity and sadness, I'm a melody of an experience! Comprehension. Blue
What can travel around the world while staying in a corner? Honour. Stamp
What colours are veils of the sky, dancing on top of thin ice, capturing your gaze and stealing your breath? Charm. Aurorae
What cometh before a fall? What makes confident men rise? Honour. Pride
What exists everywhere nothing is, and never where something is? Comprehension. Space
What is the metal that curves around the observing glass, the alloy of the lighthouse, material of a medal’s past? Tenacity. Gold
What is the shape of the staircase that twines about the treehouse, and this color that cloaks the knoll on which we rest to observe the sky? Charm. Spiral
What looks at you with a golden eye? All through the day it spies. Tenacity. Sun
What reaches out and scoops the sky into a dewdrop for the wandering eye? Tenacity. Sun?
What we do is what we know, and what we know is what we did, and what we did was what we knew, but I could not tell you why. Tenacity. Carneau/tradition?
When a mother bird leaves her nest of kin, what urges her to return? Honour. Love
When I blow my top the ground quivers and shakes - my furious roar brings destruction and pain - and drawing too close would be a huge mistake, for my anger burns everything in its domain. What am I? Honour. Volcano
When one spreads their wings to fly, at first they won't succeed. To bolster oneself and continue to try, what trait must one young bird heed? Tenacity. Tenacity
When out to sea if storm or rain

If you can’t see the light of day,

When clouds at night keep stars at bay –

If you’re prepared, you’ll be okay.

Never worry, not today –

Look to me, I’ll spin and say that

“I think you should go this way.”

Comprehension. Compass
When the pressure is on, I race. And though I am always needed, I am never touched. What am I? Honour. Heart
When the sky is dark you wake me, but when the sky is light you put me back to sleep. What am I? Tenacity. The Moon
When water freezes in the snow, watch me glimmer, watch me go! Looping round beneath your skates, I am called a... Tenacity. Figure eight
When you're lost on the vast sea, pray that among strangers you'll also find me. Honour. Honour
Whether atop a cliff or down by the pier, I give light to the darkness seen far and near. Though not a star, I still shine bright. My golden glow hangs down in the night. Tenacity. The Moon
Whether rain or sleet or snow, our delivery service will show! We brave the weather, risk life and feather, no matter how hard the winds may blow! Our young recruits all learn together that it takes this staunch trait to become a venerable pro. Honour. Honour
While some of us take a stand and others are simply a great cast, only some are fit for parliament. But in the end, we're all the same. Honour. -
With red cheeks and a beautiful voice, I hop from branch to branch. Tenacity. Cockatiel
Without a source how could I live

I bloom in a setting of contrast

I burst upon contact

Scattering not quite unlike fireworks

Spectacularly direct yet indirect,

In my methods of reaching you

Tenacity. Light
Wings flutter through me, they break me apart with ease, yet I'm always whole. What am I? Charm. Air
Years and years the ocean fought to erode, make soft and smooth me. But even though it's tried so hard I'm footloose, fancy free. Tenacity. Sand
You can be the toughest of people, but when braving the cold, you will suffer defeat without me. Honour. Heat
You can dream to reach the heavens like I do, but your body limits you. What am I? Honour. Bird
You can hold a dozen in one hand

Grind them finely and you will get sand.

Put one to your ear and you will hear

The song of the sea, or your heart dear.

Charm. Shell
You can't see or touch me, I'm not to be boasted of, But starting a journey, you need me the most. Tenacity. Tenacity
You caught me in a bottle, and brightly did I burn; But rumbling did my cousins come and all was dark again. Tenacity. Electricity
You come across an elderly man:

"As I think on times long passed

Oh how my heart flutters with bliss

For many wonderful memories last

when one can often reminisce."

What is he feeling?

Honour. Love
You ride on my wings. Time may go on but I will always be there with or without you. I am life, death; present and future. I will always be apart of you. Who am I? Charm. Nature?
You see me among people, in the rustling of their garments, with flowing tales from their lips, and within the bread they eat. You see me, even if you don't know it yet. I am the dancer's moves and the healer's hand, spirits of old within new. Charm. Charm
You stand at high cliff's edge, borrowed wings upon your back. To Carneau's service did you pledge, and there's no time to slack! You take a running start, and from cliffside you leap. Hope and fear fill your heart - up, the strong winds sweep! Tenacity.
You'll spend ages and ages learning of me, but until the end of time, there will always be more to see. Comprehension. Knowledge
You’ve looked up to me every day of your life for my mysterious beauty and you have even sent others to try and reach my secrets. Still, the only tangible thing you have received from me are my tears. Comprehension. Stars

Vaer Reef[]

Riddles Answers
A dragon's hoard, a traveller's coin. I inspire war and adventure too, forge peace and help strangers rejoin. Some I corrupt, while others remain true. What am I? Tenacity. Gold
A fool’s eye I may catch, though riches don’t follow. While I won’t bring you fame, I have my use all the same. What am I? Tenacity. Fool's Gold
A home for some, or found within a home, I travel both through water and on land, what am I? Honour. Scenic Crab
A paragon of order, a shining actualizer.

With a swiftness unmatched, balance shall be struck. What am I?

Tenacity. Vaer
A salty breeze

Briskly enters your purview

Of sea life and death it pleases

The great deity's pew

Charm. -
A study of me is a study of the sea

The life that brews in the depths

A world of academia

Comprehension. Marine Biology
A swirl of dust settles into a cluster

Inside of the unwilling trap

Forming into a treasure

Coveted by most across the map

Comprehension. Pearl
As bright as the sun though cold to the touch, many desire me but few will find me. What am I? Tenacity. Gold
Calm eyes, but howling song

I shriek across land and sea

Carving a path

I go where I please

What am I?

Charm. Hurricane
Deep beneath the waves, upon beds of coral

A brightness blooms, too great to be natural

The serene golden hue, bathes the reef's blue Into a pocket of soft teal, twinkling with activity

Tenacity. Vaer Reef
Effortless and graceful my exterior

With a pointedly sharp interior

My eyes are not decieved by the devious

They seek truth and compassion in hiding

Charm. Clione?
Forging steel, feasts of meat,

I'm harnessed for a deadly heat.

Honour. Fire
I am a vast filter, breathing in nutrition

My song resonates in the deep

Honour. Whales
I am the devil of children's songs

The many teethed gnasher of unsuspecting fools

And yet I am just a part of this watery world

Simply living as I am, never halting

Honour. Shark
I am scarce in the sea, carrying that which sustains life up through the depths, rhythmically with the tides. Charm. Plants
I bring colours to the depths, exploring slowly on my stomach; I come in many shapes and sizes, what am I? Comprehension. Sea Slug
I can be a home for one, a finder's treasure, or scatter into a thousand grains. What am I? Charm. Shell
I cannot survive where I call home

Without the help of my ingenuity

Above my head is a dome

Mirrored by my abode

Comprehension. Olievar
I carry flora and fauna alike, essential for life, yet also deadly for those not ready. Comprehension. Current
I feel with my body, my thoughts unknown to all.

The ocean is my cloak, to which my skin reacts.

Honour. Octopus/Squid
I have always been here

Watching over disorder

Silently brewing balance

My great scales stretch from coast to coast

A single flick of my tail will change the tides

Tenacity. Vaer
I have many legs, but none that would support my weight on land, what am I? Honour. Octopus/Squid
I have many legs that appear upon the sky's wrath

Upwards they lift, sending souls to their doom.

Comprehension. Kraken
I look not like what I am

Swimming quietly in place

Nothing like the steed I resemble on land

Honour. Seahorse
I open and I close, I dance and I twirl, but I am rooted to one place. What am I? Honour. Sea Anemone
I run in channels throughout the world,

Sending life, warmth, and cold into regions unknown

Seek me out for quick passage, nutrients, and life

Comprehension. Water
I sway and float with the tides in which I live, many recoil from my touch but for others I am a delicious treat. What am I? Charm. Seaweed
I sway with the moon, hold secrets untold. Many meet me but few truly know me. What am I? Comprehension. Ocean
I'm so tiny that I am nearly invisible, yet I am food for even the largest of creatures depend on me. What am I? Charm. Plankton
Let me pull you deep below

Under the ocean's endless gown

Wonder and beauty, life aglow

Hold your breath and do not drown

Charm. Current
Many an intrepid explorer tries me, eager to uncover the mysteries of the depths.

Without a steeled heart however, most will succumb to existential fear.

Honour.Denameep Ocean?
Master me, or drown in the depths

The alternative options are limited

I allow for freedom and life where there is no air

Comprehension. Diving
My breath sustains life. My lungs are heated by a great core. I create and expel land if the heat rises too abruptly. Honour. Volcano
My dastardly deeds will astound you

All will sing of my tales

Great glory I seek in the deep blue

Through pride and peril I'll prevail

Follow my path or find my wrath

Awaiting you in the sea

Charm. Wras
My life is suspended on the vitality of another

My brethren and I create a cluster, thriving to the chagrin of that whom we depend upon

Charm. Barnacles
My name sounds like the pitter patter of rain

A sound you'll never hear in my world

A deep gloom surrounds me

Disguising my benevolent heart

I know not of my own goodness

Honour. Pyrifera
My tendrils sway in the currents

Reaching ever upwards amongst the rocks

Most are caught in my trap

Never to escape

Honour. Anemone
Once above, now below.

I used to travel long, long ago.

Purpose lost, though purpose gained.

I may hide treasures to be obtained.

Tenacity. Shipwreck
Oh weary sailor,

Let me sing you a tune

Join me in the depths

Scales illuminated by the moon

Charm. Siren
Round and round I wind

Boats like toys sway in waves

As I slither by beneath

Those above remain blind

Charm. Eels
Rosy, glistening, sweet

I am only a mimic of my namesake

I can be crunched or melted on the tongue

Brittle are my bones, but a rare treat!

Honour. Sea cockroach (Lobster)
Softly I balloon out, carried by the current

My movements can be mistaken for the tide's rhytm

But I am very much alive, and neverending

Honour. Jellyfish
The world below ours, is but a stone's toss away

But without a special set of lungs, we cannot live here

Comprehension. Ocean
Through my inner chambers

Shaped like a spiral lung

You can hear the soft breathing of the wind

Harkening to the ocean's cries

Charm. Conch Seashell
Through time and tides, my once jagged body is shaped. My layers and history can be seen at a glance. My rounded form betrays the years of my wandering. Tenacity.Metamorphic Rock
Unrelenting, patient as a stargazer. I plan for the equilibrium of my world. I give no quarter to those who create imbalance. I will find you, you of impertinence. Tenacity. Vaer
Up close I am made of many tiny shells and stones,

From a distance you cannot tell one of me from another

Tenacity. Sand
We appear in many shapes and sizes, in the sea we are disguised in the shape of fish. What are we? Honour. Mammals?
We are not lawless,

We simply live by our own rules,

Governed by the ocean,

Loyal unto ourselves only

Tenacity. Pirates
With red fins, and small quick steps

I traverse the comfort of familiarity

Questioning the great beyond

Challenging small enmities

Wise and sagely in classroom pretend

Young and curious are my real strengths

Honour. Poe
You may think I am made of rock,

But I am alive and made of many different things,

I look very beautiful but I am delicate despite my strength

Honour. Coral