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Shops offer a rotating stock where items can be bought freely (instead of gambled for, like in a chance machine). To date, Peddler's Port is the only location housing shops, with the exception of the Referral Shop. There are regular shops with potato prices, as well as Premium shops using the turnip currency.

Potato Shops

Agnes icon.
Agnes' Perpetual Shop
Nico icon.
Nico's Atelier
Nico icon.
Nico's Salon
Officiator icon.
Officiator's Record Office

Class-Specific Shops

Declan icon.
Declan's Stall (Human Only)
Vierre icon.
Vierre's Stall (Elven Only)
Moira icon.
Moira's Stall (Animal Only)
Andromeda icon.
Andromeda's Stall (Galactic Only)

Premium Shops

Pai icon.
Pai's Shop of Wonders

Other Shops

Crown Chalice icon.
Referral Shop
Polished Buttons icon.
Nico's Prize Boutique
Frog Coins icon.
Paulie's Trolley

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