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Eyes are a category of avatar items obtained through such various means as chance machines, events, and contests. Only one set of eyes can be worn on an avatar at any time, and Wardrobe Drawer Expansions cannot be used to add more slots.


Some limited eyes were awarded for backing the Kickstarter.

Kickstarter Backer Eyes
Aquarium Memory Image.
Aquarium Memory
Tenacity. 1
Obsidian Leer Image.
Obsidian Leer
Comprehension. 1
Jeweled Gaze Image.
Jeweled Gaze
Charm. 1


Each town has eyes unique to their NPCs or other inhabitants that can be obtained through their chance machines. Each set of eyes will have four variants: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Alchemy. The Alchemy variant is created by alchemizing five of the Common or Uncommon variant.

📝 A full list of NPC eyes by town can be found here.


Seasonal sets of eyes are most commonly available through site events. Many have variations, in which a recoloured variant was released on the second occurrence of the event, a different recoloured variant was released for the third occurrence, and so on. Seasonal eyes may also be specific to deities.

📝 A full list of seasonal eyes can be found here.

Monthly Limited Sets

Each month, Dappervolk releases monthly limited themed clothing sets. These are available from Pai's Shop of Wonders, Oran's Emporium, and Agnes' Perpetual Shop. The clothing sets retire at the end of the month.

📝 A full list of eyes from previous monthly limited sets can be found here.

Peddler's Port

There are several shops specific to Peddler's Port which contain purchasable sets of eyes. Most of these are available for a flat outright potato price when in stock (such as Nico's Salon), and in addition, some are exclusive to the player class (Moira's Stall, Declan's Stall, etc.).

📝 A full list of eyes that stock in Peddler's Port shops can be found here.

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