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Bottoms belong to a category of avatar items obtained from Chance Machines, Bundles, Events and contests. If a bottom comes from an NPC outside of Peddler's Port, there will always exist four variants - common, uncommon and rare, available through their Chance Machine, as well as one alchemy variant, created by merging five identical items together through Item Alchemy. The alchemy variant may also be obtainable through side quests.


Louise Hill

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Calbet's Pantaloons Image.
Calbet's Pantaloons


Calbet's Pantaloons#Uncommon Image.
Calbet's Red Pantaloons


Calbet's Pantaloons#Rare Image.
Calbet's Obsidian Pantaloons

Honour. 1 Comprehension. 2

Calbet's Pantaloons#Alchemy Image.
Calbet's Sky Pantaloons


Not a Wizard Trousers Image.
Not a Wizard Trousers

Comprehension. -

Not a Wizard Trousers#Uncommon Image.
Not A Wizard Red Trousers

Honour. 1

Not a Wizard Trousers#Rare Image.
Not A Wizard Cosmic Trousers

Honour. 2 Comprehension.2

Not a Wizard Trousers#Alchemy Image.
Not A Wizard Golden Trousers

Tenacity. 2 Comprehension. 1

Lilia's Soldier Leggings Image.
Lilia's Soldier Leggings

Tenacity.- Honour.-

Lilia's Soldier Leggings#Uncommon Image.
Lilia's Steel Soldier Leggings

Tenacity.1 Honour.1

Lilia's Soldier Leggings#Rare Image.
Lilia's Midnight Soldier Leggings

Charm. 1 Comprehension. 2

Lilia's Soldier Leggings#Alchemy Image.
Lilia's Golden Soldier Leggings

Tenacity.2 Honour.2

Three's Forest

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Trout's Puffy Shorts Image.
Trout's Puffy Shorts


Trout's Puffy Shorts#Uncommon Image.
Trout's Pink Puffy Shorts


Trout's Puffy Shorts#Rare Image.
Trout's Magenta Puffy Shorts


Trout's Puffy Shorts#Alchemy Image.
Trout's Pumpkin Puffy Shorts


Irin's Floral Pants Image.
Irin's Floral Pants

Tenacity.- Honour.-

Irin's Floral Pants#Uncommon Image.
Irin's Rose Floral Pants

Tenacity.1 Honour.1

Irin's Floral Pants#Rare Image.
Irin's Moonstone Floral Pants

Tenacity.1 Honour.1

Irin's Floral Pants#Alchemy Image.
Irin's Blue Floral Pants

Tenacity.1 Honour.1

Barclay's Trousers Image.
Barclay's Trousers

Tenacity.1 Honour.-

Barclay's Trousers#Uncommon Image.
Barclay's Pale Trousers

Tenacity.2 Honour.1

Barclay's Trousers#Rare Image.
Barclay's Gray Trousers

Tenacity.2 Honour.2

Barclay's Trousers#Alchemy Image.
Barclay's Midnight Trousers

Tenacity.3 Honour.2

Silvie's Mine

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Cairn's Ceremonial Shorts Image.
Cairn's Ceremonial Shorts

Tenacity.2 Comprehension.1

Cairn's Ceremonial Shorts#Uncommon Image.
Cairn's Red Ceremonial Shorts

Tenacity.4 Comprehension.2

Cairn's Ceremonial Shorts#Rare Image.
Cairn's Rose Ceremonial Shorts

Tenacity.4 Comprehension.3

Cairn's Ceremonial Shorts#Alchemy Image.
Cairn's Ceremonial Moonstone Shorts

Tenacity.5 Comprehension.3

Marvel's Miner Overalls Image.
Marvel's Miner Overalls


Marvel's Miner Overalls#Uncommon Image.
Marvel's Bronze Miner Overalls


Marvel's Miner Overalls#Rare Image.
Marvel's Midnight Miner Overalls


Marvel's Miner Overalls#Alchemy Image.
Marvel's Red Miner Overalls


Pascal's Ridged Shorts Image.
Pascal's Ridged Shorts

Charm.2 Comprehension.1

Pascal's Ridged Shorts#Uncommon Image.
Pascal's Green Ridged Shorts

Charm.3 Comprehension.2

Pascal's Ridged Shorts#Rare Image.
Pascal's Dreamy Ridged Shorts

Charm.3 Comprehension.2

Pascal's Ridged Shorts#Alchemy Image.
Pascal's Golden Ridged Shorts

Charm.4 Comprehension.3

Aviar Cove

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Lief's Wings and Legs Image.
Lief's Wings and Legs

Tenacity.5 Charm.5

Lief's Wings and Legs#Uncommon Image.
Lief's Mauve Wings and Legs

Tenacity.6 Charm.6

Lief's Wings and Legs#Rare Image.
Lief's Purple Wings and Legs

Tenacity.7 Charm.6

Lief's Wings and Legs#Alchemy Image.
Lief's Green Wings and Legs

Tenacity.7 Charm.10

Johaness' Suspender Shorts Image.
Johaness' Suspender Shorts

Honour.4 Comprehension.4

Johaness' Suspender Shorts#Uncommon Image.
Johaness' Murky Suspender Shorts

Honour.5 Comprehension.5

Johaness' Suspender Shorts#Rare Image.
Johaness' Night Tide Suspender Shorts

Honour.7 Comprehension.6

Johaness' Suspender Shorts#Alchemy Image.
Johaness' Gold Suspender Shorts

Honour.6 Comprehension.5

Johaness' Puffy Shorts Image.
Johaness' Puffy Shorts

Honour.4 Comprehension.4

Johaness' Puffy Shorts#Uncommon Image.
Johaness' Murky Puffy Shorts

Honour.5 Comprehension.5

Johaness' Puffy Shorts#Rare Image.
Johaness' Night Tide Puffy Shorts

Honour.6 Comprehension.6

Johaness' Puffy Shorts#Alchemy Image.
Johaness' Pale Cream Puffy Shorts

Honour.6 Comprehension.6

Celestine's Laced Petticoat Image.
Celestine's Laced Petticoat

Charm.7 Comprehension.6

Celestine's Laced Petticoat#Uncommon Image.
Celestine's Laced Antique Petticoat

Charm.8 Comprehension.7

Celestine's Laced Petticoat#Rare Image.
Celestine's Laced Lilac Petticoat

Charm.8 Comprehension.7

Celestine's Laced Petticoat#Alchemy Image.
Celestine's Laced Gothic Petticoat

Charm.13 Comprehension.9

Carneau's Trim Trousers Image.
Carneau's Trim Trousers

Tenacity.5 Charm.4

Carneau's Trim Trousers#Uncommon Image.
Carneau's Gray Trim Trousers

Tenacity.6 Charm.5

Carneau's Trim Trousers#Rare Image.
Carneau's Navy Trim Trousers

Tenacity.10 Charm.8

Carneau's Trim Trousers#Alchemy Image.
Carneau's Silver Gold Trim Trousers

Tenacity.9 Charm.7

Vaer Reef

Common Uncommon Alchemy
Pyrifera's Kelp Skirt Image.
Pyrifera's Kelp Skirt


Pyrifera's Kelp Skirt#Uncommon Image.
Pyrifera's Red Kelp Skirt


Pyrifera's Kelp Skirt#Alchemy Image.
Pyrifera's Blue Kelp Skirt


Clione's Tail Image.
Clione's Tail

Tenacity.3 Charm.6

Clione's Tail#Uncommon Image.
Clione's Lilac Tail

Tenacity.4 Charm.7

Clione's Tail#Alchemy Image.
Clione's Golden Tail

Tenacity.5 Charm.9

Wras' Buckled Jeans Image.
Wras' Buckled Jeans

Charm.7 Comprehension.5

Wras' Buckled Jeans#Uncommon Image.
Wras' Buckled Brown Jeans

Charm.8 Comprehension.6

Wras' Buckled Jeans#Alchemy Image.
Wras' Buckled Night Jeans

Charm.9 Comprehension.6

The Red Tower

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Pinot's Academy Trousers Image.
Pinot's Academy Trousers

Honour.3 Comprehension.2

Pinot's Academy Trousers#Uncommon Image.
Pinot's Light Academy Trousers

Honour.4 Comprehension.3

Pinot's Academy Trousers#Rare Image.
Pinot's Greenleaf Academy Trousers

Honour.4 Comprehension.3

Pinot's Academy Trousers#Alchemy Image.
Pinot's Cosmic Academy Cape

Honour.5 Comprehension.3

Stranger's Trousers Image.
Stranger's Trousers


Seasonal Items


Kelbi's Pantaloons Image.
Kelbi's Pantaloons

Tenacity.2 Charm.4

Kelbi's Trousers Image.
Kelbi's Trousers


Signi's Fin Robes Image.
Signi's Fin Robes

Tenacity.2 Honour.3 Comprehension.1

Aeolin's Bandaged Tights Image.
Aeolin's Bandaged Tights

Tenacity.1 Comprehension.3

Ingi's Tattered Robes Image.
Ingi's Tattered Robes

Tenacity.2 Honour.4

Thalies' Deer Legs Image.
Thalies' Deer Legs

Tenacity.3 Charm.4

Pann's Trousers Image.
Pann's Trousers

Tenacity.3 Charm.2

Ombra's Overalls Image.
Ombra's Overalls

Tenacity.1 Honour.3 Comprehension.1

Vaer's Tights Image.
Vaer's Tights


Soll's Trousers Image.
Soll's Trousers

Tenacity.3 Honour.1 Charm.1 Comprehension.1


Spring Trousers Image.
Spring Trousers

Tenacity.3 Honour.1 Charm.1

Spring Trousers#Lively Image.
Lively Spring Trousers


Spring Trousers#Hyacinth Image.
Hyacinth Spring Trousers

Honour.1 Comprehension.1

Summer Toga Image.
Summer Toga

Tenacity.2 Honour.3 Charm.2

Summer Toga#Forgotten Image.
Forgotten Summer Toga

Honour.2 Comprehension.3

Winter Suspender Pants Image.
Winter Suspender Pants

Tenacity.2 Charm.2 Comprehension.1

Winter Suspender Pants#Cozy Image.
Cozy Winter Suspender Pant

Tenacity.2 Honour.3

Winter Suspender Pants#Pastel Image.
Pastel Winter Suspender Pant

Honour.4 Comprehension.1

Masquerade Trousers Image.
Masquerade Silver Trousers

Honour.1 Comprehension.3

Masquerade Trousers#Gold Image.
Masquerade Gold Trousers

Tenacity.3 Honour.2

Party for Onesie Image.
Party for Onesie

Tenacity.3 Honour.3 Charm.3 Comprehension.1

Party for Onesie#Muted Image.
Muted Party of Onesie

Honour.3 Comprehension.4

Pitre's Jester Trousers Image.
Pitre's Jester Trousers

Tenacity.1 Honour.3 Comprehension.2

Fefin's Carnival Jumper Image.
Fefin's Carnival Jumper

Tenacity.2 Honour.3 Comprehension.3

Pearl Gala Trousers Image.
Pearl Gala Sterling Trousers

Charm.1 Comprehension.5

Pearl Gala Trousers#Gold Image.
Pearl Gala Gold Trousers

Tenacity.5 Honour.1

Skeletal Onesie Image.
Skeletal Onesie

Tenacity.3 Honour.3

Sysel's Skirt Image.
Sysel's Skirt

Honour.2 Comprehension.4

Winter Frost Pants Image.
Winter Frost Pants



NPC Affection (General)

Rare Alchemy
Red Heart Greaves Image.
Red Heart Greaves

Tenacity.5 Honour.7

Red Heart Greaves#Shining Image.
Red Heart Shining Greaves

Tenacity.6 Honour.9

Warm Heart Trousers Image.
Warm Heart Trousers

Tenacity.3 Honour.9

Warm Heart Trousers#Shining Image.
Warm Heart Shining Trousers

Tenacity.5 Honour.9

Black Heart Greaves Image.
Black Heart Greaves

Charm.5 Comprehension.7

Black Heart Greaves#Lightning Image.
Black Heart Lightning Greaves

Charm.6 Comprehension.9

Cold Heart Trousers Image.
Cold Heart Trousers

Charm.4 Comprehension.7

Cold Heart Trousers#Lightning Image.
Cold Heart Lightning Trousers

Charm.5 Comprehension.8

Cold Heart Skirt Image.
Cold Heart Skirt

Charm.5 Comprehension.5

Cold Heart Skirt#Lightning Image.
Cold Heart Lightning Skirt

Charm.6 Comprehension.6

Pet Affection

Rare Alchemy
Wingsuit of Loyalty Image.
Silken Wingsuit of Loyalty

Tenacity.7 Honour.7 Charm.7 Comprehension.7

Wingsuit of Loyalty#Shining Image.
Shining Wingsuit of Loyalty

Tenacity.12 Honour.12 Charm.3

Peddler's Port

Agnes' Daily Gift

Peasant Skirt#White Image.
Peasant Skirt White

Tenacity.3 Honour.3 Charm.3 Comprehension.3

Peasant Skirt Image.
Peasant Skirt Brown

Tenacity.4 Honour.4

Peasant Skirt#Black Image.
Peasant Skirt Black

Tenacity.4 Honour.4 Charm.4 Comprehension.4

Peasant Skirt#Red Image.
Peasant Skirt Red


Peasant Skirt#Gold Image.
Peasant Skirt Gold


Peasant Skirt#Navy Image.
Peasant Skirt Navy


Nico's Atelier

Newbie Bottoms Image.
Newbie High Waisted Shorts
Newbie Bottoms#Puffy Image.
Newbie Puffy Shorts
Newbie Bottoms#Bandage Image.
Newbie Bandage Trousers
Citizen Bottoms Image.
Citizen High Waisted Shorts
Citizen Bottoms#Puffy Image.
Citizen Puffy Shorts
Citizen Bottoms#Trousers Image.
Citizen Trousers
Pinstripe Leggings Image.
Black Pinstripe Leggings
Pinstripe Leggings#Gray Image.
Gray Pinstripe Leggings
Pinstripe Leggings#White Image.
White Pinstripe Leggings
Basic Pants#Gray Image.
Gray Pants
Basic Pants Image.
Denim Pants
Basic Pants#Dark Image.
Dark Pants
Mid Length Skirt Image.
Beige Mid Length Skirt
Mid Length Skirt#Navy Image.
Navy Mid Length Skirt
Mid Length Skirt#Black Image.
Black Mid Length Skirt
Mini Skirt Image.
Beige Mini Skirt
Mini Skirt#Gray Image.
Gray Mini Skirt
Mini Skirt#Black Image.
Black Mini Skirt
Basic Trousers Image.
Brown Trousers
Basic Trousers#Navy Image.
Navy Trousers
Basic Trousers#Grey Image.
Grey Trousers
Basic Frayed Shorts Image.
Basic Frayed Shorts Black
Basic Frayed Shorts#Brown Image.
Basic Frayed Shorts Brown
Basic Frayed Shorts#Grey Image.
Basic Frayed Shorts Grey
Basic Frayed Shorts#White Image.
Basic Frayed Shorts White
Basic Frayed Shorts#Red Image.
Basic Frayed Shorts Red
Basic Frayed Shorts#Gold Image.
Basic Frayed Shorts Gold
Basic Frayed Shorts#Green Image.
Basic Frayed Shorts Green
Basic Frayed Shorts#Blue Image.
Basic Frayed Shorts Blue
Caped Pants Image.
Caped Pants Black
Caped Pants#Grey Image.
Caped Pants Grey
Caped Pants#Denim Image.
Caped Pants Denim
Caped Pants#Gold Image.
Caped Pants Gold
Caped Pants#Red Image.
Caped Pants Red

Pai's Shop of Wonders

Mothlike Puffy Tights Image.
Mothlike Puffy Tights

Tenacity.3 Honour.2

Leviathan Greaves Image.
Leviathan Greaves

Honour.3 Comprehension.3

Circus Unicorn Tutu Image.
Circus Unicorn Tutu

Honour.3 Comprehension.2

Masked Wanderer Deer Legs Image.
Masked Wanderer Deer Legs

Honour.3 Charm.2

Winter Scholar Dress Robes Image.
Winter Scholar Dress Robes

Tenacity.2 Honour.2 Comprehension.3

Cosmic Mage Flight Image.
Cosmic Mage Flight

Tenacity.2 Comprehension.3

Elder Forest Vined Claw Feet Image.
Elder Forest Vined Claw Feet

Honour.1 Charm.3 Comprehension.2

Elder Forest Beast Legs Image.
Elder Forest Beast Legs

Tenacity.2 Charm.3 Comprehension.3

Elder Forest Patterned Trousers Image.
Elder Forest Patterned Trousers

Tenacity.3 Honour.1 Charm.2

Mordant Advisor Torn Jeans Image.
Mordant Advisor Torn Jeans

Honour.2 Comprehension.3

Mordant Advisor Skirt Image.
Mordant Advisor Skirt

Honour.2 Comprehension.3

Seaside Botanist Gown Image.
Seaside Botanist Gown

Tenacity.2 Honour.2 Charm.3

Spirit Wayfarer Bandaged Wrappings Image.
Spirit Wayfarer Bandaged Wrappings

Honour.2 Comprehension.3

Solar Warden Trousers Image.
Solar Warden Trousers

Tenacity.3 Honour.1 Comprehension.1

Wisteria Garden Layered Skirt Image.
Wisteria Garden Layered Skirt

Tenacity.3 Honour.1 Charm.1 Comprehension.1

Wisteria Garden Petticoat Image.
Wisteria Garden Petticoat

Tenacity.2 Honour.1 Charm.1 Comprehension.1

Ravencrypt Vintner Ruffled Skirt Image.
Ravencrypt Vintner Ruffled Skirt

Honour.2 Charm.2 Comprehension.2

Opaline Lightseer Drapes Image.
Opaline Lightseer Drapes

Tenacity.2 Honour.2 Charm.2 Comprehension.2

Opaline Lightseer Scaled Legs Image.
Opaline Lightseer Scaled Legs

Tenacity.2 Honour.3 Charm.2 Comprehension.2

Skyborne Timekeeper Legs Image.
Skyborne Timekeeper Legs

Tenacity.1 Honour.3

Sunflower Daydream Ruffled Skirt Image.
Sunflower Daydream Ruffled Skirt

Tenacity.3 Honour.3

Porcelain Oracle Chausses Image.
Porcelain Oracle Chausses

Tenacity.2 Comprehension.3

Dragonglass Bowmaster Drapes Image.
Dragonglass Bowmaster Drapes

Charm.2 Comprehension.3

Ancient Abyss Sea Beast Tail Image.
Ancient Abyss Sea Beast Tail


Ancient Abyss Jellyfish Fronds Image.
Ancient Abyss Jellyfish Fronds

Tenacity.1 Honour.1 Charm.2 Comprehension.4

Curios Clothier Suspender Skirt Image.
Curios Clothier Suspender Skirt


Wasteland Nomad Trousers Image.
Wasteland Nomad Trousers


Wasteland Nomad Half Skirt Image.
Wasteland Nomad Half Skirt

Tenacity.2 Honour.2

Radiant Dragonkeeper Trousers Image.
Radiant Dragonkeeper Trousers

Honour.2 Charm.1 Comprehension.2

Blight Corvus Legs Image.
Blight Corvus Raven Legs

Honour.3 Comprehension.3

Blight Corvus Legs#Dove Image.
Blight Corvus Dove Legs

Tenacity.3 Charm.3

Scaled Storyteller Trousers Image.
Scaled Storyteller Trousers

Honour.3 Comprehension.3

Gilded Merchant Skirt Image.
Gilded Merchant Skirt


Incandescent Wyvern Leggings Image.
Incandescent Wyvern Leggings

Tenacity.2 Honour.3

Luminous Technomancer Pants Image.
Luminous Technomancer Pants

Honour.2 Comprehension.4

Spiced Teamaker Pantaloons Image.
Spiced Teamaker Pantaloons

Tenacity.3 Honour.3 Charm.1

Alpine Shepherd Skirt Image.
Alpine Shepherd Skirt

Tenacity.2 Honour.5 Comprehension.2

Alpine Shepherd Pants Image.
Alpine Shepherd Pants

Tenacity.5 Honour.3 Comprehension.2

Oran's Emporium

Rosethorn Blue Rose Tights Image.
Rosethorn Blue Rose Tights

Honour.1 Comprehension.2

Rosethorn Sweeping Drapes Image.
Rosethorn Sweeping Drapes

Honour.3 Comprehension.2

Eclipsed Seraph Tights Image.
Eclipsed Seraph Tights

Tenacity.2 Honour.2 Comprehension.2

Butterfly Mystic Pants Image.
Butterfly Mystic Pants

Honour.1 Comprehension.3

Cosmic Mage Frilled Robes Image.
Cosmic Mage Frilled Robes

Honour.3 Comprehension.3

Elder Forest Tights Image.
Elder Forest Tights

Tenacity.2 Charm.1 Comprehension.3

Orchard Historian Knotted Drapes Image.
Orchard Historian Knotted Drapes

Tenacity.2 Honour.3

Fairy Trousers Image.
Verdant Fairy Trousers

Tenacity.2 Honour.1 Charm.2

Fairy Trousers#Pale Image.
Pale Fairy Trousers

Tenacity.2 Honour.2 Charm.1

Mordant Advisor Patched Trousers Image.
Mordant Advisor Patched Trousers

Honour.3 Comprehension.2

Glasswork Artificer Trousers Image.
Glasswork Artificer Trousers

Tenacity.1 Honour.3

Seaside Botanist Trousers Image.
Seaside Botanist Trousers

Tenacity.2 Honour.1 Charm.2

Mouseterie Sous Chef Pants Image.
Mouseterie Sous Chef Pants

Tenacity.1 Honour.2

Mouseterie Sous Chef Skirt Image.
Mouseterie Sous Chef Skirt

Tenacity.2 Honour.1 Charm.1

Candlelit Symphonist Rags Image.
Candlelit Symphonist Rags

Tenacity.1 Honour.1 Charm.1 Comprehension.2

Candlelit Symphonist Robes Image.
Candlelit Symphonist Robes

Tenacity.1 Honour.2 Charm.1 Comprehension.1

Aurelian Soiree Trousers Image.
Aurelian Soiree Trousers


Chrysalis Painter Trousers Image.
Chrysalis Painter Trousers

Tenacity.1 Honour.3 Charm.2

Wisteria Garden Trousers Image.
Wisteria Garden Trousers

Tenacity.2 Charm.1

Ravencrypt Vintner Trousers Image.
Ravencrypt Vintner Trousers

Tenacity.2 Honour.3 Comprehension.1

Skyborne Timekeeper Shorts Image.
Skyborne Timekeeper Shorts


Spectral Corsair Skirt Image.
Spectral Corsair Skirt

Tenacity.2 Charm.1 Comprehension.1

Spectral Corsair Pantaloons Image.
Spectral Corsair Pantaloons

Tenacity.3 Charm.1

Sunflower Daydream Trousers Image.
Sunflower Daydream Trousers

Tenacity.2 Honour.3

Porcelain Oracle Faulds Image.
Porcelain Oracle Faulds

Tenacity.1 Comprehension.3

Curios Clothier Shorts Image.
Curios Clothier Shorts


Arcane Spellscribe Utility Pants Image.
Arcane Spellscribe Utility Pants

Tenacity.1 Honour.4 Comprehension.3

Gilded Merchant Trousers Image.
Gilded Merchant Trousers


Luminous Technomancer Shorts Image.
Luminous Technomancer Shorts

Tenacity.1 Honour.1 Comprehension.2

Wolf of the Waste Skirt Image.
Wolf of the Waste Skirt

Honour.2 Charm.5

Wolf of the Waste Pants Image.
Wolf of the Waste Pants

Honour.3 Charm.4

Wolf of the Waste Body Suit Image.
Wolf of the Waste Body Suit

Honour.2 Comprehension.2


Retired Bundles

Celestial Trousers Image.
Celestial Trousers

Charm.4 Comprehension.4

Celestial Skirt Image.
Celestial Skirt

Charm.3 Comprehension.3

Draconic Trousers Image.
Draconic Trousers

Tenacity.4 Honour.4

Draconic Skirt Image.
Draconic Skirt

Tenacity.3 Honour.3


Retired Kickstarter

Jeweled Trousers Image.
Jeweled Trousers


Jeweled Unicorn Legs Image.
Jeweled Unicorn Legs

Charm.1 Comprehension.1

Golden Sea Pantaloons Image.
Golden Sea Pantaloons


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