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A Dappervolk chance machine, which looks like a golden urn.

Chance Machines, previously called Chance Shops, are the primary way of receiving items in Dappervolk. They are based on gashapon (gatcha) toy dispensers. Chance Machines have different potato prices depending on the town and NPC and players receive random items from the machine's stock. There is always an option to spin one or ten times at once with no difference in price. Once a chance machine is unlocked, it will remain open indefinitely.

Premium Chance Machines are a scrapped concept using the premium turnip currency. The original concept has been transformed into Pai's Shop of Wonders.

Players who want to get rid of duplicate items or don't like spending money for a random results can buy, sell or trade items in the Trades Market, or post in the Tradesmarket Forum. The forums are especially useful for finding rare items that might not be listed in the marketplace, or for trading with non-Dappervolk goods.

Chance Machines[]

Louise Hill town icon.
Louise Hill
Three's Forest town icon.
Three's Forest
The Red Tower town icon.
The Red Tower
Silvie's Mine town icon.
Silvie's Mine
Aviar Cove town icon.
Aviar Cove
Vaer Reef town icon.
Vaer Reef
Peddler's Port town icon.
Peddler's Port

Unlocking Chance Machines[]

Each NPC outside of Peddler's Port has a chance machine that can be unlocked by progressing through the main questline. Certain chance machines have additional requirements for unlocking, such as choosing a side between two NPCs or gaining their affection.

Chance machines that remain locked after completion of that town's main questline can always be unlocked by reaching a certain level of affection with the NPC. Once a shop is unlocked, it will remain open, even if their affection drops.

The following are chance machines that aren't unlocked by default and how to unlock them:

Town Chance Shops Limit Method Requirements
Louise Hill Lilia | Fantasia One Main Quests Help one in choosing a gift for the other.
Three's Forest Irin | Magdalene All Main Quests Pick a side in their conflict to unlock one. Make peace to unlock both. See guide.
Three's Forest Mycel | Barclay | Glume One Main Quests Pledge alliance to one.
Silvie's Mine Marvel | Pascal One Main Quests Make a deal with one over the other.
Silvie's Mine Idra All 300 Affection Gain 300 affection with Idra after her main questline.
Aviar Cove Lief | Astra One Main Quests Pick a side in their conflict.
Aviar Cove Carneau | Celestine One Main Quests Pick a side in their conflict.
Vaer Reef Pyrifera | Clione One Main Quests Choose one of them to spend a day with.
Vaer Reef Wras | Xarion One Main Quests Pick a side in their conflict.

Rarity Tiers[]

There are four rarity tiers to chance machines: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary. With points in the Luck. Luck stat, there is a higher chance to receive items from the higher tiers.

The drop rates for each rarity are as follows:[1]

  • Common: 60%
  • Uncommon: 30%
  • Rare: 9.9999%
  • Legendary: .0001%

Chance Machine Inventories[]

Town Chance Machines will always contain the following:

  • Common items are typically clothing that matches the NPC's style, which can be used to dress your avatar, as well as one or two hatching items that can be incubated to hatch a new pet.
  • Uncommon items consists of recolored versions of the common versions. Usually, these items have slightly higher stat bonuses than the common versions.
  • Rare items consists of recolored versions of the common versions and food items that match the NPC's virtue(s). Usually, these items have slightly higher stat bonuses than the common versions. These items are also included in the Bonus Prize.
  • Legendary items always include the Custom Clothing Creator and the Custom Pet Creator. Note that Custom Creators will only drop once during the current release cycle. The cycle reset time and drop availability can be found on Dappervolk's home page.

After spending a specified number of potatoes, player will be able to pick an item from the pool of Bonus Prizes. This pool will include rare variant of NPC clothing, one or two totems and/or food items that match the NPCs stats/virtues, a Pen Expansion themed after the town, and Wardrobe Drawer Expansion.

An item's rarity doesn't always match its value in the Trades Market. Some common and uncommon items are very expensive because they're necessary for certain Quests. Similarly, rare items are often only needed in small quantities and might be very cheap to buy.


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