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Quickstart need-to-knows:

  • You can unlock all the shops and content later by gaining affection with NPCs. Don't fear, and jump in when you make choices! Nothing permanently changes in the quest lines.
  • Check the lowest market price on the Trades Market before you trade your items and pets away.
  • Dappervolk's Official Markup Guide contains forum-specific BBCode information.
  • Search the Guides or the Help Forums for more assistance.


You have chosen one of four classes: Human, Animal, Elf or Galactic. Your class does not affect the storyline, so don't be afraid to pick the one you like best! Your class has the most impact upon your stat progression.


There are four virtues (also known as stats) which are: Tenacity Tenacity., Honour Honour., Charm Charm., and Comprehension Comprehension.. There is a fifth stat called Luck Luck. that is gained from certain totems (the Luck Totem and the Totem of Kinship), wardrobe items, and Legendary pets.

Each class has a different affinity and weakness when it comes to the stats, which will affect how much of each stat you can increase each day through the Daily Bonus Stat Quests.

Player Class Stat Affinity Stat Weakness
Animal Honour Honour. Comprehension Comprehension.
Elves Charm Charm. Tenacity Tenacity.
Galactic Comprehension Comprehension. Honour Honour.
Human Tenacity Tenacity. Charm Charm.

The My Stats Menu as it appears when expanded. Hovering over a stat will display more information.

The My Stats Menu as it appears when expanded. Hovering over a stat will display more information.

Each player starts out with 0 base stats and a +5 bonus to each stat (except Luck). You can temporarily increase your stats through equipping wardrobe items or through the stats of your active pet. You can gain permanent stats through questlines and the Daily Bonus Stat Quests.

You can view your stats at any time by navigating to your profile or by opening the "My Stats" menu at the top of the page.

Some quests will have different dialogue options based on your current stats. Additionally, some will ask you to improve your stats (either permanently or temporarily) to move forward. This is colloquially known as a "stat gate."


Each town has 6 different non-playable characters (NPCs) for you to meet. You will naturally meet all of them through finishing the main quest, although some NPCs' shops will remain temporarily locked depending on your story choices. (You will be able to unlock those shops by gaining affection with these NPCs later.)

A full list of NPCs can be found here.

NPC Affection and Quests

For detailed information on NPC Affection, visit the wiki page.

In a nutshell, you can gain affection or lose affection (colloquially known as "negging") with an NPC. You can positively gain affection through selecting the "Chit Chat" option with an NPC (+1 Affection. per day) and positively completing their quests (up to +24 Affection. per day depending on the NPC). You can lose affection by negatively completing their quests (up to -21 Dislike. per day). If you require detailed guides, check the corresponding dailies quest page on this wiki. You will also gain potatoes and Conecakes or Candied Shells through completing daily quests (the color received depends on the NPC's stat/virtue).

Both positive affection routes will unlock player letters, shops, side quests, and special apparel/hatching items, while negative affection routes will unlock a different set of letters and special apparel/hatching items. You can view your current affection with an NPC by visiting the NPC Diary, which is found under the "World" menu in the Dappervolk toolbar.

In the case that you receive a side quest at 500 affection with an NPC, you do not need to complete that side quest before moving forward in the main story.

Some NPCs will ask you to give your pet to them permanently in their side quests. Read these options carefully! If you're unsure, check the corresponding quest page on this wiki for full transcripts and guides to each quest.

NPC Chance Machines

Each NPC has a shop (or "chance machine"), which are gacha machines that can be spun for potatoes in exchange for a random item that corresponds to that NPC (usually wardrobe items, pet food, or hatching items). Increasing your Luck Luck. stat will increase your chance of spinning items from a rarer tier, though it should be noted that Custom Creators can only be spun once in a current cycle no matter how much luck you have equipped.

You can alchemize five of each wardrobe item in Item Alchemy to get a new color of the item!


A full list of pets (except for Custom pets) can be found here.

There are four tiers of pet rarity: Quaint, Fantastical, Legendary, and Mythical. (Mythical pets are pets created through Custom Pet Creators.) Pets of higher rarity have higher affection boundaries, which award special rewards to the player at certain milestones.

You can hatch a pet through incubating hatching items from your Inventory. Pets are incubated in the pen that appears first in your menagerie's list of Habitats.

Keeping a totem equipped to your pet will ensure you cannot use it in Pet Alchemy.

You can view a list of all the pets you've met in your Pet Diary, which is found under the "World" menu in the Dappervolk toolbar.

Pet Affection

Once your pet hatches, you can view and interact with them from your menagerie. There are four ways to gain pet affection each day: Petting, Chatting, Gifting, and Questing. A pet's mood will affect how much affection you receive from them each day, so if you want to ensure you receive the maximum amount, feed your pet to increase their mood to Joyful! (You can note their mood from the bouncing smiley face.)

When Questing for a pet, make sure that the gift you give them matches their nature. Otherwise, they may not like it, and you can receive 0 affection even if their mood is Joyful. Unsure what items correspond to each nature? A full list of how pets will react to items can be found here.

Pet Nature Liked Quest Items Disliked Quest Items
Charming Charm Charm. Tenacity Tenacity.
Comprehensive Comprehension Comprehension. Honour Honour.
Honourable Honour Honour. Comprehension Comprehension.
Tenacious Tenacity Tenacity. Charm Charm.

Pets also have a fifth option to increase affection on their birthday. You can toggle the option to receive notifications for pet birthdays on each pet's profile.

Maximizing your pet's affection will offer you the chance to evolve your pet, which unlocks a new color scheme for it! (Don't worry - it can be devolved and re-evolved as many times as you like.) You can maximize your pet's affection to receive more prizes up to 5 times.

If you sell or trade your pet, affection will reset to 0.

Feeding Pets

Pets have a maximum appetite of 100 each day. Each item you feed your pet depletes a certain amount of appetite until they can't be fed anymore, and each day their appetite will replenish by 50.

Pets do not die if you don’t feed them, so don't worry! If you want a random chance of increasing your pet's permanent stats, however, you'll need to feed them. A full list of pet food can be found here.

Your pet's nature can affect how many stat points they receive from pet food. Pet natures have weaknesses just like player classes do. For instance, if I feed a Charming pet a Tenacious Cheesecake, I may lose the stat point I gain through their affinity weakness, resulting in a gain of 0 Tenacity. On the other hand, if I fed my Charming pet a Charming Mousse Cake, they could have the chance to receive +2 Charm instead of +1 due to their nature's affinity/strength.

Pet Accessories

Pet Accessories are user-generated items that can be worn by pets. You can design the accessory in any graphic program, but be sure to follow the Pet Accessory Rules & Guidelines. Next step after finishing the accessory is putting it into the queue, where site artist will decide if it follows the rules. To apply the accessory to the pet you have to use a Pet Accessory Maker. You can find players selling or trading their accessories on the Dappervolk Forums.

If you sell or trade your pet, you will lose the accessory.

Pet Pages

Pet pages are pages that can be enabled and customized with CSS, HTML, and BBCode. You can enable them via the pet's profile, after which they will be found at the URL https://dappervolk.com/pet/page/[Your Pet's ID Here]. You can disable a pet page by manually navigating to the URL https://dappervolk.com/pet/page/disable/[Your Pet's ID Here].

Site Features


  • Links that contain certain characters (like an apostrophe or a space) may break. To make any outside links work, the following need to be replaced in the URL string:
    • Colons ( : ) should be replaced with %3A
    • Apostrophes ( ' ) should be replaced with %27
    • Question marks ( ? ) should be replaced with %3F
    • Quotation marks ( " ) should be replaced with %22
For example, if you were trying to type [url=http://dappervolk.fandom.com/wiki/Daily_Quests:_Three's_Forest#Glume] This wiki link[/url] in your BBCode, you'd need to use the string http://dappervolk.fandom.com/wiki/Daily_Quests%3A_Three%27s_Forest#Glume for the URL instead.
  • You can earn 25-150 Potatoes. per reply by posting in the forums! The amount you can earn depends on the length of the post.
  • You can ping people to ensure they get a notification for your reply by typing an @ before their username or ID number in your reply, e.g. @JaneBuzJane or @24420. Don't copy and paste their username from the sidebar, as it won't format correctly. You can remove the ping from quotes in replies by deleting the @.
  • To get notifications for each new post in a thread, you can subscribe to it. You can manage whether you get notifications for each new post by viewing the "Subscribed Threads" page under the "Community" menu in the Dappervolk toolbar.
  • You cannot make a new thread to fulfill a Daily Quests requirement, as that is against the rules. You can reply to existing threads, however, and the Forum Games subforum usually has threads which require low-effort posts.
  • There is a 10,000 character limit on forum posts[1]. Additionally, if your post uses a BBCode table, there is a limit of ~2,200 characters. Posts which include quotes from another user have a limit of ~2,000 characters. Posts that use many item calls and formatting tags may break.[2] (The limit is currently unknown.)
  • You can use [spoiler] tags to create a spoilered block of text.
  • In the post editor, you can click "Source" to use raw BBCode instead of the visual editor.

Trades Market/Trading

The Trades Market is the place where you can sell, trade, and auction your wares. Sale and trade lots expire after 3 days, whereas auctions expire at the time limit set (and do not have snipe guards).

  • The Trades Market Search defaults to searching for items. To search for pets, change the "Search for Item" box at the top to "Search for Pet." Additionally, if you sort items by price (e.g. "Lowest to Highest Buy Price"), it will exclude Auction lots.
  • Pets/items in a Trades Market lot will be unavailable to be used in Alchemy.


You can make a guild when you get 4,500 affection total in a town. It costs 100,000 potatoes Potatoes.. To begin a guild, go to Peddler's Port and speak to The Officiator.

World Map and Town Hops

The World Map shows you a map of each town you've unlocked. You can only travel to a town if you have 1) unlocked it, and 2) have an available town hop. Normal players receive 3 town hops per day, and Premium members receive 4. Extra temporary, per-day town hops can be received through Adventuring.


Turnips Turnips. are Dappervolk's premium currency, and can be bought in Canadian dollars (CAD) for roughly $1:100 Turnips. Turnips are used to spin Premium Chance Machines.

Turnips are untradeable for potatoes, so there is no turnip to potato ratio. Turnips and potatoes can be traded for certain offsite currencies, however.

A complete list of ways to earn Turnips without paying real money can be found here.

Daily Bonus

Daily Bonuses are randomized tasks that can be completed once per day. Daily Potato Tasks give a random number of potatoes, while Daily Stat Boost Tasks permanently increase specific stats. You may choose one stat to train per day.

For more information, visit Daily Bonus.


The Playground is the "mini-games" area of Dappervolk. Rewards include items and potatoes Potatoes..

You can earn a maximum of 6,000 Potatoes. and 10 items from the playground games each day. For Premium Accounts, the max is 8,000 Potatoes. and 12 items. Some quests will task you with playing a particular game in order to get their rewards.

For more information, visit the Playground page.


Adventuring is an activity in which the player will venture through the landscape of a town using an avatar. Encounters revolve around riddles given by adventuring-exclusive NPCs where right answers yield points. They will occasionally offer a random gift instead. Rewards, many which are exclusive to Adventuring, can be claimed after enough points have been gathered.

You can move to a new town in Adventuring once you've completed the previous town in the main questline.

For more information, visit Adventuring. If you need a quick answer to a riddle, visit Adventure Riddles List!


You can find previews of all available clothing items in Dappervolk in the Clothing Diary. Items that are already in your wardrobe are marked with a checkmark ✔.

Custom items are not included.


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