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A collection of useful codes and notes for wiki editors. Feel free to add in anything that you regularly need to look up.

When editing, please use the Source Editor instead of the Visual Editor when possible. It makes for cleaner and more accessible wiki editing!



When possible, the word "worldhopper" should instead be spelled as "world-hopper" to match Dappervolk's onsite spelling. There are many pages across the wiki where "worldhopper" is not spelled with a hyphen, so if you don't see one, add one!

In addition, Dappervolk has many inconsistencies with spelling: "Rosy" vs "Rosey," "Grey" vs "Gray," and so on. When possible, match Dappervolk's onsite spelling for items, and if there is not a reference, use Canadian English spelling.

References and Footnotes

Sometimes it's useful to have a link to the original source (news post, etc) where you got your information. For examples, see the Bundles page.

If you are using the visual editor, simply click "insert" on the header and choose "reference".

If you are using the source editor, put this where you want to make the footnote: <ref>PAGENAME PAGEURL Retrieved on DATE</ref>

For example:

<ref>Dappervolk Support Bundle on Gumroad. https://gumroad.com/l/dappervolk# Retrieved on 2017-10-14.</ref>

Then, put this at the bottom of the page in the source editor:

== References ==
<references />


List of existing templates.

A template is made with the aim to include its content in other pages. Learn more about them here. Templates might appear differently in the visual editor than on the site. Some can be edited on the individual pages and some can only be edited on their own pages.

To insert a template in the visual editor, choose "insert" > "template" from the editor's header, or type two { curly brackets to prompt the search function. A template can also be copied and pasted. To insert a template in the source editor, type the template's name inside of two curly brackets on each side: {{Template Name}}

Notice/Warning Templates

Name Output
{{Update Warning}}
Outdated Page
Parts of this page are outdated due to site-wide updates. If you notice an error, you can help Dappervolk Wiki by correcting it.
{{Spoiler Warning}}
This page contains spoilers for the Dappervolk story, pets, and/or lore.
{{Incomplete Page}}
Incomplete Page
This page is incomplete. You can help Dappervolk Wiki by expanding it.

Editor's Note: You can also add an editor's note. -JaneBuzJane
{{Outdated Quest}}
Outdated Quest
This quest is outdated and some parts may be inaccurate. If you notice an error, you can help Dappervolk Wiki by correcting it.

Icon Templates

Use them as you would any other template. They link to pages related to the symbol.

Affection. Dislike.
{{Affection}} {{Dislike}}
Charm. Comprehension. Honour. Tenacity. Luck.
{{Charm}} {{Comprehension}} {{Honour}} {{Tenacity}} {{Luck}}
Potatoes. Turnips.
{{Potato}} {{Turnip}}

Creating Tables

Tables aren't always entirely usable on mobile, and our wiki has a lot of them! To help you create tables, the TbleCell Template has been created. It can apply default cell styles based on different data inputs. See the template page for more information! Unsure how to start? Ask an Admin!

For best readability, accessibility, and usability, tables should be no more than four columns wide and should not use more than one column header.

Table Tips and Tricks

  • colspan="100%" makes a column extend the width of the table. Useful for the header.
  • class="alignmiddle" can be added to the table style to make cell text centered and aligned to the top by default. See the Classes section below for more information.
  • scope="colgroup" along with colspan="number" or scope="rowgroup" along with rowspan="number" should be used for table or row headers that span multiple columns or rows, respectively (a good example is Chance Machines: Louise Hill). For single column or row headers - like on Pets - you can use scope="col" and/or scope="row". See the Wikipedia table formatting help page for more information.
  • Dappervolk Wiki's assumed style is to put images above item names/links. {{TbleCell}} does this for you.
  • data-sort-value="[value]" can be used to force a table cell's sortable value. See Pets for an example.
  • There are some inline span classes which can make format text in tables better for mobile (see Pet Food for an example). These classes include smleftalign (left-aligns text, makes it small, and makes the line-height small) and decreaselistmargin (decreases the margin in a list in a table cell).


The following CSS classes can be used across the site in order to achieve a desired look.

Class Where Used Description Syntax
centerall Div classes. Used to center images and text contained in the div. <div class="centerall">your content</div>
alignmiddle Table classes. Used to vertically and horizontally align text and images in a table. Can be set in the header to apply to all cells below it. Can also be set in single cells. {| class="article-table alignmiddle" |}
warning Span classes. Used to make inline text colorful and bold. Should only be used for important information. <span class="warning">Your text</span>
info Span classes. Used to make inline text colorful and bold. Should only be used to call attention to information that may be of note. <span class="info">Your text</span>

Magic Words

Magic words are strings of text that, when placed in the source editor, changes the behavior or a page. This section is based off the MediaWiki's Help:Magic words.

Useful Behavior Switches

Title Word Description
No Table of Contents __NOTOC__ Hides the table of contents (TOC). Useful for short pages with an unnecessary TOC.
Put Table of Contents __TOC__ Places the table of contents (TOC) where the word is placed.
Limit Table of Contents {{TOCLimit|1}} Limits the amount of sublevels appearing in the Table of Contents. "1" can be changed to the amount of sublevels you'd like to limit to showing. See the template page for more information.
No Pencil Icon to Edit Section __NOEDITSECTION__ Hides the section edit links. Useful for pages with a lot of sub-headings in close proximity, to minimize visual clutter.
Auto-Add Number Formatting {{formatnum:1000}} Used to automatically add separators to numbers over 4 digits. Not all locales use commas to separate numbers, but this function automatically adds whatever separator the localization uses.

Item Release Dates

For non-revamped town items, here are the dates:

  • Louise Hill: March 8, 2017 (Alpha)
  • 3's Forest: March 8, 2017 (Alpha)
  • Silvie's Mine: July 15, 2018 (Beta)
  • Aviar Cove: October 4, 2018 (Beta)
  • Vaer Reef: June 21, 2020 (Launch)

Image Conventions

To ensure that all clothing items are easily viewable, the following are Dappervolk Wiki's best practices regarding image uploads.

  • Image thumbnails file names (such as 1431-turara-deity.png) should have their item code at the beginning, then their name, with the spaces as dashes (-). Dappervolk staff's convention is to name the thumbnails this way, so no renaming is usually needed on our part.
  • Fullbody clothing images should use a basic skins, mouths, and eyes; that is, items from Nico's Atelier. We usually default to the following: Basic Eyes, Basic Mouths, Basic Skin. If your image uses class-specific mouths or eyes, it will be replaced with a version that uses the basic items mentioned above.
  • If you are uploading a new item in an item set - such as a new deity item, for instance - check the other items in the set to see which Eyes/Skins/Mouth the Fullbody images use, and match your image to the set's existing images as closely as possible.
  • When possible, fullbody images should not show the underwear top (This can be achieved by deselecting "Show Under Top" in the Wardrobe). For best results, use the Clothing Diary!


  • File:Clothing Item Placeholder Fullbody.png - Clothing Item Placeholder (Fullbody)
  • File:Missing-thumbnail.png - Thumbnail Placeholder
  • File:Evolution placeholder.png - Pet Evolution Placeholder

Links and Pages

Red Links (wanted pages)

List of all wanted pages and how many pages link to them. Before making one of these into a page, make sure the link isn't a typo (for example Pet instead of Pets). Names are case sensitive. Some links might exist but incorrectly appear as missing.

Making Redirects

A redirect lets you have multiple names that go to the same page; for example, Thomas and Pascal both go to Thomas & Pascal). These will be most commonly used for monthly limited item sets.

To create a redirect, make a new page and make this the only text on that page:


where PAGENAME is the name of the page you want to redirect to.

Seeing What Links Where

To see what other pages link to a particular page (even if that page doesn't exist yet), go to this page or paste this URL into your browser's search bar, replacing PAGENAME with the page's name (underscores instead of spaces):


For example:


Special Pages

List of wanted pages
List of uncategorized pages
List of uncategorized categories