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Shoes are a category of avatar items obtained from Chance Machines, Bundles, Events and contests. If a pair of shoes comes from an NPC outside of Peddler's Port, there will always exist four variants - common, uncommon and rare, available through their Chance Machine, as well as one alchemy variant, created by merging five identical items together through Item Alchemy. The alchemy variant may also be obtainable through side quests.


Louise Hill

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Bearnard's Farming Shoes Image.
Bearnard's Farming Shoes

Tenacity.- Honour.-

Bearnard's Farming Shoes#Uncommon Image.
Bearnard's Dark Farming Shoes

Tenacity.1 Honour.1

Bearnard's Farming Shoes#Rare Image.
Bearnard's Gold Farming Shoes

Tenacity. 1 Honour. 1

Bearnard's Farming Shoes#Alchemy Image.
Bearnard's Red Farming Shoes

Tenacity.1 Honour.2

Calbet's Archery Boots Image.
Calbet's Archery Boots


Calbet's Archery Boots#Uncommon Image.
Calbet's Red Archery Boots


Calbet's Archery Boots#Rare Image.
Calbet's Obsidian Archery Boots

Honour. 2 Comprehension. 3

Calbet's Archery Boots#Alchemy Image.
Calbet's Sky Archery Boots


Fantasia's Rogue Boots Image.
Fantasia's Rogue Boots

Honour.- Comprehension.-

Fantasia's Rogue Boots#Uncommon Image.
Fantasia's Green Rogue Boots

Honour.1 Comprehension.1

Fantasia's Rogue Boots#Rare Image.
Fantasia's Silver Rogue Boots

Honour. 1 Comprehension. 2

Fantasia's Rogue Boots#Alchemy Image.
Fantasia's Dusk Rogue Boots

Honour.2 Comprehension.2

Three's Forest

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Trout's Shoes Image.
Trout's Shoes


Trout's Shoes#Uncommon Image.
Trout's Blue Shoes


Trout's Shoes#Rare Image.
Trout's Magenta Shoes


Trout's Shoes#Alchemy Image.
Trout's Pumpkin Shoes


Magdalene's Shoes Image.
Magdalene's Shoes

Charm.- Comprehension.-

Magdalene's Shoes#Uncommon Image.
Magdalene's Dark Shoes

Charm.1 Comprehension.1

Magdalene's Shoes#Rare Image.
Magdalene's Regal Shoes

Charm.1 Comprehension.1

Magdalene's Shoes#Alchemy Image.
Magdalene's Golden Shoes

Charm.1 Comprehension.1

Glume's Vine Shoes Image.
Glume's Vine Shoes


Glume's Vine Shoes#Uncommon Image.
Glume's Orange Vine Shoes


Glume's Vine Shoes#Rare Image.
Glume's Silver Vine Shoes


Glume's Vine Shoes#Alchemy Image.
Glume's Blue Vine Shoes


Silvie's Mine

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Nigel's Fur Lined Boots Image.
Nigel's Fur Lined Boots


Nigel's Fur Lined Boots#Uncommon Image.
Nigel's Steel Fur Lined Boots


Nigel's Fur Lined Boots#Rare Image.
Nigel's Ruby Fur Lined Boots


Nigel's Fur Lined Boots#Alchemy Image.
Nigel's Gold Fur Lined Boots


Cairn's Pointy Shoes Image.
Cairn's Pointy Shoes

Tenacity.1 Comprehension.1

Cairn's Pointy Shoes#Uncommon Image.
Cairn's Dark Pointy Shoes

Tenacity.2 Comprehension.1

Cairn's Pointy Shoes#Rare Image.
Cairn's Rose Pointy Shoes

Tenacity.2 Comprehension.2

Cairn's Pointy Shoes#Alchemy Image.
Cairn's Pointy Silver Shoes

Tenacity.3 Comprehension.2

Pascal's Buckled Shoes Image.
Pascal's Buckled Shoes

Charm.1 Comprehension.1

Pascal's Buckled Shoes#Uncommon Image.
Pascal's Dark Buckled Shoes

Charm.2 Comprehension.2

Pascal's Buckled Shoes#Rare Image.
Pascal's Buckled Dream Shoes

Charm.2 Comprehension.3

Pascal's Buckled Shoes#Alchemy Image.
Pascal's Buckled Fire Shoes

Charm.3 Comprehension.3

Visindy's Topaz Boots Image.
Visindy's Topaz Boots

Honour.3 Charm.3

Visindy's Topaz Boots#Uncommon Image.
Visindy's Emerald Boots

Honour.4 Charm.4

Visindy's Topaz Boots#Rare Image.
Visindy's Amethyst Boots

Honour.5 Charm.4

Visindy's Topaz Boots#Alchemy Image.
Visindy's Mirage Boots

Honour.5 Charm.5

Idra's Sapphire Heels Image.
Idra's Sapphire Heels

Honour.5 Comprehension.3

Idra's Sapphire Heels#Uncommon Image.
Idra's Amethyst Heels

Honour.6 Comprehension.4

Idra's Sapphire Heels#Rare Image.
Idra's Emerald Heels

Honour.6 Comprehension.5

Idra's Sapphire Heels#Alchemy Image.
Idra's Shattered Gold Heels

Honour.7 Comprehension.5

Aviar Cove

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Astra's Talon Boots Image.
Astra's Talon Boots


Astra's Talon Boots#Uncommon Image.
Astra's Red Talon Boots


Astra's Talon Boots#Rare Image.
Astra's Malachite Talon Boots


Astra's Talon Boots#Alchemy Image.
Astra's Bronze Talon Boots


Pellier's Fluffy Legs Image.
Pellier's Fluffy Legs


Pellier's Fluffy Legs#Uncommon Image.
Pellier's Fluffy Red Legs


Pellier's Fluffy Legs#Rare Image.
Pellier's Fluffy Navy Legs


Pellier's Fluffy Legs#Alchemy Image.
Pellier's Fluffy Golden Legs


Johaness' Floppy Boots Image.
Johaness' Floppy Boots

Honour.3 Comprehension.4

Johaness' Floppy Boots#Uncommon Image.
Johaness' Swampy Floppy Boots

Honour.4 Comprehension.5

Johaness' Floppy Boots#Rare Image.
Johaness' Night Tide Floppy Boots

Honour.6 Comprehension.8

Johaness' Floppy Boots#Alchemy Image.
Johaness' Bright Floppy Boots

Honour.5 Comprehension.7

Carneau's Shoes Image.
Carneau's Shoes

Tenacity.4 Charm.4

Carneau's Shoes#Uncommon Image.
Carneau's Brown Shoes

Tenacity.5 Charm.5

Carneau's Shoes#Rare Image.
Carneau's Navy Shoes

Tenacity.7 Charm.7

Carneau's Shoes#Alchemy Image.
Carneau's Golden Shoes

Tenacity.6 Charm.6

Vaer Reef

Common Uncommon Alchemy
Olievar's Seaboots Image.
Olievar's Seaboots

Tenacity.4 Comprehension.3

Olievar's Seaboots#Uncommon Image.
Olievar's Fluorescent Seaboots

Tenacity.5 Comprehension.4

Olievar's Seaboots#Alchemy Image.
Olievar's Iridescent Seaboots

Tenacity.6 Comprehension.5

Poe's School Shoes Image.
Poe's School Shoes

Honour.5 Charm.3

Poe's School Shoes#Uncommon Image.
Poe's Cobalt School Shoes

Honour.6 Charm.6

Poe's School Shoes#Alchemy Image.
Poe's Silver School Shoes

Honour.8 Charm.6

Wras' Pirate Boots Image.
Wras' Pirate Boots

Charm.5 Comprehension.4

Wras' Pirate Boots#Uncommon Image.
Wras' Gold Pirate Boots

Charm.6 Comprehension.5

Wras' Pirate Boots#Alchemy Image.
Wras' Sapphire Pirate Boots

Charm.7 Comprehension.5

The Red Tower

Common Uncommon Rare Alchemy
Pinot's Academy Shoes Image.
Pinot's Academy Shoes


Pinot's Academy Shoes#Uncommon Image.
Pinot's Light Academy Shoes


Pinot's Academy Shoes#Rare Image.
Pinot's Greenleaf Academy Shoes


Pinot's Academy Shoes#Alchemy Image.
Pinot's Cosmic Academy Shoes


Stranger's Shoes Image.
Stranger's Shoes

Honour.2 Comprehension.1



Kelbi's Shoes Image.
Kelbi's Shoes

Tenacity.1 Charm.2

Signi's Boots Image.
Signi's Boots

Tenacity.1 Honour.3 Comprehension.2

Pann's Leafy Slippers Image.
Pann's Leafy Slippers



Spring Leather Boots Image.
Spring Leather Boots

Tenacity.1 Honour.3 Comprehension.1

Spring Leather Boots#Lively Image.
Lively Spring Leather Boots

Tenacity.3 Charm.1

Spring Leather Boots#Hyacinth Image.
Hyacinth Spring Leather Boots

Honour.3 Comprehension.1

Summer Sandals Image.
Summer Sandals

Honour.1 Charm.1

Summer Sandals#Forgotten Image.
Forgotten Summer Sandals

Honour.1 Comprehension.1

Winter Bowtied Boots Image.
Winter Bowtied Boots

Tenacity.2 Charm.1 Comprehension.2

Winter Bowtied Boots#Cozy Image.
Cozy Winter Bowtied Boots

Tenacity.3 Charm.1

Winter Bowtied Boots#Pastel Image.
Pastel Winter Bowtied Boots

Honour.3 Comprehension.2

Winter Worker's Boots Image.
Winter Worker's Boots

Tenacity.1 Charm.1 Comprehension.2

Winter Worker's Boots#Cozy Image.
Cozy Winter Worker's Boots

Tenacity.3 Charm.1

Winter Worker's Boots#Pastel Image.
Pastel Winter Worker's Boots

Tenacity.1 Honour.1 Comprehension.2

Masquerade Shoes Image.
Masquerade Silver Shoes

Honour.2 Comprehension.1

Masquerade Shoes#Gold Image.
Masquerade Gold Shoes

Tenacity.2 Honour.1

Pitre's Jester Shoes Image.
Pitre's Jester Shoes

Honour.2 Comprehension.1

Cordelia's Prim Boots Image.
Cordelia's Prim Boots

Honour.2 Comprehension.1

Fefin's Carnival Slippers Image.
Fefin's Carnival Slippers

Honour.3 Comprehension.1

Pumpkin Slippers Image.
Pumpkin Slippers

Tenacity.1 Honour.1

Sysel's Boots Image.
Sysel's Boots


Peddler's Port

Nico's Atelier

Newbie Shoes Image.
Newbie Leather Boots
Newbie Shoes#Bandage Image.
Newbie Bandage Shoes
Newbie Shoes#Toeless Image.
Newbie Toeless Socks
Nico's Shiny Shoes Image.
Nico's Shiny Shoes
Citizen Shoes Image.
Citizen Leather Shoes
Citizen Shoes#Leg Warmers Image.
Citizen Leg Warmers
Lace Shoes Image.
Black Lace Shoes
Lace Shoes#Beige Image.
Beige Lace Shoes
Lace Shoes#Brown Image.
Brown Lace Shoes
Basic Flats Image.
Basic Flats Black
Basic Flats#Brown Image.
Basic Flats Brown
Basic Flats#Ruddy Image.
Basic Flats Ruddy
Basic Flats#White Image.
Basic Flats White
Basic Flats#Gold Image.
Basic Flats Gold
Basic Flats#Purple Image.
Basic Flats Purple
Basic Flats#Teal Image.
Basic Flats Teal
Ankle Socks Image.
Black Ankle Socks
Ankle Socks#Gray Image.
Gray Ankle Socks
Ankle Socks#White Image.
White Ankle Socks
Ankle Socks#Striped Image.
Striped Ankle Socks
Ankle Socks#Red Image.
Red Ankle Socks
Ankle Socks#Gold Image.
Gold Ankle Socks
Ankle Socks#Green Image.
Green Ankle Socks
Ankle Socks#Blue Image.
Blue Ankle Socks
Basic Stockings Image.
Black Stockings
Basic Stockings#Gray Image.
Gray Stockings
Basic Stockings#White Image.
White Stockings
Basic Stockings#Striped Image.
Striped Stockings
Basic Stockings#Red Image.
Red Stockings
Basic Stockings#Gold Image.
Gold Stockings
Basic Stockings#Green Image.
Green Stockings
Basic Stockings#Blue Image.
Blue Stockings
Rolled Socks#Gray Image.
Rolled Gray Socks
Rolled Socks Image.
Rolled White Socks
Rolled Socks#Striped Image.
Rolled Striped Socks
Rolled Socks#Red Image.
Rolled Red Socks
Rolled Socks#Gold Image.
Rolled Gold Socks
Rolled Socks#Green Image.
Rolled Green Socks
Rolled Socks#Blue Image.
Rolled Blue Socks
Thick Wool Socks Image.
Black Thick Wool Socks
Thick Wool Socks#Brown Image.
Brown Thick Wool Socks
Thick Wool Socks#Gray Image.
Gray Thick Wool Socks
Thick Wool Socks#Striped Image.
Striped Thick Wool Socks
Thick Wool Socks#Red Image.
Red Thick Wool Socks
Thick Wool Socks#Gold Image.
Gold Thick Wool Socks
Thick Wool Socks#Green Image.
Green Thick Wool Socks
Thick Wool Socks#Blue Image.
Blue Thick Wool Socks

Class Exclusives

Declan's Stall (Human Exclusive)
Human Armour#Water Image.
Human Water Sabaton

Pai's Shop of Wonders

Mordant Advisor Striped Stockings Image.
Mordant Advisor Striped Stockings

Honour.1 Comprehension.3

Seaside Botanist Laced Shoes Image.
Seaside Botanist Laced Shoes

Tenacity.2 Honour.2 Charm.2

Ravencrypt Vintner Heels Image.
Ravencrypt Vintner Heels

Tenacity.1 Honour.3

Curios Clothier Shoes Image.
Curios Clothier Shoes


Biodome Ecologist Hydroboots Image.
Biodome Ecologist Hydroboots


Luminous Technomancer Boots Image.
Luminous Technomancer Boots

Tenacity.1 Honour.1 Comprehension.1

Spiced Teamaker Boots Image.
Spiced Teamaker Boots

Tenacity.3 Charm.2

Wolf of the Waste Boots Image.
Wolf of the Waste Boots

Honour.2 Charm.4 Comprehension.2

Ophidian Envoy Sabatons Image.
Ophidian Envoy Sabatons


Oran's Emporium

Mothlike Feathered Feet Image.
Mothlike Feathered Feet

Tenacity.1 Honour.2

Rosethorn Vine Boots Image.
Rosethorn Vine Boots

Honour.2 Comprehension.2

Leviathan Boots Image.
Leviathan Boots

Honour.1 Comprehension.2

Circus Unicorn Hooves Image.
Circus Unicorn Hooves

Tenacity.1 Honour.2

Winter Scholar Boots Image.
Winter Scholar Boots

Tenacity.2 Honour.2 Comprehension.1

Butterfly Mystic Anklets Image.
Butterfly Mystic Anklets

Tenacity.2 Honour.1 Charm.1 Comprehension.1

Butterfly Mystic Boots Image.
Butterfly Mystic Boots

Honour.2 Comprehension.2

Fairy Boots Image.
Verdant Fairy Boots

Tenacity.1 Charm.2

Fairy Boots#Pale Image.
Pale Fairy Boots

Tenacity.1 Honour.2

Mordant Advisor Combat Boots Image.
Mordant Advisor Combat Boots

Honour.2 Comprehension.2

Glasswork Artificer Sabatons#Bronze Image.
Glasswork Artificer Bronze Sabatons


Glasswork Artificer Sabatons#Ornate Image.
Glasswork Artificer Ornate Sabatons

Tenacity.1 Honour.1 Charm.1 Comprehension.2

Seaside Botanist Boots Image.
Seaside Botanist Boots

Tenacity.1 Honour.2 Charm.2

Spirit Wayfarer Feet Image.
Spirit Wayfarer Feet

Honour.1 Comprehension.2

Solar Warden Stone Ankles Image.
Solar Warden Stone Ankles

Tenacity.2 Comprehension.1

Aurelian Soiree Boots Image.
Aurelian Soiree Boots


Chrysalis Painter Shoes Image.
Chrysalis Painter Shoes

Tenacity.1 Honour.2

Little Forager Shoes Image.
Little Forager Shoes


Ravencrypt Vintner Boots Image.
Ravencrypt Vintner Boots

Tenacity.2 Honour.2 Comprehension.1

Spectral Corsair Boots Image.
Spectral Corsair Boots

Tenacity.2 Charm.1

Sunflower Daydream Shoes Image.
Sunflower Daydream Shoes

Tenacity.2 Honour.1 Charm.2

Porcelain Oracle Sabatons Image.
Porcelain Oracle Sabatons

Tenacity.1 Comprehension.2

Dragonglass Bowmaster Boots Image.
Dragonglass Bowmaster Boots

Charm.2 Comprehension.1

Chrysanthemum Jeweler Boots Image.
Chrysanthemum Jeweler Boots


Wasteland Nomad Boots Image.
Wasteland Nomad Boots

Tenacity.1 Honour.1 Charm.1

Arcane Spellscribe Loafers Image.
Arcane Spellscribe Loafers

Honour.2 Comprehension.1

Arcane Spellscribe Ruby Bottle Image.
Arcane Spellscribe Ruby Bottle

Honour.1 Comprehension.3

Biodome Ecologist Aeroboots Image.
Biodome Ecologist Aeroboots


Scaled Storyteller Boots Image.
Scaled Storyteller Boots

Honour.2 Comprehension.1

Gilded Merchant Sandals Image.
Gilded Merchant Sandals


Incandescent Wyvern Boots Image.
Incandescent Wyvern Boots


Alpine Shepherd Booties Image.
Alpine Shepherd Booties


Retired Bundles

Druid's Vine Shoes Image.
Druid's Vine Shoes



Retired Kickstarter

Obsidian Boots Image.
Obsidian Boots


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