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Held Items are a category of avatar items obtained from Chance Machines, Bundles, Events and contests. If a held item comes from an NPC outside of Peddler's Port, there will always exist four variants - common, uncommon and rare, available through their Chance Machine, as well as one alchemy variant, created by merging five identical items together through Item Alchemy. The alchemy variant may also be obtainable through side quests.


Louise Hill

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Bearnard's Broom Image.
Bearnard's Broom

Tenacity.- Honour.-

Bearnard's Broom#Uncommon Image.
Bearnard's Green Ribbon Broom

Tenacity.1 Honour.1

Bearnard's Broom#Rare Image.
Bearnard's Fancy Broom

Tenacity. 3

Bearnard's Broom#Alchemy Image.
Bearnard's Golden Broom

Tenacity.2 Honour.1

Bearnard's Farming Spade Image.
Bearnard's Farming Spade

Tenacity. - Honour. -

Bearnard's Farming Spade#Uncommon Image.
Bearnard's Green Farming Spade

Charm. 1

Bearnard's Farming Spade#Rare Image.
Bearnard's Gold Farming Spade

Tenacity. 2

Bearnard's Farming Spade#Alchemy Image.
Bearnard's Red Farming Spade

Honour. 2

Buli's Essence Rings Image.
Buli's Essence Rings

Charm.- Comprehension.-

Buli's Essence Rings#Uncommon Image.
Buli's Green Essence Rings

Charm.1 Comprehension.-

Buli's Essence Rings#Rare Image.
Buli's Opal Essence Rings

Tenacity. 1 Honour. 1 Charm. 1 Comprehension. 1

Buli's Essence Rings#Alchemy Image.
Buli's Golden Essence Rings

Charm.2 Comprehension.-

Calbet's Training Bow Image.
Calbet's Training Bow


Calbet's Training Bow#Uncommon Image.
Calbet's Rowan Training Bow


Calbet's Training Bow#Rare Image.
Calbet's Obsidian Training Bow

Honour. 1 Comprehension. 2

Calbet's Training Bow#Alchemy Image.
Calbet's Silver Training Bow


Not a Wizard Wand Image.
Not a Wizard Wand


Not a Wizard Wand#Uncommon Image.
Not a Wizard Silver Wand


Not a Wizard Wand#Rare Image.
Not a Wizard Cosmic Wand

Honour. 2

Not a Wizard Wand#Alchemy Image.
Not a Wizard Magic Wand


Not a Wizard Trinket Image.
Not a Wizard Trinket


Not a Wizard Trinket#Uncommon Image.
Not a Wizard Red Trinket


Not a Wizard Trinket#Rare Image.
Not a Wizard Cosmic Trinket

Honour. 2 Comprehension. 2

Not a Wizard Trinket#Alchemy Image.
Not a Wizard Magical Trinket


Not Wizard Keys Image.
Not Wizard Keys


Not Wizard Keys#Uncommon Image.
Not Wizard Silver Keys


Not Wizard Keys#Rare Image.
Not Wizard Rose Gold Keys

Honour. 2

Not Wizard Keys#Alchemy Image.
Not Wizard Blue Keys


Lilia's Training Lances Image.
Lilia's Training Lances

Tenacity.- Honour.-

Lilia's Training Lances#Uncommon Image.
Lilia's Steel Training Lances

Tenacity.1 Honour.1

Lilia's Training Lances#Rare Image.
Lilia's Midnight Training Lances

Honour. 1 Comprehension. 2

Lilia's Training Lances#Alchemy Image.
Lilia's Golden Training Lances

Tenacity. 2 Honour. 2

Fantasia's Dagger Gloves Image.
Fantasia's Dagger Gloves

Honour.- Comprehension.-

Fantasia's Dagger Gloves#Uncommon Image.
Fantasia's Green Dagger Gloves

Honour.1 Comprehension.1

Fantasia's Dagger Gloves#Rare Image.
Fantasia's Silver Dagger Gloves

Honour. - Comprehension. 2

Fantasia's Dagger Gloves#Alchemy Image.
Fantasia's Dusk Dagger Gloves

Honour.2 Comprehension.2

Three's Forest

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Magdalene's Apprentice Lamp Image.
Magdalene's Apprentice Lamp

Charm.1 Comprehension.-

Magdalene's Apprentice Lamp#Uncommon Image.
Magdalene's Dim Apprentice Lamp

Charm.2 Comprehension.1

Magdalene's Apprentice Lamp#Rare Image.
Magdalene's Regal Apprentice Lamp

Charm.1 Comprehension.2

Magdalene's Apprentice Lamp#Alchemy Image.
Magdalene's Pixie Apprentice Lamp

Charm.2 Comprehension.1

Mycel's Staff Image.
Mycel's Staff


Mycel's Staff#Uncommon Image.
Mycel's White Jeweled Staff


Mycel's Staff#Rare Image.
Mycel's Agaric Staff


Mycel's Staff#Alchemy Image.
Mycel's Pastel Staff


Silvie's Mine

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Nigel's Fancy Sword Image.
Nigel's Fancy Sword


Nigel's Fancy Sword#Uncommon Image.
Nigel's Fancy Steel Sword


Nigel's Fancy Sword#Rare Image.
Nigel's Fancy Ruby Sword


Nigel's Fancy Sword#Alchemy Image.
Nigel's Fancy Gold Sword


Nigel's Shield Image.
Nigel's Shield


Nigel's Shield#Uncommon Image.
Nigel's Steel Shield


Nigel's Shield#Rare Image.
Nigel's Ruby Shield


Nigel's Shield#Alchemy Image.
Nigel's Gold Shield


Marvel's Crystal Pickaxe Image.
Marvel's Crystal Pickaxe


Marvel's Crystal Pickaxe#Uncommon Image.
Marvel's Bright Crystal Pickaxe


Marvel's Crystal Pickaxe#Rare Image.
Marvel's Midnight Crystal Pickaxe


Marvel's Crystal Pickaxe#Alchemy Image.
Marvel's Golden Crystal Pickaxe


Thomas Replica Image.
Thomas Replica

Charm.3 Comprehension.3

Thomas Replica#Uncommon Image.
Worn Thomas Replica

Charm.4 Comprehension.4

Thomas Replica#Rare Image.
Dreamy Thomas Replica

Charm.5 Comprehension.5

Thomas Replica#Alchemy Image.
Fancy Thomas Replica

Charm.6 Comprehension.5

Aviar Cove

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Lief's Toolbox Image.
Lief's Toolbox

Tenacity.1 Charm.2

Lief's Toolbox#Uncommon Image.
Lief's Green Toolbox

Tenacity.3 Charm.2

Lief's Toolbox#Rare Image.
Lief's Lilac Toolbox

Tenacity.5 Charm.4

Lief's Toolbox#Alchemy Image.
Lief's Golden Toolbox

Tenacity.4 Charm.5

Celestine's Laced Umbrella Image.
Celestine's Laced Umbrella

Charm.7 Comprehension.7

Celestine's Laced Umbrella#Uncommon Image.
Celestine's Laced Antique Umbrella

Charm.8 Comprehension.8

Celestine's Laced Umbrella#Rare Image.
Celestine's Laced Lilac Umbrella

Charm.13 Comprehension.12

Celestine's Laced Umbrella#Alchemy Image.
Celestine's Laced Gothic Umbrella

Charm.12 Comprehension.11

Carneau's Prized Sword Image.
Carneau's Prized Sword

Tenacity.7 Charm.6

Carneau's Prized Sword#Uncommon Image.
Carneau's Prized Silver Sword

Tenacity.8 Charm.7

Carneau's Prized Sword#Rare Image.
Carneau's Prized Gem Encrusted Sword

Tenacity.13 Charm.12

Carneau's Prized Sword#Alchemy Image.
Carneau's Prized Goldrush Sword

Tenacity.12 Charm.10

Vaer Reef

Common Uncommon Alchemy
Wras' Cane Image.
Wras' Golden Cane

Charm.7 Comprehension.4

Wras' Cane#Uncommon Image.
Wras' Bright Golden Cane

Charm.7 Comprehension.7

Wras' Cane#Alchemy Image.
Wras' Sapphire Cane

Charm.9 Comprehension.6

Item Alchemy

Item Alchemy (Recipes)

Ink Paintbrush#Blue Image.
Blue Ink Paintbrush


Ink Paintbrush#Gold Image.
Gold Ink Paintbrush


Ink Paintbrush#Red Image.
Red Ink Paintbrush


Ink Paintbrush#Green Image.
Green Ink Paintbrush


Ink Paintbrush#Pink Image.
Pink Ink Paintbrush

Honour.4 Comprehension.2

2-Step Evolving Alchemy

Basic 5x ➜ 1st Evolution 5x ➜ 2nd Evolution 5x ➜ RANDOM
Shark Plush Image.
Shark Plush


Shark Plush#2nd Evolution Image.
Shadow Shark Plush

Honour.2 Comprehension.2

Shark Plush#3rd Evolution Image.
Gold Shark Plush


3 Step Evolving Alchemy

Basic 5x ➜ 1st Evolution 5x ➜ 2nd Evolution 5x ➜ 3rd Evolution 5x ➜ Random
Night Lantern Image.
Night Lantern


Night Lantern#Staff Image.
Night Lantern Staff


Night Lantern#Vined Image.
Vined Night Lantern Staff


Hanging Night Lanterns can be found in the Back Items category.
Sea Reef Sword Image.
Sea Reef Sword

Charm.2 Comprehension.1

Sea Reef Sword#Cutlass Image.
Sea Reef Cutlass

Charm.2 Comprehension.3

Sea Reef Sword#Falchion Image.
Sea Reef Falchion

Tenacity.6 Honour.5 Charm.5 Comprehension.6

Sea Reef Broadsword can be found in the Back Items category.



Kelbi's Staff Image.
Kelbi's Staff

Tenacity.3 Charm.2

Parsnip on a Stick Image.
Parsnip on a Stick

Tenacity.2 Charm.2

Ravan's Tomes Image.
Ravan's Tomes

Tenacity.2 Comprehension.3


Summer Picnic Basket Image.
Summer Picnic Basket

Tenacity.2 Honour.2 Charm.1 Comprehension.1

Summer Picnic Basket#Forgotten Image.
Forgotten Summer Picnic Basket

Honour.2 Charm.1 Comprehension.3

Summer Wild Flowers Image.
Summer Wild Flowers

Tenacity.1 Honour.3 Charm.2

Summer Wild Flowers#Forgotten Image.
Forgotten Summer Wild Flowers

Tenacity.1 Honour.1 Charm.2

Masquerade Ivita Balloon Image.
Masquerade Day Ivita Balloon

Tenacity.2 Comprehension.3

Masquerade Ingi Balloon Image.
Masquerade Blue Ingi Balloon

Honour.2 Comprehension.4

Masquerade Ingi Balloon#Red Image.
Masquerade Red Ingi Balloon

Tenacity.2 Honour.4 Comprehension.2

Masquerade Ivita Balloon#Night Image.
Masquerade Night Ivita Balloon

Tenacity.2 Honour.2 Charm.2 Comprehension.2

Masquerade Signi Balloon Image.
Masquerade Blue Signi Balloon

Tenacity.2 Comprehension.2

Masquerade Signi Balloon#Red Image.
Masquerade Red Signi Balloon

Tenacity.2 Honour.3 Comprehension.2

Gourmet Candies Image.
Gourmet Candies

Tenacity.1 Honour.1

Pitre's Hand of Tricks Image.
Pitre's Hand of Tricks


Cordelia's Lace Parasol Image.
Cordelia's Lace Parasol

Honour.2 Charm.3 Comprehension.2


NPC Affection (General)

Rare Alchemy
Warm Heart Bouquet Image.
Warm Heart Bouquet

Tenacity.3 Honour.6

Warm Heart Bouquet#Shining Image.
Warm Heart Shining Bouquet

Tenacity.4 Honour.7

Cold Heart Pike Image.
Cold Heart Pike

Charm.4 Comprehension.6

Cold Heart Pike#Lightning Image.
Cold Heart Lightning Pike

Charm.5 Comprehension.7

NPC Affection (NPC Specific)

Bearnard's Turnip Stew Image.
Bearnard's Turnip Stew


Buli's Scientific Equipment Image.
Buli's Scientific Equipment


Idra's Flower Basket Image.
Idra's Flower Basket

Honour.10 Comprehension.8

Johaness' Bell Staff Image.
Johaness' Bell Staff


Peddler's Port

Officiator's Record Office

Ink Paintbrush Image.
Black Ink Paintbrush

Tenacity.1 Comprehension.1

Agnes' Daily Gift

Wildflower Clothing#Bouquet Image.
Wildflower Bouquet

Tenacity.3 Honour.2 Charm.2

Entomology Net Image.
Entomology Net

Tenacity.3 Honour.1 Charm.1 Comprehension.1

Nico's Atelier

Leatherbound Journal#Red Image.
Red Leatherbound Journal
Leatherbound Journal#Yellow Image.
Yellow Leatherbound Journal
Leatherbound Journal#Green Image.
Green Leatherbound Journal
Leatherbound Journal#Blue Image.
Blue Leatherbound Journal
Leatherbound Journal Image.
Black Leatherbound Journal

Nico's Prize Boutique

Hamster Treat Image.
Hamster Treat

Tenacity.1 Honour.1

Pai's Shop of Wonders

Leviathan Trident Image.
Leviathan Trident


Eclipsed Seraph Sword Image.
Eclipsed Seraph Sword

Tenacity.3 Honour.1 Comprehension.1

Butterfly Mystic Lamp Image.
Butterfly Mystic Lamp

Tenacity.3 Honour.2 Comprehension.1

Mordant Advisor Scythe Image.
Mordant Advisor Scythe

Honour.2 Comprehension.3

Glasswork Artificer Axe Image.
Glasswork Artificer Axe

Tenacity.2 Honour.2 Charm.2 Comprehension.2

Solar Warden Staff Image.
Solar Warden Staff

Tenacity.3 Honour.1 Charm.1

Wisteria Garden Mop Image.
Wisteria Garden Mop

Tenacity.3 Honour.1 Charm.1 Comprehension.1

Wasteland Nomad Flare Gun Image.
Wasteland Nomad Flare Gun

Tenacity.3 Honour.2

Scaled Storyteller Ribbon Fan Image.
Scaled Storyteller Ribbon Fan

Honour.1 Comprehension.3

Ophidian Envoy Sword Image.
Ophidian Envoy Sword

Honour.2 Charm.5

Oran's Emporium

Masked Wanderer Lantern Image.
Masked Wanderer Lantern

Tenacity.3 Charm.1

Orchard Historian Sword Image.
Orchard Historian Sword

Tenacity.2 Honour.3

Wisteria Garden Umbrella Image.
Wisteria Garden Umbrella

Tenacity.1 Honour.2 Comprehension.2

Little Forager Fiddlehead Staff Image.
Little Forager Fiddlehead Staff


Opaline Lightseer Lamp Image.
Opaline Lightseer Lamp

Tenacity.3 Comprehension.1

Skyborne Timekeeper Sceptor Image.
Skyborne Timekeeper Sceptor

Tenacity.2 Honour.3 Comprehension.1

Skyborne Timekeeper Teacup Image.
Skyborne Timekeeper Teacup

Honour.1 Comprehension.2

Spectral Corsair Cane Image.
Spectral Corsair Cane

Tenacity.1 Charm.2 Comprehension.2

Dragonglass Bowmaster Arc Image.
Dragonglass Bowmaster Arc

Charm.2 Comprehension.1

Dragonglass Bowmaster Quiver Image.
Dragonglass Bowmaster Quiver


Biodome Ecologist Hydrator Image.
Biodome Ecologist Hydrator


Blight Corvus Lamp Image.
Blight Corvus Lamp


Scaled Storyteller Raised Fan Image.
Scaled Storyteller Raised Fan


Alpine Shepherd Staff Image.
Alpine Shepherd Staff

Tenacity.3 Honour.2 Comprehension.2


Retired Bundles

Druid's Vine Staff Image.
Druid's Vine Staff


Support Axe Image.
Support Axe

Honour.2 Charm.1

Referral Shop

Shop Stock

Royal Sceptor Image.
Red Royal Sceptor

Tenacity.2 Honour.3

Royal Sceptor#Black Image.
Black Royal Sceptor

Tenacity.2 Comprehension.3

Royal Sceptor#Blue Image.
Blue Royal Sceptor

Tenacity.1 Comprehension.2

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