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Back Items is a category of avatar items obtained from Chance Machines, Bundles, Events and contests. Not to be confused with backgrounds. If a back item comes from an NPC outside of Peddler's Port, there will always exist four variants - common, uncommon and rare, available through their Chance Machine, as well as one alchemy variant, created by merging five identical items together through Item Alchemy. The alchemy variant may also be obtainable through side quests.


Louise Hill

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Calbet's Training Quiver Image.
Calbet's Training Quiver


Calbet's Training Quiver#Uncommon Image.
Calbet's Red Training Quiver


Calbet's Training Quiver#Rare Image.
Calbet's Obsidian Training Quiver

Honour. 1 Comprehension. 2

Calbet's Training Quiver#Alchemy Image.
Calbet's Cloud Training Quiver


Fantasia's Fox Tail Image.
Fantasia's Fox Tail

Honour.1 Comprehension.-

Fantasia's Fox Tail#Uncommon Image.
Fantasia's Green Fox Tail

Honour.2 Comprehension.1

Fantasia's Fox Tail#Rare Image.
Fantasia's Silver Fox Tail

Honour. 2 Comprehension. 3

Fantasia's Fox Tail#Alchemy Image.
Fantasia's Dusk Fox Tail

Honour.2 Comprehension.3

Three's Forest

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Irin's Pixie Wings Image.
Irin's Pixie Wings


Irin's Pixie Wings#Uncommon Image.
Irin's Red Pixie Wings

Tenacity.2 Honour.1

Irin's Pixie Wings#Rare Image.
Irin's Moonstone Pixie Wings

Tenacity.3 Honour.2

Irin's Pixie Wings#Alchemy Image.
Irin's Blue Pixie Wings

Tenacity.3 Honour.1

Magdalene's Cape Image.
Magdalene's Cape

Charm.1 Comprehension.1

Magdalene's Cape#Uncommon Image.
Magdalene's Teal Cape

Charm.2 Comprehension.2

Magdalene's Cape#Rare Image.
Magdalene's Regal Cape

Charm.2 Comprehension.2

Magdalene's Cape#Alchemy Image.
Magdalene's Golden Cape

Charm.3 Comprehension.3

Magdalene's Backpack Image.
Magdalene's Backpack

Charm.- Comprehension.-

Magdalene's Backpack#Uncommon Image.
Magdalene's Teal Backpack

Charm.2 Comprehension.2

Magdalene's Backpack#Rare Image.
Magdalene's Regal Backpack

Charm.2 Comprehension.3

Magdalene's Backpack#Alchemy Image.
Magdalene's Golden Backpack

Charm.3 Comprehension.3

Barclay's Ragged Cape Image.
Barclay's Ragged Cape


Barclay's Ragged Cape#Uncommon Image.
Barclay's Ragged Blue Cape

Tenacity.2 Honour.1

Barclay's Ragged Cape#Rare Image.
Barclay's Ragged Gray Cape

Tenacity.2 Honour.2

Barclay's Ragged Cape#Alchemy Image.
Barclay's Ragged Midnight Cape

Tenacity.3 Honour.2

Mycel's Mycology Basket Image.
Mycel's Mycology Basket


Mycel's Mycology Basket#Uncommon Image.
Mycel's White Mycology Basket


Mycel's Mycology Basket#Rare Image.
Mycel's Agaric Mycology Basket


Mycel's Mycology Basket#Alchemy Image.
Mycel's Pastel Mycology Basket


Silvie's Mine

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Nigel's Puffy Tail Image.
Nigel's Puffy Tail


Nigel's Puffy Tail#Uncommon Image.
Nigel's Puffy Purple Tail


Nigel's Puffy Tail#Rare Image.
Nigel's Puffy Rose Tail


Nigel's Puffy Tail#Alchemy Image.
Nigel's Puffy Gold Tail


Cairn's Segmented Tail Image.
Cairn's Segmented Tail

Tenacity.3 Comprehension.2

Cairn's Segmented Tail#Uncommon Image.
Cairn's Dark Segmented Tail

Tenacity.4 Comprehension.3

Cairn's Segmented Tail#Rare Image.
Cairn's Rose Segmented Tail

Tenacity.4 Comprehension.3

Cairn's Segmented Tail#Alchemy Image.
Cairn's Segmented Silver Tail

Tenacity.5 Comprehension.4

Pascal's Hoarder Backpack Image.
Pascal's Hoarder Backpack

Charm.3 Comprehension.3

Pascal's Hoarder Backpack#Uncommon Image.
Pascal's Green Hoarder Backpack

Charm.4 Comprehension.4

Pascal's Hoarder Backpack#Rare Image.
Pascal's Dream Hoarder Backpack

Charm.4 Comprehension.5

Pascal's Hoarder Backpack#Alchemy Image.
Pascal's Gold Hoarder Backpack

Charm.5 Comprehension.6

Idra's Wings Image.
Idra's Sapphire Wings

Honour.3 Comprehension.4

Idra's Wings#Uncommon Image.
Idra's Amethyst Wings

Honour.4 Comprehension.5

Idra's Wings#Rare Image.
Idra's Emerald Wings

Honour.5 Comprehension.5

Idra's Wings#Alchemy Image.
Idra's Gold Wings

Honour.5 Comprehension.6

Aviar Cove

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Pellier's Aura Image.
Pellier's Aura


Pellier's Aura#Uncommon Image.
Pellier's Fire Aura


Pellier's Aura#Rare Image.
Pellier's Green Aura


Pellier's Aura#Alchemy Image.
Pellier's Blue Aura


Pellier's Tail Image.
Pellier's Tail


Pellier's Tail#Uncommon Image.
Pellier's Dark Tail


Pellier's Tail#Rare Image.
Pellier's Navy Tail


Pellier's Tail#Alchemy Image.
Pellier's Golden Tail


Astra's Back Feathers Image.
Astra's Back Feathers


Astra's Back Feathers#Uncommon Image.
Astra's Cerise Back Feathers


Astra's Back Feathers#Rare Image.
Astra's Malachite Back Feathers


Astra's Back Feathers#Alchemy Image.
Astra's Bronze Back Feathers


Astra's Winter Cloak Image.
Astra's Winter Cloak


Astra's Winter Cloak#Uncommon Image.
Astra's Cerise Winter Cloak


Astra's Winter Cloak#Rare Image.
Astra's Malachite Winter Cloak


Astra's Winter Cloak#Alchemy Image.
Astra's Cream Winter Cloak


Celestine's Decorative Wings Image.
Celestine's Decorative Wings

Charm.5 Comprehension.5

Celestine's Decorative Wings#Uncommon Image.
Celestine's Soft Decorative Wings

Charm.6 Comprehension.6

Celestine's Decorative Wings#Rare Image.
Celestine's Decorative Lilac Wings

Charm.5 Comprehension.5

Celestine's Decorative Wings#Alchemy Image.
Celestine's Decorative Pale Wings

Charm.8 Comprehension.7

Vaer Reef

Common Uncommon Alchemy
Poe's Tail Fins Image.
Poe's Tail Fins

Honour.4 Charm.3

Poe's Tail Fins#Uncommon Image.
Poe's Blue Tail Fins

Honour.6 Charm.4

Poe's Tail Fins#Alchemy Image.
Poe's Silver Tail Fins

Honour.7 Charm.5

Wras' Spiny Fins Image.
Wras' Spiny Fins

Charm.7 Comprehension.4

Wras' Spiny Fins#Uncommon Image.
Wras' Spiny Dusk Fins

Charm.7 Comprehension.6

Wras' Spiny Fins#Alchemy Image.
Wras' Spiny Blue Fins

Charm.9 Comprehension.7

Xarion's Shark Tail Image.
Xarion's Shark Tail

Tenacity.6 Comprehension.5

Xarion's Shark Tail#Uncommon Image.
Xarion's Dark Shark Tail

Tenacity.6 Comprehension.6

Xarion's Shark Tail#Alchemy Image.
Xarion's Red Shark Tail

Tenacity.10 Comprehension.7

The Red Tower

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Pinot's Academy Cloak Image.
Pinot's Academy Cloak

Honour.4 Comprehension.3

Pinot's Academy Cloak#Uncommon Image.
Pinot's Light Academy Cloak

Honour.5 Comprehension.4

Pinot's Academy Cloak#Rare Image.
Pinot's Greenleaf Academy Cloak

Honour.6 Comprehension.5

Pinot's Academy Cloak#Alchemy Image.
Pinot's Cosmic Wispy Cape


Stranger's Cloak Image.
Stranger's Cloak



Adventuring Rewards

Adventuring Gifts
Wings Image.
Tenacious Wings


Wings#Hnr Image.
Honourable Wings


Wings#Crm Image.
Charming Wings


Wings#Cmp Image.
Comprehensive Wings


Mystical Fox Tails Image.
Mystical White Fox Tails

Honour.4 Charm.4

Mystical Fox Tails#Gray Image.
Mystical Gray Fox Tails

Tenacity.3 Honour.3 Comprehension.3

Mystical Fox Tails#Golden Image.
Mystical Golden Fox Tails


Item Alchemy

3 Step Evolving Alchemy

Earlier stages 5x ➜ 3rd Evolution 5x ➜ Random
Earlier stages of Night Lanterns can be found in the Held Items category.
Night Lantern#Hanging Image.
Hanging Night Lanterns

Charm.3 Comprehension.10

Earlier stages of Sea Reef Swords can be found in the Held Items category.
Sea Reef Sword#Broadsword Image.
Sea Reef Broadsword

Honour.5 Charm.10 Comprehension.6

Other Alchemy (Recipes)

Wings#Prism Image.
Prismatic Wings

Tenacity.2 Honour.2 Charm.2 Comprehension.2

Wings#Shd Image.
Shade Wings

Tenacity.2 Comprehension.2

Wings#Opl Image.
Opal Wings

Honour.2 Charm.2

Mystical Fox Tails#Red Image.
Mystical Red Fox Tails

Tenacity.2 Honour.5

Mystical Fox Tails#Ink Dipped Image.
Mystical Ink Dipped Fox Tails

Tenacity.3 Honour.5 Charm.5 Comprehension.3

Mystical Fox Tails#Prismatic Image.
Mystical Prismatic Fox Tails

Tenacity.3 Honour.5 Charm.3 Comprehension.4



Kelbi's Cloak Image.
Kelbi's Cloak

Tenacity.1 Charm.2

Kelbi's Backpack Image.
Kelbi's Backpack

Tenacity.4 Charm.2

Signi's Scaled Cloak Image.
Signi's Scaled Cloak

Tenacity.2 Honour.3 Comprehension.2

Aeolin's Wings Image.
Aeolin's Wings

Tenacity.3 Comprehension.2

Aeolin's Furlined Cape Image.
Aeolin's Furlined Cape

Tenacity.2 Charm.1 Comprehension.4

Prismatic Star Gem Image.
Prismatic Star Gem

Tenacity.2 Honour.2 Charm.2 Comprehension.2

Ivita's Tail Image.
Ivita's Tail

Tenacity.2 Charm.2

Ingi's Blazing Cloak Image.
Ingi's Blazing Cloak

Tenacity.2 Honour.3

Pann's Triangle Image.
Pann's Triangle

Tenacity.1 Charm.3

Soll's Moons Image.
Soll's Moons

Tenacity.2 Comprehension.2


Spring Floral Cape#Hyacinth Image.
Hyacinth Spring Sapling Cape

Honour.1 Comprehension.3

Fefin's Monkey Tail Image.
Fefin's Monkey Tail


Pearl Gala Flight Image.
Pearl Gala Sterling Flight

Charm.2 Comprehension.4

Pearl Gala Flight Image.
Pearl Gala Golden Flight

Tenacity.4 Honour.2

Dainty Bat Wings Image.
Dainty Bat Wings

Honour.1 Comprehension.1

Sysel's Cape Image.
Sysel's Cape

Honour.3 Comprehension.6

Winter Frost Cloak Image.
Winter Frost Cloak


Official Giveaways

Starry Wish Cape Image.
Starry Wish Cape


Heartfelt Wish Cape Image.
Heartfelt Wish Cape


Peddler's Port

Class Exclusives

Moira's Stall (Animal Exclusive)
Animal Tails Image.
Bunny Tail
Animal Tails#Cat Image.
Cat Tail
Animal Tails#Wolf Image.
Wolf Tail
Animal Tails#Goat Image.
Brown Goat Tail
Animal Tails#Bird Image.
Brown Bird Tail
Animal Tails#Deer Image.
Animal Deer Tail
Animal Tails#Fish Image.
Animal Fish Tail
Andromeda's Stall (Galactic Exclusive)
Galactic Antennae#Wing Image.
Galactic Cracked Wing Antenna

Pai's Shop of Wonders

Mothlike Wings Image.
Mothlike Wings

Tenacity.2 Honour.3

Leviathan Tail Image.
Leviathan Tail

Honour.3 Comprehension.4

Butterfly Mystic Wings Image.
Butterfly Mystic Wings

Honour.2 Charm.1 Comprehension.3

Cosmic Mage Moon Staff Image.
Cosmic Mage Moon Staff

Honour.3 Comprehension.2

Fairy Cape Image.
Verdant Fairy Cape

Tenacity.3 Charm.3

Fairy Cape#Pale Image.
Pale Fairy Cape

Tenacity.2 Honour.3 Charm.1

Spirit Wayfarer Staff Image.
Spirit Wayfarer Staff

Tenacity.1 Honour.1 Comprehension.2

Candlelit Symphonist Ruff Image.
Candlelit Symphonist Ruff

Tenacity.2 Honour.1 Charm.1 Comprehension.1

Chrysalis Painter's Brushes Image.
Chrysalis Painter's Brushes

Tenacity.3 Honour.1Charm.1

Little Forager Backpack Image.
Little Forager Backpack

Tenacity.3 Honour.2 Charm.2

Ravencrypt Vintner Cloak Image.
Ravencrypt Vintner Cloak

Tenacity.3 Honour.3 Charm.2 Comprehension.2

Opaline Lightseer Lantern Bundle Image.
Opaline Lightseer Lantern Bundle

Tenacity.3 Honour.2 Charm.2 Comprehension.3

Spectral Corsair Cloak Image.
Spectral Corsair Cloak

Tenacity.2 Charm.3 Comprehension.3

Sunflower Daydream Cape Image.
Sunflower Daydream Cape

Tenacity.3 Honour.3 Charm.2

Porcelain Oracle Wings Image.
Porcelain Oracle Wings

Tenacity.1 Honour.1 Comprehension.3

Dragonglass Bowmaster Wings Image.
Dragonglass Bowmaster Wings

Charm.3 Comprehension.2

Arcane Spellscribe Wing#Shade Image.
Arcane Spellscribe Shade Wing

Honour.2 Comprehension.4

Arcane Spellscribe Wing#Moon Image.
Arcane Spellscribe Moon Wing

Honour.4 Comprehension.2

Arcane Spellscribe Feather Cloak Image.
Arcane Spellscribe Feather Cloak

Honour.3 Comprehension.3

Blight Corvus Staff Image.
Blight Corvus Staff

Tenacity.3 Honour.2

Scaled Storyteller Fish Tail Image.
Scaled Storyteller Fish Tail


Scaled Storyteller Sleeves Image.
Scaled Storyteller Sleeves

Honour.2 Comprehension.5

Incandescent Wyvern Cloak Image.
Incandescent Wyvern Cloak

Tenacity.3 Honour.3

Incandescent Wyvern Wings#High Image.
Incandescent Wyvern High Wings

Tenacity.4 Honour.2

Luminous Technomancer Wings Image.
Luminous Technomancer Gunmetal Wings

Tenacity.2 Honour.1 Charm.1 Comprehension.3

Luminous Technomancer Wings#Platinum Image.
Luminous Technomancer Platinum Wings

Tenacity.1 Honour.1 Charm.2 Comprehension.3

Wolf of the Waste Tail Image.
Wolf of the Waste Tail

Charm.3 Comprehension.5

Alpine Shepherd Wings Image.
Alpine Shepherd Wings

Tenacity.2 Honour.4 Comprehension.3

Alpine Shepherd Cow Basket Image.
Alpine Shepherd Cow Basket

Tenacity.5 Honour.5 Comprehension.1

Oran's Emporium

Circus Unicorn Tail Image.
Circus Unicorn Tail

Tenacity.2 Honour.2

Circus Unicorn Baton Image.
Circus Unicorn Baton

Tenacity.1 Honour.3

Masked Wanderer Swirling Smoke Image.
Masked Wanderer Swirling Smoke

Tenacity.2 Charm.2 Comprehension.1

Butterfly Mystic Winglets Image.
Butterfly Mystic Winglets

Tenacity.2 Honour.3

Seaside Botanist Winglets Image.
Seaside Botanist Winglets

Tenacity.1 Charm.2 Comprehension.1

Skyborne Timekeeper Fluffy Tail Image.
Skyborne Timekeeper Fluffy Tail

Tenacity.2 Honour.3 Comprehension.1

Skyborne Timekeeper Mouse Tail Image.
Skyborne Timekeeper Mouse Tail

Honour.2 Comprehension.1

Incandescent Wyvern Wings#Low Image.
Incandescent Wyvern Low Wings

Tenacity.4 Honour.2

Incandescent Wyvern Tail Image.
Incandescent Wyvern Tail


Spiced Teamaker Wings Image.
Spiced Teamaker Pale Wings


Spiced Teamaker Wings#Amber Image.
Spiced Teamaker Amber Wings

Tenacity.2 Honour.3


Retired Bundles

Musician's Winged Cello Image.
Musician's Winged Cello


Celestial Cat Image.
Celestial Cat

Charm.2 Comprehension.4

Draconic Cat Image.
Draconic Cat

Tenacity.4 Honour.2


Retired Kickstarter

Jeweled Unicorn Tail Image.
Jeweled Unicorn Tail


Jeweled Unicorn Wings Image.
Jeweled Unicorn Wings


Obsidian Dragon Tail Image.
Obsidian Dragon Tail


Obsidian Dragon Wings Image.
Obsidian Dragon Wings

Honour.1 Comprehension.1

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