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Backgrounds are a category of avatar items obtained through such various means as chance machines, events, and contests. Up to seven backgrounds can be worn on an avatar at once if the necessary amount of Wardrobe Drawer Expansions have been used.

See also: Animated Backgrounds

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Louise Hill

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Bearnard's Turnip Fields Image.
Bearnard's Turnip Fields

Tenacity. - Honour. -

Bearnard's Turnip Fields#Uncommon Image.
Bearnard's Dusk Turnip Fields

Honour. 1 Charm. 1

Bearnard's Turnip Fields#Rare Image.
Bearnard's Strange Turnip Fields

Tenacity. 3 Charm. 2

Bearnard's Turnip Fields#Alchemy Image.
Bearnard's Evening Turnip Fields

Honour. 2 Charm.1 Comprehension.1

Calbet's Training Fields Image.
Calbet's Training Fields

Charm. -

Calbet's Training Fields#Uncommon Image.
Calbet's Fall Training Fields

Tenacity. 1 Honour. 1

Calbet's Training Fields#Rare Image.
Calbet's Dark Training Fields

Honour. 2 Comprehension. 3

Calbet's Training Fields#Alchemy Image.
Calbet's Evening Training Fields

Charm. 1 Comprehension. 2

Not a Wizard Study Image.
Not a Wizard Study

Comprehension. -

Not a Wizard Study#Uncommon Image.
Not a Wizard Ruby Study

Honour. 2

Not a Wizard Study#Rare Image.
Not a Wizard Cosmic Study

Honour. 3 Comprehension.2

Not a Wizard Study#Alchemy Image.
Not a Wizard Magic Study

Tenacity. 3 Comprehension.1

Three's Forest

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Barclay's Fairytale Meadow Image.
Barclay's Fairytale Meadow

Tenacity.- Honour.-

Barclay's Fairytale Meadow#Uncommon Image.
Barclay's White Fairytale Meadow

Tenacity.3 Honour.2

Barclay's Fairytale Meadow#Rare Image.
Barclay's Poppy Fairytale Meadow

Tenacity.2 Honour.3

Barclay's Fairytale Meadow#Alchemy Image.
Barclay's Blue Fairytale Meadow

Tenacity.4 Honour.2

Silvie's Mine

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Marvel's Forge Image.
Marvel's Forge


Marvel's Forge#Uncommon Image.
Marvel's Evening Forge


Marvel's Forge#Rare Image.
Marvel's Midnight Forge


Marvel's Forge#Alchemy Image.
Marvel's Dusk Forge


Thomas and Pascal's Room Image.
Thomas and Pascal's Room

Charm.3 Comprehension.4

Thomas and Pascal's Room#Uncommon Image.
Thomas and Pascal's Murky Room

Charm.4 Comprehension.5

Thomas and Pascal's Room#Rare Image.
Thomas and Pascal's Dream Room

Charm.5 Comprehension.6

Thomas and Pascal's Room#Alchemy Image.
Thomas and Pascal's Dusk Room

Charm.6 Comprehension.7

Visindy's Glow Worm Cavern Image.
Visindy's Glow Worm Cavern

Honour.6 Charm.5

Visindy's Glow Worm Cavern#Uncommon Image.
Visindy's Emerald Glow Worm Cavern

Honour.7 Charm.6

Visindy's Glow Worm Cavern#Rare Image.
Visindy's Amethyst Glow Worm Cavern

Honour.8 Charm.7

Visindy's Glow Worm Cavern#Alchemy Image.
Visindy's Mirage Glow Worm Cavern

Honour.9 Charm.7

Idra's Pool of Clarity Image.
Idra's Sapphire Pool of Clarity

Honour.6 Comprehension.6

Idra's Pool of Clarity#Uncommon Image.
Idra's Amethyst Pool of Clarity

Honour.7 Comprehension.7

Idra's Pool of Clarity#Rare Image.
Idra's Emerald Pool of Clarity

Honour.8 Comprehension.7

Idra's Pool of Clarity#Alchemy Image.
Idra's Golden Pool of Clarity

Honour.9 Comprehension.8

Aviar Cove

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Lief's Treehouse Image.
Lief's Treehouse

Tenacity.- Charm.-

Lief's Treehouse#Uncommon Image.
Lief's Summer Treehouse

Tenacity.8 Charm.9

Lief's Treehouse#Rare Image.
Lief's Fairylight Treehouse

Tenacity.11 Charm.12

Lief's Treehouse#Alchemy Image.
Lief's Autumnal Treehouse

Tenacity.9 Charm.10

Astra's Celestial Viewing Image.
Astra's Celestial Viewing


Astra's Celestial Viewing#Uncommon Image.
Astra's Cerise Celestial Viewing


Astra's Celestial Viewing#Rare Image.
Astra's Malachite Celestial Viewing


Astra's Celestial Viewing#Alchemy Image.
Astra's White Celestial Viewing


Johaness' Seaside Sunset Backdrop Image.
Johaness' Seaside Sunset Backdrop

Honour.6 Comprehension.5

Johaness' Seaside Sunset Backdrop#Uncommon Image.
Johaness' Dark Seaside Sunset Backdrop

Honour.7 Comprehension.6

Johaness' Seaside Sunset Backdrop#Rare Image.
Johaness' Seaside Evening Backdrop

Honour.6 Comprehension.5

Johaness' Seaside Sunset Backdrop#Alchemy Image.
Johaness' Seaside Lavish Sunset Backdrop

Honour.9 Comprehension.8

Celestine's Arbour Image.
Celestine's Arbour

Charm.9 Comprehension.6

Celestine's Arbour#Uncommon Image.
Celestine's Pale Arbour

Charm.10 Comprehension.7

Celestine's Arbour#Rare Image.
Celestine's Lilac Arbour

Charm.15 Comprehension.9

Celestine's Arbour#Alchemy Image.
Celestine's Gothic Arbour

Charm.12 Comprehension.8

The Red Tower

The Red Tower (Background) Image.
The Red Tower (Background)

Honour.8 Comprehension.3

Stranger's Mire Thicket Image.
Stranger's Mire Thicket

Tenacity.2 Honour.2 Charm.4 Comprehension.6


Adventuring Rewards

Adventuring Bar Rewards
Basic Evolved
Louise Hill Produce Image.
Louise Hill Produce

Tenacity.1 Honour.1 Charm.1 Comprehension.1

Louise Hill Produce#Ripened Image.
Louise Hill Ripened Produce

Tenacity.4 Honour.4 Charm.4 Comprehension.4

Item Alchemy

2-Step Evolving Alchemy

Basic 5x ➜ 1st Evolution 5x ➜ 2nd Evolution 5x ➜ RANDOM
Flower Meadow Image.
Daytime Flower Meadow

Tenacity.2 Charm.2 Comprehension.2

Flower Meadow#Stormy Image.
Stormy Flower Meadow

Tenacity.1 Honour.1 Charm.3 Comprehension.3

Flower Meadow#Starry Image.
Starry Flower Meadow

Tenacity.2 Honour.2 Charm.2 Comprehension.6



The Spiralwood (Background) Image.
The Spiralwood

Tenacity.2 Charm.4

The Spiralwood in Bloom Image.
The Spiralwood in Bloom

Honour.3 Charm.5

Lotus Temple Image.
Lotus Temple

Tenacity.2 Honour.4 Charm.3 Comprehension.3

Aeolin's Skies Image.
Aeolin's Skies

Honour.1 Comprehension.3

Ombra's Forest Image.
Ombra's Forest

Honour.3 Charm.2 Comprehension.2


Prismatic Fields Backdrop Image.
Prismatic Fields Backdrop

Tenacity.2 Honour.2 Charm.2 Comprehension.2

Celebratory Decor Image.
Celebratory Decor

Tenacity.2 Honour.3 Charm.1 Comprehension.1

Cosmos Sky Image.
Cosmos Sky

Tenacity.1 Honour.2 Charm.3 Comprehension.2

Masquerade Night Sky Image.
Masquerade Night Sky

Tenacity.1 Honour.1 Charm.1 Comprehension.4

Winter Night Image.
Winter Night


Cordelia's Candy Clouds Image.
Cordelia's Candy Clouds

Tenacity.2 Honour.4 Comprehension.4

Pearl Gala Chandelier Image.
Pearl Gala Sterling Chandelier


Pearl Gala Chandelier#Gold Image.
Pearl Gala Gold Chandelier


Cosmic Mage Moon Image.
Pitre's Circus Tent

Tenacity.1 Honour.6 Comprehension.3

Cosmic Mage Moon Image.
Sysel's Orchard

Honour.6 Comprehension.


NPC Affection (NPC Specific)

Barclay's Reading Spot Image.
Barclay's Reading Spot

Tenacity.4 Honour.3

Peddler's Port

Nico's Atelier

Wooden Floor Boards Image.
Wooden Floor Boards
Window Image.
Day Time Window
Window#Night Image.
Night Time Window
Nico's Workspace Image.
Nico's Workspace
Flower Meadow Image.
Daytime Flower Meadow

Nico's Prize Boutique

Cloud and Star Backdrop Image.
Cloud and Star Backdrop

Tenacity.3 Comprehension.7

Pai's Shop of Wonders

Rosethorn Backdrop Image.
Rosethorn Backdrop

Honour.3 Comprehension.4

Circus Unicorn Backdrop Image.
Circus Unicorn Backdrop

Tenacity.2 Honour.3

Winter Scholar Fortress Image.
Winter Scholar Fortress

Honour.2 Comprehension.3

Butterfly Mystic Backdrop Image.
Butterfly Mystic Backdrop

Tenacity.1 Honour.3 Charm.1 Comprehension.3

Orchard Historian Floral Wallpaper Image.
Orchard Historian Floral Wallpaper

Tenacity.2 Honour.3 Comprehension.2

Mordant Advisor Manor Image.
Mordant Advisor Manor

Honour.1 Comprehension.3

Glasswork Artificer Basilica Image.
Glasswork Artificer Basilica

Tenacity.3 Honour.3 Charm.3 Comprehension.3

Seaside Botanist Deck Image.
Seaside Botanist Deck

Tenacity.2 Honour.1 Charm.2 Comprehension.3

Spirit Wayfarer Forest Image.
Spirit Wayfarer Forest

Tenacity.1 Honour.3 Charm.1 Comprehension.3

Solar Warden Oasis Image.
Solar Warden Oasis

Tenacity.3 Charm.2 Comprehension.2

Mouseterie Sous Chef Cupboard Image.
Mouseterie Sous Chef Cupboard

Tenacity.2 Honour.2 Charm.3

Mouseterie Sous Chef Nook Image.
Mouseterie Sous Chef Nook

Tenacity.3 Honour.2

Candlelit Symphonist Cavern Image.
Candlelit Symphonist Cavern

Tenacity.2 Honour.2 Charm.2 Comprehension.2

Chrysalis Painter's Library Image.
Chrysalis Painter's Library

Tenacity.3 Honour.3 Charm.2 Comprehension.1

Wisteria Garden Mural Image.
Wisteria Garden Mural

Tenacity.3 Honour.2 Charm.2 Comprehension.2

Little Forager Home Image.
Little Forager Home

Tenacity.4 Charm.3

Ravencrypt Vintner Moon on the Lake Image.
Ravencrypt Vintner Moon on the Lake

Tenacity.2 Honour.2 Charm.2 Comprehension.2

Opaline Lightseer Forest Image.
Opaline Lightseer Forest

Honour.2 Comprehension.4

Opaline Lightseer Ornate Window Image.
Opaline Lightseer Ornate Window

Tenacity.3 Honour.3 Charm.2 Comprehension.3

Skyborne Timekeeper Balcony Image.
Skyborne Timekeeper Balcony

Tenacity.1 Honour.3

Skyborne Timekeeper Reverie Image.
Skyborne Timekeeper Reverie

Tenacity.1 Honour.4 Comprehension.3

Spectral Corsair Ship Graveyard Image.
Spectral Corsair Ship Graveyard

Tenacity.2 Charm.3 Comprehension.2

Sunflower Daydream Fields Image.
Sunflower Daydream Fields

Tenacity.4 Honour.2 Charm.4

Porcelain Oracle Chambers Image.
Porcelain Oracle Chambers

Tenacity.2 Honour.2 Comprehension.3

Dragonglass Bowmaster Forest Image.
Dragonglass Bowmaster Forest

Charm.4 Comprehension.3

Chrysanthemum Jeweler Constellations Image.
Chrysanthemum Jeweler Night Constellations

Honour.2 Comprehension.4

Chrysanthemum Jeweler Constellations#Bright Image.
Chrysanthemum Jeweler Bright Constellations

Tenacity.1 Honour.1 Comprehension.4

Wasteland Nomad Dunes Image.
Wasteland Nomad Dunes

Tenacity.3 Honour.2 Comprehension.2

Scaled Storyteller Partition Image.
Scaled Storyteller Partition


Luminous Technomancer Chemical Pool Image.
Luminous Technomancer Chemical Pool

Honour.2 Charm.2 Comprehension.3

Wolf of the Waste Abyss Image.
Wolf of the Waste Abyss

Honour.4 Comprehension.5

Ophidian Envoy Stone Circle Image.
Ophidian Envoy Stone Circle

Tenacity.3 Charm.7

Oran's Emporium

Cosmic Mage Moon Image.
Cosmic Mage Moon

Honour.3 Comprehension.2

Spirit Wayfarer Mist Image.
Spirit Wayfarer Mist

Honour.3 Comprehension.1

Mouseterie Sous Chef Shelf Image.
Mouseterie Sous Chef Shelf

Tenacity.2 Honour.2 Charm.3

Mouseterie Sous Chef Menu Image.
Mouseterie Sous Chef Menu

Tenacity.2 Honour.1 Charm.1

Ancient Abyss Emptiness Image.
Ancient Abyss Emptiness


Radiant Dragonkeeper Dragon Breath Image.
Radiant Dragonkeeper Dragon Breath

Tenacity.1 Honour.2 Charm.1 Comprehension.2

Radiant Dragonkeeper Starlit Sky Image.
Radiant Dragonkeeper Starlit Sky

Tenacity.1 Honour.1 Charm.1 Comprehension.4

Arcane Spellscribe Spell Circle Image.
Arcane Spellscribe Spell Circle


Blight Corvus Valley Image.
Blight Corvus Valley

Tenacity.2 Honour.2 Charm.2 Comprehension.2


Retired Kickstarter

Golden Aquarium Background Image.
Golden Aquarium Background


Obsidian Sky Background Image.
Obsidian Sky Background

Honour.1 Comprehension.2

Jeweled Sky Background Image.
Jeweled Sky Background

Charm.2 Comprehension.2

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