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Adventuring Sprites are the game sprites that represent a worldhopper while Adventuring. Sprites vary by class and each player starts with 4 different appearance options from which to choose. Over time, additional colors and styles can be unlocked as you travel through different Adventuring paths.

This page contains spoilers for the Dappervolk story, pets, and/or lore.
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Unlocking Sprites[]

Sprite Style

The Sprite Style Menu as it appears during Adventuring.

While Adventuring, a sparkle icon may appear on the roadmap. It signifies an NPC that offers the player a new sprite style. Accepting the NPC's gift of a new appearance will unlock a new sprite that is not already owned, and which is specific to each town.

After unlocking new sprites, they must still be purchased with varying amounts of energy in order to be used. 

Sprites can be changed and purchased through a menu (accessed through the icon that looks like three dots) called Sprite Style. Sprite styles that haven't been unlocked will display an inactive icon, and missing color variants will not show up.

Human Sprites[]

Unlockable human sprites include: Short, Bob, Tied, Buzz. Pompadour, Ponytails and Curly, based on their hairstyle.

Short Style
Bob Style
Tied Style
Buzz Style
Pompadour Style
Ponytail Style
Curly Style

Galactic Sprites[]

Unlockable galactic sprites include: Trident, Unihorn, Tiara, Halo, Spark, Orb, and Ring, based on their antenna.

Trident Style
Unihorn Style
Tiara Style
Halo Style
Spark Style
Orb Style
Ring Style

Elven Sprites[]

Unlockable elven sprites include: Circlet, Earring, Braid, Necklace, Hair Ornament, Pendant, Garland, based on their jewelry or hairstyle.

Circlet Style
Earring Style
Braid Style
Necklace Style
Hair Ornament Style
Pendant Style
Garland Style

Animal Sprites[]

Unlockable animal sprites include: Buns, Cats, Birds, Goats, Fish, Lops and Foxes, based on their sub-species.

Bun Style
Cat Style
Bird Style
Goat Style
Fish Style
Lop Style
Fox Style


Sprite Customization Guide made by user #2005 was used to find missing sprites.