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Quests are given by NPCs and are the main way to advance in Dappervolk. The choices you make during a quest can alter your stats or the affection level with the NPCs you talk to. You will always get a reward unless you completely disregard what an NPC is asking for in their daily quests.

Types of Quests

There are four types of quests:

  • Main Quests create an ongoing storyline. Completing main quests will unlock chance machines, reward you with items and potatoes, increase stats, unlock various other quests and eventually send you to a new town.

  • Side Quests are not part of the main storyline but will give you more insight into each of the NPCs, as well as rare items. They can be completed at any time after they are unlocked. Some are given as rewards for reaching certain affection milestones while others unlocks after main quests.

  • Daily Quests (also called Daily Errands) are repeated tasks given by each NPC in randomized orders. They yield Potatoes, affection, and conecakes if completed correctly and can only be done 7 times a day per NPC. How many of each task you will get is also randomized.

  • Event Quests are seasonal and one-time quests that events may include that can only be completed while the event is running. If you do not finish the event/seasonal quest during the event, you will have to start over next year.

Quest Walkthroughs

Quest walkthroughs are sorted by town and type of quest. Each walkthrough also has the full quest transcript available for reference (if needed).

Quest Types
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