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Image showing the Birthday Notification checkbox on a pet's profile.

The Birthday Notification checkbox on a pet's profile.

Pet Birthdays are opportunities to drastically increase a pet's affection. A birthday cake icon will appear on their page (and on their image in the Menagerie) and they will be showered with confetti:


Clicking on the birthday cake opens up the option to gift the pet any item from the inventory. The pet's reaction to the gift depends on their nature, with the exception of receiving their favorite item, which depends on their species.

To get notifications on your pet's birthday, navigate to your pet's profile and select the "Birthday Notifications" checkbox.[1]

Pets born on February 29th (the leap day of a leap year) will only have birthdays once every four years.

Please note, that custom pets dont't have a favourite item set for their birthday.[2]

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Affection Gain

Birthday gifts will net an affection gain of 5-30, depending on how much the pet likes the item. Different messages are shown depending on the amount gained.

5 Affection (Disliked)
"Your pet has been excited to spend a great day with you, and enjoyed your extra love and attention on their special day. You decide to give them their gift now, but your pet's face falls once they've unwrapped what you've selected. You realize they don't like the gift very much, and promise to listen closer to what they like for next time."
"Your pet has been smiles and laughter all day, running about their pen with the excitement of their birthday. They trash excitedly when they see you, throwing themselves at and on you affectionately. Once they settle down you present your pet with a special birthday gift but they don't seem very interested in it after offering their thanks..."
"Your pet's excitement wavers a little once they've opened their special gift. Eon thanks you with the utmost politeness, because they want to act with the maturity that comes with their age, but you get the feeling they're less than enthusiastic. After the party, you notice another one of your pets returning to their pen with it."
"You bring your pet their birthday present, and they sit up from their favorite resting place. They quietly pick away at the wrapping, but lose interest in the gift shortly after realizing what you've gotten them."
"Your pet romps about their gathering covered in party streamers and cake crumbs, knowing they can't get in trouble on their birthday. You catch up to them to give them your present, but once they've unwrapped it they blow a raspberry at you and run off. They must not like it!"
10 Affection (Neutral)
"You present your pet with their birthday gift with a flourish, and they tear into the little parcel. After taking a good look at the item they chirrup in contentment and curl up with you. The rest of the day with your pet is full of merriment, but can't help but wonder if your pet would have liked something else a bit more."
"Your pet seems to notice their present before they notice you, zooming about in little circles before finally stopping and reaching out for their birthday present. You hand it over as they peep in excitement, immediately tossing wrapping paper all over their pen. Content you remembered their birthday, they challenge you to a race."
"Head tilted, your pet watches curiously as you sneak from their pen to retrieve their birthday present. Their party guests clap for them as they open it, and they coo contentedly as they turn the item over."
15 Affection (Liked)
"Your pet has spent a year in the world now, and seems all the more patient and wiser for it. They enjoy the party games you and your other pets play immensely, but do seem to be awaiting when they can finally open the pile of presents. The time has finally come and you take your present from the top, presenting it to your pet happily. A flurry of wrapping paper later and your pet calls out with delight over what they've uncovered, proudly showing off your gift to their penmates."
"Your pet invites you to a stroll, sharing answers to the riddles it knows and occasionally reaching out to hold your hand. You secretly escort them to their birthday part, and present them with a good gift sure to brighten their day even more. Boop closes their eyes serenely, holding their gift close."
"Your pets are playing together in their pen when you call your pet over, presenting them with a slice of cake with lit candles poking out of it. They're rattling off multiple wishes before you remind them nothing can come true if they tell you. The secret settled on, they close their eyes and blow out the candles. When they open their eyes they gasp, cake forgotten, and reach for the present to open it and hop excitedly over what you've gotten them."
30 Affection (Favourite)
"Your pet has been a handful all day, between making a mess of their pen with their birthday cake and never quite settling down enough to open presents. You toss your gift to them as they run by and they stop in their tracks, squealing and chattering over what they've caught. Hopping about you in circles, they ask if you knew this is what they've always wanted?"
"Your pet has rested peacefully throughout their birthday, seemingly thankful for the downtime. They greet you with a groggy nod as you wake them for their party, and curiously inspect the parcel in your hands. You explain this is a special gift, and urge them to open it. They curl around what you've selected for them lovingly, seeming to have forgotten you're there for a moment, before turning back to thank you for finding their favorite thing."
"You've hidden your pet's favorite item along their preferred exercise route, and pretend nothing is out of the ordinary when asking them to accompany you on a walk. They spot the hidden object and crane their head to get a better look before scampering excited to confirm what they've found. You catch up to them a bit out of breath, and they look up at you with soulful eyes, holding the gift label tight. You hug them tight, wishing your pet a happy birthday while they blubber over such a special gift."
"You spend the day making sure your pet has the most fun birthday they can, with only the best refreshments and guests possible at their party. While they're enjoying a piece of cake you set their present down beside them and pat them fondly. Their eyes light up with utter delight, and your pet immediately begins chattering with their mouth full. They seem unable to believe you've remembered their favorite thing, and have called all the guests over to see."
"You find your pet enjoying some downtime away from the rest of your pets. They look up at you expectantly, and smile briefly when they see what you're holding. You hand them their gift and they carefully peel away the wrapping paper before hopping up to thank you. It seems you've done well procuring your pet's favorite object for their special day."
"Your pet has demanded all your attention today, knowing quality time with you would make their birthday the best it could be. Knowing Jun Bugby so well, you're able to catch them by surprise when giving them their present. Their face glows with delight as they take it from you, bubbling with joy that you've listened so well to know this is their favorite."
"Your pet glowers in their party hat until the biggest part of the day begins. Your pet seems unable to hide their excitement over a gift of their very favorite thing, and they whine apologetically at you despite their bad mood at the end of the party."
"You have known your pet another year, and your friendship has grown that much stronger. You and your pet spent a quiet day together going to their favorite places and playing their favorite games. As you tuck them back into their pen, they notice their favorite thing waiting on their bed and cry out with joy. After such a wonderful day together, your pet seems overcome with emotion and and nuzzles tearfully against you expressing a gratitude as deep as your bond."
"Your Pet hasn't seemed able to make the best of their special day, but you knew just the thing to temporarily quell their bad mood. You present Your Pet with an item they've spent hours admiring over the past year and their eyes light up with utter delight."

Favorite Gifts

Different species have favorite items that give +30 affection. Gifting pets their favorite items counts towards a special achievement called "Pet Pleaser."

Use "CTRL + F" to find the pet you are looking for.

Common Quaint Pets

Louise Hill

Pet Name & Image Favorite Item
Quickened Turnipling Image.
Quickened Turnipling
Bearnard's Green Ribbon Sun Hat Image.
Bearnard's Green Ribbon Sun Hat
Runty Turnipling Image.
Runty Turnipling
Honour Totem Image.
Honour Totem
Turnipling Image.
Charm Totem Image.
Charm Totem
Essence Thief Image.
Essence Thief
Mixer Potion Image.
Mixer Potion
Apprentice Cat Image.
Apprentice Cat
Not a Wizard Red Trinket Image.
Not a Wizard Red Trinket
Cabbager Image.
Trout's Blue Ankle Sparks Image.
Trout's Blue Ankle Sparks
Bell Fox Image.
Bell Fox
Stoic Tiara Image.
Stoic Tiara
Stoic Deericorn Image.
Stoic Deericorn
Fantastical Bells Image.
Fantastical Bells

Three's Forest

Pet Name & Image Favorite Item
Spring Seedling Image.
Spring Seedling
Human Water Auro Image.
Human Water Auro
Goosebird Image.
Egg Nest Image.
Egg Nest
Succulent Vole Image.
Succulent Vole
Johaness' Seaside Sunset Backdrop Image.
Johaness' Seaside Sunset Backdrop
Lantern Pixie Image.
Lantern Pixie
3's Forest Gate Image.
3's Forest Gate
Pumpkin Pup Image.
Pumpkin Pup
Barclay's Flower Puppet Image.
Barclay's Flower Puppet
Peddler Raccoon Image.
Peddler Raccoon
Bronze Lantern Image.
Bronze Lantern
Golden Flower Faun Image.
Golden Flower Faun
Barclay's White Garland Image.
Barclay's White Garland
Glowshroom Rabbit Image.
Glowshroom Rabbit
Forest Drop Cake Image.
Forest Drop Cake
Scullion Image.
Buli's Essence Spirit Image.
Buli's Essence Spirit

The Red Tower

Pet Name & Image Favorite Item
Academic Pup Image.
Academic Pup
Undiscovered Gift Image
Miasma Purrling Image.
Miasma Purrling
Not a Wizard Cosmic Wand Image.
Not a Wizard Cosmic Wand
Fairytale Blossom Image.
Fairytale Blossom
Barclay's White Flower Puppet Image.
Barclay's White Flower Puppet
Dreamvale Blossom Image.
Dreamvale Blossom
Mycel's Head Fungi Image.
Mycel's Head Fungi
Wickedlily Blossom Image.
Wickedlily Blossom
Glume's Spirit Totem Image.
Glume's Spirit Totem

Silvie's Mine

Pet Name & Image Favorite Item
Black Moor Guardling Image.
Black Moor Guardling
Crystal Caves Pen Expansion Image.
Crystal Caves Pen Expansion
Voyager Bat Image.
Voyager Bat
Johaness' Dark Ship Hat Image.
Johaness' Dark Ship Hat
Rune Rook Image.
Rune Rook
Carneau's Prized Silver Sword Image.
Carneau's Prized Silver Sword
Mining Deerwolf Image.
Mining Deerwolf
Marvel's Dark Mining Helm Image.
Marvel's Dark Mining Helm
Topaz Sheep Image.
Topaz Sheep
Cabbage Image.
Topaz Glow Wurm Image.
Topaz Glow Wurm
Undiscovered Gift Image
Geodillo Image.
Marvel's Crystal Pickaxe Image.
Marvel's Crystal Pickaxe
Sapphire Lotl Image.
Sapphire Lotl
Undiscovered Gift Image

Aviar Cove

Pet Name & Image Favorite Item
Quill Sparrow Image.
Quill Sparrow
Prism Candied Shell Image.
Prism Candied Shell
Librarian Goat Image.
Librarian Goat
Undiscovered Gift Image
Lightbulb Deer Image.
Lightbulb Deer
Pellier's Belt of Lights Image.
Pellier's Belt of Lights
Astronomouse Image.
Galactic Broken Halo Crest Image.
Galactic Broken Halo Crest
Ferry Mermaid Image.
Ferry Mermaid
Feather Bottle Image.
Feather Bottle
Sorbet Seal Image.
Sorbet Seal
Undiscovered Gift Image
Glass Harpy Image.
Glass Harpy
Celestine's Laced Umbrella Image.
Celestine's Laced Umbrella
Hydrangea Poodle Image.
Hydrangea Poodle
Undiscovered Gift Image
Golden Oliphant Image.
Golden Oliphant
Celestine's Prim Ruffles Image.
Celestine's Prim Ruffles

Vaer Reef

Pet Name & Image Favorite Item
Seanaut Pup Image.
Seanaut Pup
Poe's Citizen Badge Image.
Poe's Citizen Badge
Anemone Sprite Image.
Anemone Sprite
Pyrifera's Medicine Bottles Image.
Pyrifera's Medicine Bottles
Gloomy Marine Imp Image.
Gloomy Marine Imp
Clione's Glowing Coral Image.
Clione's Glowing Coral
Goldfish Sealing Image.
Goldfish Sealing
Animal Fish Fins Image.
Animal Fish Fins
Gilded Seashark Image.
Gilded Seashark
Carneau's Captain Hat Image.
Carneau's Captain Hat
Sneering Pirate Eel Image.
Sneering Pirate Eel
Gold Bead Bracelets Image.
Gold Bead Bracelets

Rare Quaint Pets

NPC Affection

Pet Name & Image Favorite Item
Black Heart Rabbit Image.
Black Heart Rabbit
Pellier's Fire Aura Image.
Pellier's Fire Aura
Red Heart Rabbit Image.
Red Heart Rabbit
Honourable Capelet Image.
Honourable Capelet

Item Alchemy

Pet Name & Image Favorite Item
Candle Jester Image.
Candle Jester
Apprentice Teapot Image.
Apprentice Teapot
Prism Gremlin Image.
Prism Gremlin
Elven Yellow Gem Necklace Image.
Elven Yellow Gem Necklace
Moon Moth Image.
Moon Moth
Ornate Lantern Image.
Ornate Lantern
Stone Guinea Image.
Stone Guinea
Magdalene's Apprentice Lamp Image.
Magdalene's Apprentice Lamp
Pinecupine Image.
Pumpkin Image.
Sunbee Image.
Turnip Flower Image.
Turnip Flower
Funky Turnipling Image.
Funky Turnipling
Misshapen Turnip Image.
Misshapen Turnip
Moss Gremlin Image.
Moss Gremlin
Undiscovered Gift Image
Magma Cow Image.
Magma Cow
Roan Stone Image.
Roan Stone
Aurora Sealing Image.
Aurora Sealing
Clione's Algae Coral Image.
Clione's Algae Coral
Octopirate Image.
Wras' Bright Golden Cane Image.
Wras' Bright Golden Cane
Effervescent Snail Image.
Effervescent Snail
Undiscovered Gift Image
Fireprism Crow Image.
Fireprism Crow
Gem Studded Ring Image.
Gem Studded Ring


Pet Name & Image Favorite Item
Crowned Tiger Image.
Crowned Tiger
Calbet's Orange Cabbage Friend Image.
Calbet's Orange Cabbage Friend
Dappole Image.
Undiscovered Gift Image
Faerie Froglet Image.
Faerie Froglet
Undiscovered Gift Image
Gnopossum Image.
Undiscovered Gift Image
Petal Rainfrog Image.
Petal Rainfrog
Undiscovered Gift Image
Potatoad Image.
Undiscovered Gift Image

Fantastical Pets

Random Pet Alchemy

Pet Name & Image Favorite Item
Ashen Cinder Fox Image.
Ashen Cinder Fox
Buli's Magic Golden Pots Image.
Buli's Magic Golden Pots
Emerald Dragonlet Image.
Emerald Dragonlet
Mycel's Pastel Staff Image.
Mycel's Pastel Staff
Pine Sheep Image.
Pine Sheep
Lief's Green Lightbulbs Image.
Lief's Green Lightbulbs
Pointed Gryphon Image.
Pointed Gryphon
Celestine's Decorative Pale Wings Image.
Celestine's Decorative Pale Wings
Scenic Crab Image.
Scenic Crab
Undiscovered Gift Image
Poison Lion Image.
Poison Lion
Glume's Black Vine Chain Image.
Glume's Black Vine Chain

Non-Random Pet Alchemy

Pet Name & Image Favorite Item
Armored Ground Dragon Image.
Armored Ground Dragon
Lief's Rose Teal Hanging Lights Image.
Lief's Rose Teal Hanging Lights
Black Heart Wolfrabbit Image.
Black Heart Wolfrabbit
Wras' Sapphire Cane Image.
Wras' Sapphire Cane
Coral Seamaid Image.
Coral Seamaid
Poe's Silver Coral Sleeve Coat Image.
Poe's Silver Coral Sleeve Coat
Cosmic Carp Image.
Cosmic Carp
Obsidian Night Pen Expansion Image.
Obsidian Night Pen Expansion
Cosmic Sea Caprine Image.
Cosmic Sea Caprine
Undiscovered Gift Image
Dande'lion Image.
Inquisitive Meadow Bees Image.
Inquisitive Meadow Bees
Dark Crystal Skulling Image.
Dark Crystal Skulling
Mycel's Dreamy Potion Swirls Image.
Mycel's Dreamy Potion Swirls
Desert Anole Image.
Desert Anole
Silvie's Mine Blue Lamps Image.
Silvie's Mine Blue Lamps
Fanged Koihound Image.
Fanged Koihound
Shadow Shark Friend Image.
Shadow Shark Friend
Floral Mantid Image.
Floral Mantid
Lilia's Ice Flower Gem Necklace Image.
Lilia's Ice Flower Gem Necklace
Flying Bat Fox Image.
Flying Bat Fox
Not a Wizard Magic Wand Image.
Not a Wizard Magic Wand
Fungi Ferret Image.
Fungi Ferret
Mycel's Agaric Mycology Basket Image.
Mycel's Agaric Mycology Basket
Glass Orb Fox Image.
Glass Orb Fox
Not a Wizard Gold Hat Image.
Not a Wizard Gold Hat
Marine Kelphorse Image.
Marine Kelphorse
Vaer Reef Kelp Garden Image.
Vaer Reef Kelp Garden
Mercat Image.
Winged Moon Totem Image.
Winged Moon Totem
Painted Lizard Image.
Painted Lizard
Undiscovered Gift Image
Prism Dryad Image.
Prism Dryad
Prism Soup Image.
Prism Soup
Pond Mage Image.
Pond Mage
Undiscovered Gift Image
Purrslane Image.
Undiscovered Gift Image
Red Heart Deerbun Image.
Red Heart Deerbun
Silken Brocade of Loyalty Image.
Silken Brocade of Loyalty
Spiral Imp Image.
Spiral Imp
Blue Snail Friends Image.
Blue Snail Friends
Spirit Messenger Image.
Spirit Messenger
Dark Crystal Skulling Recipe Image.
Dark Crystal Skulling Recipe
Stonevine Deericorn Image.
Stonevine Deericorn
Ornate Horns of Loyalty Image.
Ornate Horns of Loyalty
Sunrise Celestial Image.
Sunrise Celestial
Carneau's Prized Goldrush Sword Image.
Carneau's Prized Goldrush Sword
Sunstone Goat Image.
Sunstone Goat
Barclay's Blue Flower Mantle Image.
Barclay's Blue Flower Mantle
Scaled Oceanling Image.
Scaled Oceanling
Clione's Gold Shell Garland Image.
Clione's Gold Shell Garland

Legendary Pets

Non-Random Pet Alchemy

Pet Name & Image Favorite Item
Celestial Sea Serpent Image.
Celestial Sea Serpent
Carneau's Striped Pigeons Image.
Carneau's Striped Pigeons
Celestial Owlgriff Image.
Celestial Owlgriff
Astra's Cream Constellation Dress Image.
Astra's Cream Constellation Dress
Centauri Seer Image.
Centauri Seer
Calbet's Silver Training Bow Image.
Calbet's Silver Training Bow
Luminous Seashark Image.
Luminous Seashark
Wras' Adorned Rainbow Headfins Image.
Wras' Adorned Rainbow Headfins
Meadow Hound Image.
Meadow Hound
Red Heart Head Piece Image.
Red Heart Head Piece
Mechanical Sea Nomad Image.
Mechanical Sea Nomad
Cairn's Mechanical Moonstone Mask Image.
Cairn's Mechanical Moonstone Mask
Swamp Hound Image.
Swamp Hound
Black Heart Head Piece Image.
Black Heart Head Piece
Swamp Sage Image.
Swamp Sage
Undiscovered Gift Image

Seasonal Pets

Seasonal Event Pets

Pet Name & Image Favorite Item
Shade Bear Image.
Shade Bear
Mycel's Mycology Basket Image.
Mycel's Mycology Basket
Book Owl Image.
Book Owl
Feather Quill Image.
Feather Quill
Sea Bird Image.
Sea Bird
Olievar's Fluorescent Oxygen Helmet Image.
Olievar's Fluorescent Oxygen Helmet
Parsnipling Image.
Glowshrooms Image.
Grove Beetle Image.
Grove Beetle
Marvel's Green Utility Jacket Image.
Marvel's Green Utility Jacket
Sun Scribe Image.
Sun Scribe
Undiscovered Gift Image
Ruin Lion Image.
Ruin Lion
Human Light Auro Image.
Human Light Auro
Lotus Dragonlet Image.
Lotus Dragonlet
Aquatic Flower Image.
Aquatic Flower
Silky Pondling Image.
Silky Pondling
Strawberry Candied Shells Image.
Strawberry Candied Shells
Worm Image.
Undiscovered Gift Image
Shrewdini Image.
Undiscovered Gift Image
Porcelain Owlet Image.
Porcelain Owlet
Undiscovered Gift Image
Carousel Pony Image.
Carousel Pony
Undiscovered Gift Image
Caped Fruit Bat Image.
Caped Fruit Bat
Undiscovered Gift Image
Pearl Goblin Image.
Pearl Goblin
Undiscovered Gift Image
Kelbling Image.
Undiscovered Gift Image
Spiral Alligator Image.
Spiral Alligator
Undiscovered Gift Image
Squiggler Image.
Undiscovered Gift Image
Party Bear Image.
Party Bear
Undiscovered Gift Image
Candy Floss Koala Image.
Candy Floss Koala
Undiscovered Gift Image

Seasonal Premium Pets

Pet Name & Image Favorite Item
Spring Raptor Image.
Spring Raptor
White Hill Rabbit Image.
White Hill Rabbit
Spring Marmoset Image.
Spring Marmoset
Stained Glass Shortbread Cookie Image.
Stained Glass Shortbread Cookie
Spring Blossom Image.
Spring Blossom
Peach Sweet Dumpling Image.
Peach Sweet Dumpling
Spring Dragon Image.
Spring Dragon
Undiscovered Gift Image

Pet Name & Image Favorite Item
Summer Gryphon Image.
Summer Gryphon
Magdalene's Pixie Apprentice Lamp Image.
Magdalene's Pixie Apprentice Lamp
Summer Peony Dragon Image.
Summer Peony Dragon
Blossom Sweet Dumpling Image.
Blossom Sweet Dumpling
Summer Owl Image.
Summer Owl
Undiscovered Gift Image
Summer Flower Fawn Image.
Summer Flower Fawn
Undiscovered Gift Image

Pet Name & Image Favorite Item
Autumn Babbit Image.
Autumn Babbit
Honourable Red Velvet Cake Image.
Honourable Red Velvet Cake
Autumn Bunnylope Image.
Autumn Bunnylope
Undiscovered Gift Image
Autumn Firebat Image.
Autumn Firebat
Undiscovered Gift Image

Pet Name & Image Favorite Item
Winter Kirin Image.
Winter Kirin
White Sparkles Image.
White Sparkles
Winter Oxen Image.
Winter Oxen
Baby Mountain Yak Image.
Baby Mountain Yak
Winter Holly Cat Image.
Winter Holly Cat
Undiscovered Gift Image

Charity Sales
Pet Name & Image Favorite Item
Spirit of Kindness Image.
Spirit of Kindness
Prism Wrapped Candies Image.
Prism Wrapped Candies

Limited Pets

Pai and Oran

Pet Name & Image Favorite Item
Carousel Piglet Image.
Carousel Piglet
Honourable Red Velvet Cake Image.
Honourable Red Velvet Cake
Terrarium Squirrel Image.
Terrarium Squirrel
Nutmeg Coffee Image.
Nutmeg Coffee
Lantern Mouse Image.
Lantern Mouse
Oil Lantern Image.
Oil Lantern
Opaline Faeling Image.
Opaline Faeling
Night Lantern Image.
Night Lantern
Sunflower Gremlin Image.
Sunflower Gremlin
Undiscovered Gift Image
Dragonglass Wyvern Image.
Dragonglass Wyvern
Effervescent Pearl Image.
Effervescent Pearl
Dragonglass Fae Image.
Dragonglass Fae
Forest Dew Bauble Image.
Forest Dew Bauble
Ancient Abyss Seabun Image.
Ancient Abyss Seabun
Ocean Terrarium Image.
Ocean Terrarium
Curios Clothier Calf Image.
Curios Clothier Calf
Pumpkin Image.
Curios Clothier Deermouse Image.
Curios Clothier Deermouse
Undiscovered Gift Image
Radiant Dragonlet Image.
Radiant Dragonlet
Undiscovered Gift Image
Arcane Heart Dove Image.
Arcane Heart Dove
Undiscovered Gift Image
Blight Corvus Roguecat Image.
Blight Corvus Roguecat
Undiscovered Gift Image
Blight Corvus Witchcat Image.
Blight Corvus Witchcat
Undiscovered Gift Image
Gilded Gremlin Image.
Gilded Gremlin
Undiscovered Gift Image
Luminous Gremlin Image.
Luminous Gremlin
Undiscovered Gift Image
Spiced Teamaker Ram Image.
Spiced Teamaker Ram
Undiscovered Gift Image
Wasteland Wolf Image.
Wasteland Wolf
Undiscovered Gift Image
Alpine Calf Image.
Alpine Calf
Undiscovered Gift Image

Beta Exclusives

Pet Name & Image Favorite Item
Bardling Image.
Not Wizard Keys Image.
Not Wizard Keys
Enchantling Image.
Apprentice Teapot Recipe Image.
Apprentice Teapot Recipe
Prismatic Pup Image.
Prismatic Pup
Prism Lolly Image.
Prism Lolly

Alpha Exclusives

Pet Name & Image Favorite Item
Celestial Pup Image.
Celestial Pup
Celestine's Winged Antique Hat Image.
Celestine's Winged Antique Hat
Clerical Dragoncat Image.
Clerical Dragoncat
Topaz Trinket Image.
Topaz Trinket

Kickstarter Exclusives

Pet Name & Image Favorite Item
Golden Seasnake Image.
Golden Seasnake
Glume's Warm Loop Scarf Image.
Glume's Warm Loop Scarf
Shining Kelpcat Image.
Shining Kelpcat
Sea Sapling Image.
Sea Sapling
Onyx Dragonlet Image.
Onyx Dragonlet
Barclay's Ragged Midnight Cape Image.
Barclay's Ragged Midnight Cape
Opal Valkyrie Image.
Opal Valkyrie
Pearlescent Capelet Image.
Pearlescent Capelet
Obsidian Dragon Image.
Obsidian Dragon
Obsidian Sea Serpent Image.
Obsidian Sea Serpent
Jeweled Unicorn Image.
Jeweled Unicorn
Johaness' Seaside Lavish Sunset Backdrop Image.
Johaness' Seaside Lavish Sunset Backdrop


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