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Are you unsure about something? This page will go through basic dictionary and some useful links, that can point you in the right direction. Unfortunately, this page is just a stub. Until it has grown, visit the Beginner's Guide, Dappervolk forums, or check out the links on the wiki's home page. You'll be sure to find some tips and tricks!


Here' are some common terms and abbreviations found on the site that will help you understand what everyone is talking about!

  • AAY - avatar above you, used in forums and refers to user directly above in the thread;
  • AC - Aviar Cove, the fourth town the player discovers;
  • Aff - affection, either NPCs or pet;
  • Alpha - Alpha testing period of Dappervolk, refers to items or pets, that were given exclusively as rewards to players of Dappervolk during this phase;
  • Avi - avatar, that the player can dress up;
  • Beta - Beta testing period of Dappervolk, refers to items or pets, that were given exclusively as rewards to players of Dappervolk during this phase;
  • CS - ChickenSmoothie, a game commonly used for off-site trades;
  • DV - Dappervolk, can mean either the site or fictional world the user traverses;
  • Evo - pet evolution, when after raising affection with a pet it will change color palette;
  • FR - Flight Rising, a game commonly used for off-site trades;
  • KS - Kickstarter, refers to items or pets, that were given exclusively as rewards to backers of the Dappervolk Kickstarter campaign;
  • Lf - looking for, used in trades to specify what the player searches for;
  • LH - Louise Hill, the first town the player discovers;
  • PAM - Pet Accessory Maker, it allows the player to apply an accessory to a pet;
  • Pat page - specially created page with links designed to make easier interacting with many pets;
  • PP - Peddler's Port, special location that doesn't require any town hops;
  • SM - Silvie's Mine, the third town the player discovers;
  • TM - Trades Market, the place you can put your lots, auctions and trades;
  • T4T - turnip for turnip, common trade where players exchange plump turnips to quickly complete a quest;
  • VR - Vaer's Reef, the fifth town the player discovers;
  • W - want, used in trades to specify what the player wants;
  • WH - Worldhopper, the main character played by the user in the world of Dappervolk;
  • WL - wishlist, a list of items the player wishes to obtain;
  • 3sF - Three's Forest, the second town the player discovers;

Useful links[]

This is a list of threads with helpful imformations compiled by users on site. Please note, that some of these threads may no longer be updated, so informations within them could be incomplete, as new items were added to the site.

Daily Quests[]

Revamped Dailies Guide - thread focused on figuring out new daily tasks that come with the rebalancing updates for towns. It compiles all user attempts on new methods of completing these tasks.


Pet Birthdays - thread focused on finding favorite gifts for pets. It compiles all user attempts and a list of gifts that have already been found.

Pet Gallery and ID List - thread compiling pet images and ID numbers. Useful in accessory making even if the player doesn't own the pet, but still wants to make something for them.

Pet Modification Guide - thread compiling all know pet's elements that can or cannot be changed with acessory. It's useful for planning future accessories.

Random Pet Alchemy - thread compiling random pet alchemy attempts and results based on habitats. Good for intentional alchemy to maximize the chances of obtaining a specific pet.

2x Upscaled Pet Compendium - a compilation of every on-site pet available for accessory making in convenient PSD file format.

Profile Coding[]

[BBCODE • HTML] Profile Guide - thread focused on basic information for coding user profiles and pet pages. Useful for starting to code as it goes through common codes with examples.

Forum BBCode[]

Dappervolk Markup Guide - guide that lists useful and basic BBCode for forum posts, some specific to Dappervolk itself.

Site adjustments[]

Dark Mode - thread of userstyles for unofficial Dappervolk "Dark Modes." Useful if you primarily play Dappervolk at night on a computer.