Dappervolk Wiki
The world map of Dappervolk, which consists of two main continents and what is maybe the bottom of another continent at the top of the map.

Dappervolk World Map.


"The world of Dappervolk used to be a peaceful, non-magical land in the middle of a pleasant bronze age. However, people like you (the player) have mysteriously begun to appear, causing magical phenomena left and right; some of the magical effects have been simply mysterious, others downright unnatural. 

Travelers like you seem to be responsible for the enchantment of inanimate objects into living creatures, causing an unprecedented spread of new flora and fauna. New technologies have been discovered through the study of these magical creatures, plunging the world of Dappervolk into an era of rapid magical advancement.

The world has been divided into factions of four distinct classes within the newly-arrived population, as well as those who welcome and those who oppose the arrival of these magical travelers. Old-world, non-magical citizens have mixed feelings about the new settlers in their world, as some find new opportunities to prosper, while others find the foundations of their livelihoods crumble in the wake of magic.

As a player, you will arrive in the world to discover that you are now a part of the ongoing magical upheaval. Throughout your journey, you will come to learn about the history of this world, the effects of your kind’s migration, and the resultant magic. Through investigation, you may just uncover your own origins."

- Dappervolk Development Blog


Throughout the world of Dappervolk are various towns that are home to NPCs, with their own quests and items.

Louise Hill

The map icon for Louise Hill, which consists of three cozy houses.
You arrive at what seems to be a quaint little farm town nestled at the feet of some verdant hills. The sign at the entrance to the village says 'Louise Hill'.

Three's Forest

The map icon for Three's Forest, which consists of two gloomy houses and a tent.
Venturing past the hills, you begin to see more and more vegetation. Eventually, you reach the entrance to an eerie forest with dangerous looking vegetation. The sign looks ornate and is framed by dark metal prongs, it reads “3’s Forest.” What creatures make their home in this forest? Your sight is too obscured by the gloom and plants to see.

Silvie's Mine

The map icon for Silvie's Mine, which consists of two earthen houses.
At the feet of an impressive array of rocky mountains lies a bustling mining town. Peddlers and craftsmen make their living here, thriving alongside a vast network of caverns and secrets. A sign points out the name "Silvie's Mine" attached to a lamp post. The sound of industry and mountain winds fills the air.

Aviar Cove

The map icon for Aviar Cove, which consists of a well-lit house underneath two lush trees.
Perched atop a series of lush green cliffs and sprawling down to dock houses and piers by the beach is a twinkling seaside town. The sounds of sea birds liven up the air by day and you can hear the quiet rhythmic splash of waves most clearly at night. A flag flies in the wind, colourful letters spelling out "Aviar Cove," this appears to be a prosperous and orderly town filled with tradition and innovation.

Vaer Reef

The map icon for Vaer Reef, which consists of two houses, one in the shape of a conch shell, in front of colourful kelp.
A ways off the coast of Aviar Cove, diving deep into the ocean, you begin to see twinkling lights. Like a mirage in the sea, shifting into view is a lively town full of marine life. Glowing coral of all descriptions and intricately crafted sea lamps line the paths and buildings. The roads are a network of overlapping sea currents, facilitating a crowded and bustling ecosystem of citizens commuting. A great ornately carved sign is placed at the main road, reading "Vaer Reef," ivory and gilded with gold.

Special Locations

These locations do not require town hops to visit. They instead house special features, like limited Chance Machines or shops.

Peddler's Port

The map icon for Peddler's Port, which consists of a stylized yak head in front of a tent.
On the very west of the main continent is a bustling port situated by the sea. It is mostly inhabited by merchants, peddlers, and tradespeople. Banners in the port fly high with insignia representing different types of commerce. Travel to this port is made easy thanks to the various traders' caravans, animal steeds, and pulled carts that allow travelers to hitch convenient rides to and fro. This means that traveling to Peddler's Port does not require any town hops.

The Red Tower

The map icon for The Red Tower, which consists of a gloomy tower with red smoke emanating from the chimney.
A stone brick tower stands resolutely in the middle of a clearing. If not for the crimson smoke and red glow around the place, the surroundings could be described as tranquil. An occasional conspiring caw sounds from within the trees.

The Frog Pond

The map icon for The Frog Pond, which consists of a charming blue bridge over water full of green lilypads.
A small pond sheltered by ferns, abuzz with the serene sounds of chirps and insects. Floral lanterns twinkle invitingly to any visitors and more importantly, frogs.

Seasonal Locations

These locations do not require town hops to visit. They house seasonal NPCs, which come with their own quests and chance machines.

The Carnival

The map icon for The Carnival, which consists of a festive pink circus tent hovering on blue clouds.
A brightly glowing fairground full of merriment settled on the everfrost. Whether night or day, the festivities continue and wonders never cease. What will you find in a place of such oddities?

The Grove

The map icon for The Grove, which consists of dreamy blue and green succulent foliage.
As you make your way east of the forest, the vegetation begins to take on strange forms. Plants you've never seen before adorn your path in a stunning display of variety. The air is heavy with dew and filled with the calls of myriad wild life. You wonder at how you've never come across this strange place before.

Lotus Pavilion

The map icon for the Lotus Pavilion, which consists of a pink gazebo on blue water.
What was once a dried river bed now runs with clear spring water when winter meets the sun. A temple stands in the midst of blooming pond life, shining resplendently with its polished coral roof tiles. What visitors and travelers converge upon such a festive place?


The map icon for The Shipwreck, which consists of the prow of a cheerful boat sticking out of a sandbar.
Barely visible from the sheer cliffs by the sea lies a sand bar where a lone ship has washed up. The vibrant, torn flag ripples in a constant sea breeze, vaguely familiar runic symbols shimmering mysteriously in the sunlight. Its painted hull reflects the lights of the distant city, and is covered in faded tapestries. It does not belong here, and won't be for long.

Soll's Ruins

The map icon for Soll's Ruins, which consists of grey moon-shaped ruins with a teardrop light hanging above them.
The mountains of the mines slowly recede into a sprawling expanse of wintery desert. Snow falls in swirling drifts and mingles with the sand, never melting. A mysterious ancient ruin is said to reside here, undetectable during other times of the year. What secrets can be unfolded from such a place?

The Spiralwood

The map icon for The Spiralwood, which consists of a brown forest cottage with tree branches above the doorframe.
A sprawling forest clearing full of old knotted trees and dry brambles slowly sprouts with new growth and stubborn green. Signs of life and good humour inhabit every corner. What manner of adventure will meet your curiosity in this place?