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Events are site-wide happenings available for a limited amount of time. During an event, unique features, items, quests and locations are made available. Most events are seasonal and happen around the same time each year, while others will only happen once.

Seasonal Events

Seasonal Events are themed around the deities of Dappervolk, correlating to the month of an event's planned release. Each year will see four major seasonal events with rotating themes and release dates.

Events set in the same season share a large number of seasonal items, with the exception of those specific to the month's deity, (including pets).

Winter Festivities
Event Name Occurs Deity Banner
The Winter Carnival

(The Carnival)

December - February N/A Banner for The Winter Carnival, featuring pastel circus tents.
Pellumi's Winter Festivities

(The Sun Festival)

January Soll Banner for Pellumi's Winter Festivities, featuring the grey Soll's Ruins.
Pai's Winter Festivities February Ravan Banner for Pai's Winter Festivities, featuring Pai and books in the foreground.

Spring Festivities
Event Name Occurs Deity Banner
Kelbi's Spiralwood Festival March Kelbi Banner for Kelbi's Spiralwood Festival, featuring Lula, Carneau, and The Spiralwood.
Lian's Spring Festivities

(The Lotus Festival)

April Signi Banner for The Lotus Festival, featuring Lian and Poe.
Johaness' Spring Festivities May Aeolin Banner for Johaness' Spring Festivities, featuring The First Mate and Johaness.

Summer Festivities
Event Name Occurs Deity Banner
Summer Festivities August Ingi Banner for the Summer Festivities, featuring Lilia and Fantasia.

Fall Festivities
Event Name Occurs Deity Banner
Cro's Fall Festivities October Pann Banner for Cro's Fall Festivities, featuring Cro and Trout.
Magdalene's Autumn Festivities November Ombra Banner for Magdalene's Autumn Festivities, featuring Magdalene and Ombra's Forest.

Seasonal Mini-Events

Mini-Events are smaller events with fewer features and items.

Event Name Occurs Banner
Anniversary Festivities June 21 - Early July (5th or 12th) Banner for the Anniversary Festivities, featuring The Officiator and fireworks.
Winter Advent Calendar Late December - February Banner for the Anniversary Festivities, featuring a snowy landscape at night.
June Rainbows June Banner for the June Rainbows event, featuring a clear jug of water on a windowsill with rainbows refracted through it.
Dappyvolk April Fool's The site logo during 'Dappyvolk' event. The usual logo has been replaced with a scribbly version with a happy face added.
Spooky Tidings Late October - early November Banner for the Spooky Tidings event, which features the words 'An Ominous Spirit' over a dark brown forest background.

Retired Events

These events will not return, but may share gameplay similar to other events. Rewards from these events are still available elsewhere.

Event Name Occured Banner
The Frog Gathering 2024 Banner for The Frog Gathering, featuring Paulie at the Frog Pond.
Sharkvolk April 1 - April 7 (2018 and 2021) Banner for the Sharkvolk event, featuring a clear ocean with the Dappervolk logo replaced by the word 'Sharkvolk
A Strange Sky April 1 - April 7 (2022 and 2023) The site header during the 'A Strange Sky' event. The Dappervolk meadow has been replaced with a murky cosmos sky.
The Witches' War 2022 Banner for The Witches' War, featuring Glume, Mycel, and Barclay.
Trout's Spring Festivities 2018 Banner for Trout's Spring Festivities, featuring Trout.

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