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On Dappervolk, stats, otherwise known as virtues, refer to point values that avatars and pets can accumulate across five stat types - Charm, Comprehension, Honour, Tenacity, and Luck. Stat values are a major function of the site's gameplay, as they often confer certain advantages or disadvantages during one's progression through the Quest feature.

The Five Virtues

The five virtues are Charm, Comprehension, Honour, Tenacity and Luck.

Common Stats

Stat Name Stat Icon
Charm Charm.
Comprehension Comprehension.
Honour Honour.
Tenacity Tenacity.

The common stats are Charm, Comprehension, Honour and Tenacity. They are essential to completing various quests throughout the game. Certain NPCs may require a minimum amount in a certain virtue in order to begin, progress, or complete a quest. For example, one NPC may require 30 Comprehension in order to interact with them, and another may require 15 Charm to complete their quest. Generally this is stated up-front, so you don't have to guess what stat is needed.

The color scheme of the stats is reflected across the entire game. For example, the tenacious and honourable Bearnard gives gold and red conecakes associated with his stats as rewards for completing his daily errands.

Rare Stat - Luck

Stat Name Stat Icon
Luck Luck.

There is one rare stat, Luck, which increases a player's chances of getting rarer items in the in the site's gachapon-style Chance Machines. There is currently no way to increase an Avatar's permanent Luck stat, but the current temporary maximum is +8 Luck., obtainable through a combination of pets, pet totems, and wardrobe items.

Currently, the only ways to increase Luck are the following:

  • Pets: Legendary rarity pets have a chance to be hatched with 1-3 points in Luck.

In simplest terms, to get +8 luck, you must equip both a Luck Totem and a Totem of Kinship to a Legendary pet which was born with 3 Luck, and your avatar must be wearing either Sunny Hearts or Cold Hearts as well as any one of the Animated Backgrounds.

Improving Stats

One of the most important aspects of the stats system on Dappervolk is how one's total stat values are determined. Players can view their overall stat totals on their profiles or by clicking the My Stats menu. Hovering the mouse over each stat will show you the sum of your permanent and temporary stats.

NOTE: Currently players have a +5 temporary stat bonus in every stat except luck. Some players think it might be a login bonus (forum thread) but others say they've seen the +5 on newbie accounts as well. There is currently a suggestion thread asking for clarification.

Permanent Stats

The base value of your overall stat total is a reflection of the permanent stat points that your active avatar has accumulated through quests and the Daily Stat Boost Task function.

Temporary Stats

Avatars may temporarily increase their stats in two ways:

  • Equipping clothing items that have temporary stat buffs, which will add onto your overall stat total for as long as you have them equipped.
  • Any permanent stat points that one's active pet has accumulated (as well as any temporary stat buffs from equipped totems) will add to your overall stat total for as long as you have the pet equipped.
  • There is also non-removable +5 bonus to every stat (see note above).

Maximum Base Stat

Currently, the maximum base stat is 500. Once you hit the cap of 500 base of a stat, the Daily Stat Boost Tasks will award 200 potatoes for each task instead of a stat increase.

Note that even if you hit the cap of 500, you can still successfully complete quests which require you to raise affection.

Class Stats and Affinity

Each avatar class has a natural affinity toward one of four common stat types, which is based upon the lore surrounding the worlds and cultures that they originated from. On top of that, they also have certain disadvantages.

Stat Icon Color Class Advantage Class Disadvantage
Charm Charm. Green Elves Humans
Comprehension Comprehension. Blue Galactics Animals
Honour Honour. Red Animals Galactics
Tenacity Tenacity. Yellow Humans Elves

Stat bonuses for Daily Bonus Stat Tasks are set so that your class' stat advantage will give you one extra stat task each day, and your class' stat disadvantage will have one less stat task each day. For more information, see Daily Stat Boost Tasks.

Pet Stats

All pets in Dappervolk can individually accumulate stat points of their own, which can temporarily contribute to a player's overall stat total as long as that pet is selected as their active pet companion.

Permanent Pet Stats

Some pets can be "born" with permanent stat points depending upon their rarity.

Regardless of rarity, all pets are capable of gaining permanent stat points through various means.

  • Completing certain quests (unconfirmed)
  • Feeding special pet foods
  • Evolution (unconfirmed)

Pet Stat Affinity

Like the four Dappervolk classes, pets have an affinity and a weakness when it comes to stats. Feeding your pet a food that matches their nature will possibly give them an additional point of that stat. Feeding them a food of a stat that is opposite of their nature may wield nothing. For example, if your pet is comprehensive nature, it can gain +1 bonus Comprehension for pet foods and -1 Honour (1 less Honour if Honour is given, cannot go below 0).

Pet Nature Icon Color Stat Advantage Stat Disadvantage
Charm Charm. Green Charm Tenacity
Comprehension Comprehension. Blue Comprehension Honour
Honour Honour. Red Honour Comprehension
Tenacity Tenacity. Yellow Tenacity Charm

Temporary Pet Stats

All pets have the ability to hold three different totems, which can be equipped via their pet profile page. Any temporary stat increases that totems impart to the pet will be added to their overall stat total in the "stats" box on the pet's profile page.

A single pet cannot hold two of the same totem at any given time.

Historical Trivia

  • In the Alpha testing phase, there were no known ways for a player to increase their avatar or pet's Luck.
  • Conecakes pet food were added as quest rewards on May 30th 2018.