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Common questions by new Dappervolk players. If you find yourself answering the same short question over and over, feel free to add it here and just give people the link. (Long and detailed answers should go in the actual wiki page for that topic.)

Account & Registration[]

How do I change my Username?[]

Usernames can be changed under Account Settings (Account > Account Settings) players get 3 free name changes, afterwards the Name Changing Scroll item must be used. Name Changing Scrolls can be obtained from NPC Chance Machines or the Trades Market.

How do I retrieve my Log-in Name? Is that different than my Username?[]

Log-in Names are names that not displayed and only used for logging into your account. For security reasons, do not make your Log-in Name the same as your Username. To retrieve your log-in name send a ticket to the Ticket Desk.

Can I have more than one account?[]

Users are not able to make more than one Dappervolk account, doing so is against the Terms of Service.

Does Dappervolk have a dark mode?[]

Dappervolk does not have an official dark mode, but some players have created unofficial userstyles that can be implemented via a browser extension. You can find the thread here.

Character Creation & Classes[]

What is the difference between each character class?[]

The four Classes are Human, Elven, Animal and Galactic. Each class has exclusive items that can only be equipped to that class: Humans have Auros & Armor, Elves have Jewelry and Runes, Animals have Ears and Tails, and Galactics have Antennae and Crests. If you purchase items from a different class, you will not be able to wear them.

Classes also have stat affinities and disadvantages. Disadvantages make it difficult to gain a certain stat, but all classes will be able to gain all stats. For more information, check out the Stats page.

Player Class Stat Affinity Stat Weakness
Animal Honour Honour. Comprehension Comprehension.
Elves Charm Charm. Tenacity Tenacity.
Galactic Comprehension Comprehension. Honour Honour.
Human Tenacity Tenacity. Charm Charm.

Will I be able to change my class?[]

Once you have a created a character you are not able to change their class. In the future there may potentially be a second avatar, but this is currently unconfirmed.

Are all animal ears locked to the Animal Class? Is all the jewelry locked to Elves?[]

No. The only items locked to specific classes are those obtained during character creation or from the respective class' Class Peddler in Peddler's Port. Any items obtained from NPC Chance Machines, Item Alchemy, Adventuring, etc. are wearable by every class.

Will I be able to obtain the items I didn't choose during character creation?[]

Yes. Any Class Starter items or Newbie Items not chosen during character creation will be available in shops in Peddler's Port.

Kickstarter & Beta Questions[]

What was the Kickstarter? Are Kickstarter items still available?[]

The Dappervolk Kickstarter (commonly abbreviated KS in trade threads) took place in September 2017 during which exclusive items were available as backer rewards. Any items from this period are retired meaning they will not be obtainable by those who were not backers (the exception being if you trade a backer for their codes).

What was the Beta?[]

The Beta Testing testing phase occurred from March 2018 to October 2018. During this period users were able to test site features, participate in test events and obtain certain Limited Items and Beta Bundle Items. After Beta accounts where wiped and users had to start from scratch upon release (with the exception of limited items, usernames, account IDs and trophies). Every user who participated in Beta received a Prismatic Bell which hatches into the Prismatic Pup pet.


How do I get a pet?[]

Pets are obtained by using special hatching items which when incubated become pets. Incubation can be found under the Account tab (Account > Incubation). Following the main story line will provide you with a pet.

How long does it take to hatch a pet? Can it be sped up?[]

The time spent hatching a pet depends on the pet (for more information see the Pets page) but on average quaint pets take 8-12 hours. There is currently no way to speed up pet hatch times.

What are Pet IDs? How do I view them[]

Pet IDs are numbers tied to your pet in order to track their data. Pet IDs are able to be viewed in the URL of their page.

Are Pet names unique? Can I change my pet's name?[]

Pet names are not unique meaning that two pets can have an identical name. If you fail to name your pet during incubation it will be displayed as Unnamed. Pet names can be changed on their profiles under "Edit Pet", there is no limit to how many times a pet can be renamed.

Why did the meter go down when I fed my pet? Will anything bad happen if I don't feed my pet?[]

Pets have an Appetite Bar, this represents how hungry your pet is. When this bar is depleted they are no

Pet Appetite Bar

longer hungry and will not accept any more food. Pet Food can raise your pet's stats and mood, pets will not starve or suffer any consequences if they are not fed.

Why is my pet's mood staying at Happy instead of increasing to Joyful, even if I feed it up to 10/10?[]

Pets under 300 affection have a maximum mood of Happy. The Joyful mood is unlocked after you reach 300 affection with your pet.

How do I show an NPC my pet? How do I set a pet as my active pet?[]

Some NPCs will ask you to show them a particular type of pet, to do this the pet must be your active pet. Tp set a pet as your active pet go to their profile and select "Set Active Pet" (Account > Menagerie > View Profile > Set Active Pet)

How can I view Mythical (custom) pet evolutions?[]

This user guide on the Dappervolk Forums has images for all Mythical pet base colors and evolutions.

Adventuring Questions[]

I can't figure out the riddles. Are the answers random?[]

Nope, there is logic behind the answers. Take a look at the Riddles guide for an explanation and the Adventure Riddles List for the answers to every riddle.

I waited a long time and didn't get any riddles.[]

Riddles should show up every few minutes. Make sure the adventuring screen is either:

  • The active tab in your browser.
  • In its own window (NOT a background tab).

If it's a background tab, you may hear the music but you won't get any riddles.

Shop Questions[]

Why can't I unlock Fantasia/Lilia's shop?[]

You can only unlock one of those from playing through main quests. To unlock the other one, one has to reach 300 points of affection with them. If you need items from the locked shop for a quest in the meantime, you'll have to buy them in the trades market. Fantasia's Fantastical Bells and Training Knives, as well as Lilia's Training Lances can all be obtained through alchemizing certain combinations of conecakes.

(If you haven't unlocked either of them and you want to make sure you get the one you like: It's the decision point at the end of the Lilia & Fantasia quest. Take a tour with Fantasia to unlock their shop or train with Lilia to unlock hers.)

Can I unlock both Magdalene and Irin's shops?[]

Yes, if you follow this guide by Snivy (#24). Can also be found on the Three's Forest Main Quest page.

Can I unlock more than one witch's shop?[]

Not throughout the main storyline. After completing it, you will be able to unlock the other two through reaching 500 points of affection. Fortunately it's not easy to accidentally unlock the wrong one: you will need to raise a witch's favored stat to 30, and each witch tells you what stat they want.

How do I unlock Idra's shop?[]

Idra's chance machine stays closed for all until your friendship has deepened at 300 affection.

What order are Trades Market offers listed in?[]

When you have multiple offers on a trade lot in the Trades Market, the oldest / first offer is located at the top of the list. This means the order is Oldest ➡ Newest when read from top to bottom.

NPC Quest Questions[]

What does Lilia want when she asks for "interesting clothing?"[]

To view a list of what Lilia accepts as interesting clothing, view the Louise Hill Dailies page.

None of the totems I equip are recognized by Visindy for their "The Pristine Pool" daily errand![]

Visindy requires that your pet be equipped with the Comprehension Totem item. A totem that simply gives Comprehension as a stat will not work.

What totem corresponds to my class for Nigel's quest?[]

Nigel is asking for one of the four "base" totems. Other totems will not work.

Totems By Class
Honour Totem Image.
Honour Totem
Charm Totem Image.
Charm Totem
Comprehension Totem Image.
Comprehension Totem
Tenacity Totem Image.
Tenacity Totem

What items does Idra want for her home improvement project?[]

To view a list of what Idra accepts during daytime or nighttime for her daily quest, view the Silvie's Mine Dailies page.

What does Astra mean when he says he wants me to wear "warm" clothing?[]

To view a list of what Astra defines as warm clothing, you can view the Aviar Cove Dailies page.

Warm Clothing
Bearnard's Farming Shoes Image.
Bearnard's Farming Shoes
All variants
Buli's Mysterious Dress Image.
Buli's Mysterious Dress
All variants
Lilia's Pressed Shirt Image.
Lilia's Pressed Shirt
All variants
Not a Wizard Trousers Image.
Not a Wizard Trousers
All variants
3's Forest Coat Image.
3's Forest Coat
All variants
Trout's Jacket Image.
Trout's Jacket
All variants
Irin's Jacket Image.
Irin's Jacket
All variants
Magdalene's Cape Image.
Magdalene's Cape
All variants
Barclay's Sweater Image.
Barclay's Sweater
All variants
Barclay's Trousers Image.
Barclay's Trousers
All variants
Glume's Loop Scarf Image.
Glume's Loop Scarf
All variants
Stranger's Cloak Image.
Stranger's Cloak
Stranger's Shirt Image.
Stranger's Shirt
Stranger's Trousers Image.
Stranger's Trousers
Pinot's Academy Cloak Image.
Pinot's Academy Cloak
All variants
Pinot's Academy Shirt Image.
Pinot's Academy Shirt
All variants
Pinot's Academy Trousers Image.
Pinot's Academy Trousers
All variants
Nigel's Fancy Armour Image.
Nigel's Fancy Armour
All variants
Cairn's Mechanical Jacket Image.
Cairn's Mechanical Jacket
All variants
Cairn's Ceremonial Shorts Image.
Cairn's Ceremonial Shorts
All variants
Marvel's Mining Helm Image.
Marvel's Mining Helm
All variants
Marvel's Utility Jacket Image.
Marvel's Utility Jacket
All variants
Nigel's Fur Lined Boots Image.
Nigel's Fur Lined Boots
All variants
Visindy's Silk Coat Image.
Visindy's Silk Coat
All variants
Pascal's Cave Hat Image.
Pascal's Cave Hat
All variants
Pascal's Miner Jacket Image.
Pascal's Miner Jacket
All variants
Pascal's Buckled Shoes Image.
Pascal's Buckled Shoes
All variants
Lief's Puffy Coat Image.
Lief's Puffy Coat
All variants
Astra's Harpy Wings Image.
Astra's Harpy Wings
All variants
Pellier's Fluffy Vest Image.
Pellier's Fluffy Vest
All variants
Celestine's Laced Poncho Image.
Celestine's Laced Poncho
All variants
Carneau's Ruffled Shirt Image.
Carneau's Ruffled Shirt
All variants
Carneau's Colonel Cape Image.
Carneau's Colonel Cape
All variants
Carneau's Trim Trousers Image.
Carneau's Trim Trousers
All variants
Poe's Coral Sleeve Coat Image.
Poe's Coral Sleeve Coat
All variants
Poe's Layered Robes Image.
Poe's Layered Robes
All variants
Officiator's Robes Image.
Officiator's Robes
Wildflower Knit Poncho Image.
Wildflower Knit Poncho
Mountain Cloak Image.
Mountain Cloak
Winter Bell Coat Image.
Winter Bell Coat
All variants
Winter Bowtied Boots Image.
Winter Bowtied Boots
All variants
Winter Ribbon Sweater Image.
Winter Ribbon Sweater
All variants
Winter Scarf Image.
Winter Scarf
All variants
Winter Suspender Pants Image.
Winter Suspender Pants
All variants
Winter Worker's Boots Image.
Winter Worker's Boots
All variants
Crocheted Scarf Image.
Crocheted Scarf
All variants
Embroidered Fungi Cardigan Image.
Embroidered Fungi Cardigan
All variants
Mariner's Coat Image.
Mariner's Coat
All variants
Plaid Knit Sweater Image.
Plaid Knit Sweater
All variants
Trapper Hat Image.
Trapper Hat
All variants
Wool Bauble Sweater Image.
Wool Bauble Sweater
All variants
Woolen Sheep Sweater Image.
Woolen Sheep Sweater
All variants
Woolen Sock Hat Image.
Woolen Sock Hat
All variants
Cordelia's Prim Beret Image.
Cordelia's Prim Beret
Cordelia's Prim Mantle Image.
Cordelia's Prim Mantle
Fefin's Carnival Gloves Image.
Fefin's Carnival Gloves
Fefin's Carnival Jumper Image.
Fefin's Carnival Jumper
Pitre's Jester Coat Image.
Pitre's Jester Coat
Pitre's Jester Trousers Image.
Pitre's Jester Trousers
Aeolin's Furlined Cape Image.
Aeolin's Furlined Cape
Pellumi's Acolyte Robes Image.
Pellumi's Acolyte Robes
Ravan's Scholar Dress Image.
Ravan's Scholar Dress
Soll's Trousers Image.
Soll's Trousers
Heartfelt Wish Cape Image.
Heartfelt Wish Cape
Starry Wish Cape Image.
Starry Wish Cape
Basic Hoodie Image.
Basic Hoodie
All variants
Crochet Shirt Image.
Crochet Shirt
All variants
Leather Gloves Image.
Leather Gloves
All variants
Leather Jacket Image.
Leather Jacket
All variants
Thick Wool Socks Image.
Thick Wool Socks
All variants
Turtleneck Sweater Image.
Turtleneck Sweater
All variants
Jeweled Coat Image.
Jeweled Coat
Masked Wanderer Head Scarf Image.
Masked Wanderer Head Scarf
Winter Scholar Blouse Image.
Winter Scholar Blouse
Winter Scholar Boa Image.
Winter Scholar Boa
Winter Scholar Boots Image.
Winter Scholar Boots
Winter Scholar Cloak Image.
Winter Scholar Cloak
Winter Scholar Dress Robes Image.
Winter Scholar Dress Robes
Winter Scholar Hood Image.
Winter Scholar Hood
Solar Warden Jacket Image.
Solar Warden Jacket
Candlelit Symphonist Frill Coat Image.
Candlelit Symphonist Frill Coat
Chrysalis Painter Coat Image.
Chrysalis Painter Coat
Chrysalis Painter Hood Image.
Chrysalis Painter Hood
Wisteria Garden Cardigan Image.
Wisteria Garden Cardigan
Wisteria Garden Layered Skirt Image.
Wisteria Garden Layered Skirt
Wisteria Garden Trousers Image.
Wisteria Garden Trousers
Spectral Corsair Coat Image.
Spectral Corsair Coat
Spectral Corsair Pantaloons Image.
Spectral Corsair Pantaloons
Dragonglass Bowmaster Boots Image.
Dragonglass Bowmaster Boots
Dragonglass Bowmaster Cloak Image.
Dragonglass Bowmaster Cloak
Dragonglass Bowmaster Tunic Image.
Dragonglass Bowmaster Tunic
Curios Clothier Hanging Mittens Image.
Curios Clothier Hanging Mittens
Curios Clothier Quilted Vest Image.
Curios Clothier Quilted Vest

Which items does Xarion accept when he asks for you to alchemize "sturdy" clothing?[]

To view a list of what Xarion defines as sturdy, view Xarion's quest page.

Wardrobe Questions[]

How do I put on a new piece of clothing? It's not showing up in my wardrobe.[]

You have to move clothes from your inventory into your wardrobe first. Go to your inventory and select the item(s). On the right of the screen, click the dropdown menu that says "Select action" and choose "Add to Wardrobe." Once you've done that, the item will appear in your Wardrobe.

Add to Wardrobe Screenshot

A screenshot of the inventory with an item selected and the "Add to Wardrobe" option called out.

How can I wear 2 of the same type of item? (For example, I saw someone with two shirts.)[]

You'll need to use a Wardrobe Drawer Expansion item for that. Wardrobe Drawer Expansions are Rare items which can be obtained from every NPC Chance Machine or on the Trades Market.

How do I change the order of my clothes?[]

You can change the order your clothing is displayed by selecting "Sort Clothing Order" in your wardrobe and clicking and dragging any items you want to adjust.

How do I remove clothing from my wardrobe?[]

Clothing can be removed in the Wardrobe Management Section of your Inventory (Account > Inventory > Wardrobe Management). Clothing in your wardrobe can not be sold, traded or deleted.

How can I view previews of a certain clothing item?[]

A preview of every Dappervolk clothing item can be viewed in the Clothing Diary.